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Strome College of Business

Ph.D. Business Administration

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program was established at Old Dominion University in August of 1989 for the purpose of preparing outstanding candidates for academic careers in higher education and research or staff positions in industry and government. In the Fall of 1995, the program's name changed from DBA to Ph.D. The program stresses academic competence through preparation in a major field of business administration combined with a major emphasis on international business that includes course work and research. In addition, competence must be demonstrated in quantitative areas that provide necessary research and methodology tools.


Students in all phases of the program


Percentage of Women

4-5 years

Average program completion

Concentration Areas

The Ph.D. Program in Business Administration requires all applicants to identify a concentration from Finance, Information Technology/Supply Chain Management, Marketing, & Strategic Management.

After admittance and upon arrival on campus, the new student will meet with the Program Director for the Ph.D. in Business Administration. During the student's first semester in the program the Ph.D. Director, in consultation with the student, will assign a program advisor or advisory committee.

International Business Emphasis

We live in an increasingly global economy. Consequently, teaching and research in any field of business requires an in-depth and on-going understanding of international business. ODU, as a university, truly possesses a global ethos and a commitment to bring international issues and the world's many cultural traditions to students on a daily basis. As a result, the student body, the curriculum, and the faculty interests connect in some way to the global business arena. All Ph.D. Students in Business administration must take courses to fullfill the International Business Empahsis. Check the catalog for requirements.

Program Highlights


The Doctor of Philosophy degree in business administration (Ph.D.) is a scholarly, research-based program with a professional orientation. The objective of the program is to prepare individuals of superior promise and potential for careers in higher education as faculty members engaged in teaching and research and for high level administrative and research careers in the private and public sectors. Persons completing the degree program must have demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of international business, research methods, and high potential for making significant contributions to their field of specialization in business.

The Ph.D. degree requires competence in basic disciplines of international business, research tools, and in one of the following concentrations: finance, information technology, marketing, or strategic management.

Review the admissions requirements in the catalog. The application deadline is March 1st.


In addition to a minimum of 12 credit hours of dissertation, students will need to complete at least 48 credit hours of coursework covering research methods such as research design, qualitative and quantitative methods, emphasis area courses that are content specific to each area, professional preparation courses such as doctoral study seminars, and electives that are approved by the advisor. Our curriculum is comprehensive, but has the flexibility to allow for individual specialization.


Virginia Tech, American University, James Madison University, University of Washington - Tacoma, Radford University, Hofstra University, Hampton University, University of Missouri-St Louis, University of North Carolina - Wilmington, University of Southwest Missouri, University of Nevada at Reno, Western Washington University, East Carolina University, Christopher Newport University, Central Connecticut University, University of South Carolina- Spartanburg, Eastern Connecticut University, College of Charleston, Eastern Kentucky University, California State University - Bakersfield, East Tennessee State University, University of Maryland at Salisbury, SUNY-Oswego, Monmouth University, Roger Williams University, Western Connecticut State University, University of Nebraska at Kearny, Berry College, Millikin University, Eastern Illinois University, Longwood College, Webster State University, Texas A&M at Pan Am, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, University of South Dakota, West Texas A&M University, Midwestern State University, Delta State University, Gilford College, University of Missouri-Rolla, Virginia State University, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, JP Morgan-Chase, Kutztown University, Idaho State University.


Groningen University (Sweden), American University of Dubai (Dubai), Pyungtack University (Korea), Ulsan University (Korea), University of Kuwait (Kuwait), Varairuk University (Thailand), Far Eastern University (Korea), American University (Bulgaria), Qassim University (Saudi Arabia), Seowon University (Korea).

Teaching/research assistantships in the amount of $20,000 per year are available for qualified candidates. These assistantships are renewable for a total period of 4 years if the student remains in good standing as defined in the program's Retention Standards. Tuition is waived for research and teaching assistantship recipients, who have completed a master's degree, are admitted as degree-seeking students, and who are enrolled as full-time students. All applicants must complete the "Application for Institutional Graduate Financial Assistance" form found online to be considered for an assistantship.

Funding opportunities are available to help defray travel expenses when doctoral students present papers at professional meetings. Requests are solicited at the beginning of each semester and funds are awarded competitively.


When should I apply to the Ph.D. Program?

The deadline for receipt of the application and credentials is March 1 for enrollment in the following fall term.

Please check Graduate Admissions for more information on the application process.

When will I know about the admission decision from ODU?

We inform admitted students of our decision by May 30th.

Who do I send my application packet to?

Domestic students:

Please send your application to:

Admissions Office

Office of Admissions

Old Dominion University

1000 Alfred B. Rollins Jr. Hall

Norfolk, Virginia 23529-0050

International students:

Please send your applications to:

Office of International Admissions

Old Dominion University

2101 Dragas Hall

Norfolk, Virginia 23529-0050


You may get more details by visiting the Office of Admissions.

Can I submit my application online?

Yes. Please visit the Graduate Admissions site for the online application.

Can I charge the application fee to my credit card?

Online applicants may charge the application fee to their credit card.

Is there a possibility of waiving the application fee?

Please visit the Graduate Admissions site to determine your eligibility for fee waiver.

If my application is rejected, can I get feedback on my application?

We cannot offer individual feedback on an application.

Can I do a part time Ph.D.?

No, you cannot. All our students are full time.

Does the ODU Ph.D. program offer financial aid to international students?

Financial aid is based on student merit regardless of national origin. Financial aid in the form of research/teaching assistantships are offered for the first three years of the program. After the third year, financial support involves the student teaching undergraduate courses.

Are students offered financial support for travel to present their research at conferences?

The college offers financial support for a student to attend one conference per year, provided the student has a paper accepted at the conference.

International Student issues

I am an international student - can I contact international students at ODU to find out about housing, and other facilities available in Norfolk?

You may get answers to many of your questions by visiting the FAQ pages maintained by the Office of Admissions, and those maintained by the Office of International Students and Scholar Services.

You may also visit the following international student association websites for additional information:




Does ODU offer on-campus student housing?

You may obtain more information about housing throught the Housing and Residence life site.

I am married, is it possible for me to purchase insurance for my family?

You may check on information about health insurance through the Graduate School site.

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