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Strome College of Business

Faculty Diversity & Retention Committee

Supporting Inclusion and Retention of Diverse Faculty

You Don’t Know what You Don’t Know

About the Committee

Develop and deliver actions that advance Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, and Access for our communities


  • Develop a shared understanding among faculty, staff, and students about the meaning and importance of diversity, inclusion, equity, and the barriers that perpetuate inequities and limit opportunity for all.

  • Incorporate awareness training into meetings and programs of SCB to provide skills to fulfill our commitment, using SCB faculty and alum as resources.


  • Offer a curriculum that exposes students to the views and experiences of scholars, practitioners, and role models that reflect diverse backgrounds; ensure that the curriculum reflects a complete history of the U.S. experience and exposes systemic and structural biases.

  • Beginning with the core curriculum, develop a system of continuous assessment to ensure students are being prepared for diverse, multicultural workplaces.


  • Recruit and retain students, faculty, and staff, that are reflective of the range of human backgrounds, ensuring their success in an environment that respects and appreciates their diverse backgrounds in a culture that is free of intentional or unconscious biased behavior.


  • Promote equity in the community through economic empowerment; support transitional entrepreneurship and the sustainability of minority and women-own businesses by connecting them with the majority-owned economic structure; support community empowerment.


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The Strome College of Business will:

  1. Make anti-racism and inclusion systemic in individual and collective interactions.
  2. Develop a shared level of consciousness and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion among faculty, staff, and students.
  3. Adopt, display, and reinforce anti-racist and inclusionary values by:
    1. Respecting and appreciating people of all races, ethnicity, national origin, age, gender, gender identity, gender orientation, physical ability or attributes, religious or ethical values system, social class, and political beliefs.
    2. Raising awareness of how faculty and staff relate differently to students, and to other faculty and staff.
    3. Treating students and colleagues with the same high level of respect.
    4. Recognizing that bias can exist whenever a cultural group forms prejudicial belief about another group.
  4. Speak up to and call out inappropriate comments, remarks, and jokes that can be hurtful and express bias about someone's characteristics.
  5. Enhance the educational experience of students by faculty acknowledging their roles in student success by how they are treated in and out of the classroom, in the design of curriculum that embraces inclusion, and in equitable grading and mentoring.
  6. Achieve diversity, equity, and inclusion amongst the faculty and student populations, both graduate and undergraduate.
  7. Hold each other and the College accountable for successfully implementing these values of diversity, equity, and equity.

Dr. Douglas Ziegenfuss

Dr. Douglas Ziegenfuss


Dr. Jay Walker

Dr. Jay Walker


Dr. Bruce Rubin

Dr. Bruce Rubin

Finance, Chair of the Committee

Dr. Larisa Bulysheva

Dr. Larisa Bulysheva

Information Technology

Ms. Jennifer Vaziralli

Ms. Jennifer Vaziralli


Ms. Gina French

Ms. Gina French


Dr. Yuhong Li

Dr. Yuhong Li

Business Analytics; Marine & Supply Chain Management

Dr. Marina Santgalina

Dr. Marina Santgalina

Public Service

Professional Development


ODU regularly sends faculty to the Institute for Teaching and Mentoring, which focuses on providing minority scholars from a variety of disciplines, with the support and skills they need as they enter the professoriate. This is one of the many ways we try to recruit diverse faculty. Look for next year's conference information here. (More Information)

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