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Strome College of Business

Continuance Policy

Program Restriction Waiver Form

Business Majors - Program Restriction Waiver Form Non-Business Majors - Program Restriction Waiver Form

SCB Undergraduate Continuance Policy

What does this mean for me?

If your Grade Point Average (GPA) in your BSBA Core courses falls below a 2.0, then you will be on Academic Alarm within the Strome College of Business (SCB). This policy is very similar to the University's academic continuance policy, the main difference being that it is based on your Business courses and impacts your acceptance and continuance within the SCB.

Academic Alarm

The first semester in which your BSBA Core GPA drops to below a 2.0, you will be on Academic Alarm. Once you are considered on academic alarm within the college, taking courses within the BSBA Core is the only way to bring that GPA back up.

  • If you are able to get your BSBA Core GPA to above a 2.0, then you will no longer be on academic alarm.

  • If your BSBA Core GPA does not reach a 2.0 but you receive a semester average in your BSBA Core courses of a 2.0 or higher, then you will remain on academic alarm and be able to continue within the SCB.

If you have been placed on Academic Alarm, you need to call the SCB Undergraduate Advising office at 757-683-5777 to set up an appointment with an academic advisor. Please bring a copy of the Academic Alarm Contract to be completed during your advising appointment depending on your needs.

SCB Termination

While on academic alarm within the Strome College of Business, if your semester BSBA Core GPA falls below a 2.0, you will be terminated from the SCB and your major coding will be changed from Business to Undecided. (Terminations will not be processed in Summer semesters.)


If you have been terminated, you may appeal the decision if you have extenuating circumstances and documentation to support your claim. To appeal, write a letter and include documentation of your circumstances to the Associate Dean of the Strome College of Business (Constant Hall, Suite 2004). There are specific details that need to be included with your appeal - for more information, please see the appeals process as described in the most recently issued catalog.


We strongly urge all students to read the actual Catalog for all details regarding the policy. The Catalog can be found by linking through the Registrar's website.

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