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Bioelectrics News

List of Special Issues Edited by Center Faculties

Special Issue "Pulsed Electric Field Based Technologies for Oncology Applications”

September 28th, 2022

Guest editor Dr. Siqi Guo is pleased to announce this open call for a special issue in Frontiers in Oncology titled "Pulsed Electric Field Based Technologies for Oncology Applications".

Special Issue "Internal Diseases Associated with Negative Environmental Impacts" "

February 21st 2022

Guest editor Dr. Pavel Solopov is pleased to announce this open call for a special issue in Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health titled "Internal Diseases Associated with Negative Environmental Impacts".

The emergence of new technologies, industries, services, intensive farming is associated with the ever-increasing use of chemical compounds, as well as physical and biological factors. According to experts, there are almost one hundred thousand different chemical components in the environment, and this number is growing every year. Chemicals and natural pathogens can affect all systems of the human body. Acute effects, such as poisoning injury as a result of a single exposure, are usually obvious and do not require precious time for diagnostics, in contrast to the consequences caused by repeated insignificant strong influences over a long period of time. Despite the significant efforts of scientists, effective antidotes for many toxicants have not yet been found. This Special Issue plans to give an overview of the topical advances in the field of diagnostics and pharmacological correction of internal conditions provoked by different negative environmental impacts. Potential topics include, but are not limited to: chemical-induced internal decease; occupational internal decease; zoonotic disease that affects the internal organs; animal models; pharmacological modulation of internal decease caused by environmental impacts; modern approaches to ensuring safety in harmful production.

Special Issue "Targeted Therapies and Molecular Methods in Cancer"

February 14th 2022

Guest editors Drs. Claudia Muratori from the Center for Bioelectrics and Julita Kulbacka from Wroclaw Medical University, Wroclaw, Poland are pleased to announce this open call for a special issue in International Journal of Molecular Sciences titled "Targeted Therapies and Molecular Methods in Cancer".

This Special Issue of IJMS will examine targeted strategies for dealing with cancer. We welcome articles on new, targeted anticancer methods, new ways for delivering drugs, and entirely new approaches, including, but not limited to: immunotherapy; new aspects of radiotherapy; methods to facilitate drug delivery, such as pulsed electric fields (PEF), sonoporation, magnetic fields (MF), nanotechnology, and nanocarriers; and gene electrotransfer using PEF. Targeted anticancer methods can focus on membrane proteins and ion channels alterations, targets can be specific surface receptors (ER— estrogen receptors, FAR—folic acid receptors, HAR— hyaluronic acid receptors) or cancer biomarkers. Research targeting drug resistance (MDR), aimed at bypassing or modifying the activity of drug transporters, i.e., MDR1/P-gp, MRP1, BCRP, and LRP, etc., will be of interest. We are interested in new and more effective protocols, which could be developed and find potential applications in pharmacy and medical sciences. This Special Issue will cover the latest research concerning targeted therapies and molecular methods against cancer.

Bioelectrochemistry Special Issue on Electropermeabilization Open Access Until March 17

February 2022

Edited by Center faculty Andrei Pakhomov and Thomas Vernier the Bioelectrochemistry Special Issue on Nanosecond Electropermeabilization is available for a limited time as open access to students and researchers in the field.

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