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Center for Bioelectrics Seminar Series

seminars are held on Tuesdays from 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

To join our seminars contact Dr. Ruben Colunga Biancatelli

Date Speaker Topic
12/05/2023 Mike Stacey, Old Dominion University, USA IDH2 mutations in rare cancers
11/28/2023 Vitold Galkin, Eastern Virginia Medical School, USA Revolution in cryo-electron microscopy provides novel tools to study molecular mechanisms of cardiac contraction
11/21/2023 Thanksgiving Holiday- No Seminar
11/14/2023 Allen Garner, Purdue University, USA Biophysics and Applications of Electric Waveforms from Pulsed to AC
11/07/2023 Election Day- No Seminar
10/31/2023 Andrei Pakhomov, Old Dominion University, USA

Real-time observation and analysis of individual membrane permeability lesions in electroporated cells

10/24/2023 Iurii Semenov, Old Dominion University, USA TBD

Jian Huang, Coriell Institute, USA

Unveiling new targets for overcoming drug resistance in Cancer Therapy
10/10/2023 Fall Holiday- No Seminar

Yan Senders

Eastern Virginia Medical School, USA

Epigenetic Regulation in Aging and Lung Fibrosis

Ekaterina Nesterovic

Catholic University of America, USA

Hydrophobic Gating and 1/f Noise of the Antrax Toxin Channel


Erkin Seker

University of California Davis, USA

Gold Sponges, Microfluidics, Neural Tissue Chips

Piotr Kraj

Old Dominion University, USA

Bone Morphogenic Proteins are immunoregulatory cytokines controlling helper and Treg cells


Manfred Lindau, University of Miami, USA

The mechanisms of docking, fusion and transmitter release in chromaffin cells

Christian Zemlin, Washington University, USA

Surgical Treatment of Cardiac Arrhythmias

Keerthi Nawarathna, Old Dominion University, USA

Miniaturized Electromagnetic Sensors and Cellular Biomanufacturing Strategies for Combating Cancer and Obesity

Gintautas Saulis, Semiconductor Physics Institute, Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Vilnius, Lithuania


Cell Electroporation: Transmembrane Potential and the Factors Affecting It

Loree Heller, University of South Florida, USA

Intrinsic effects of nucleic acid electroporation

Yihong Ye, NIH, USA

Role of the cell surface heparan sulfate in SARS-CoV-2 infection
3/7/2023 Spring Holiday


John Semmes, Eastern Virginia Medical School, USA

Cancer Proteogenomics: Translating Science into Medicine

MinLei Guo, Eastern Virginia Medical School, USA

The roles of neuroimmune signaling in drug addiction

David Graves, Princeton University, USA

The Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Reactive Species in Plasma Biomedicine

Richard Nuccitelli, Pulse Biosciences Inc. USA

Type-specific thresholds for tumor clearance using high repetition rate nanosecond pulsed electric fields

Danilo Tagle, NIH, USA

Bioengineered Microphysiological Systems as In Vitro Models for Drug Safety, Efficacy and Precision Medicine Studies

Xilin Zao, Rutgers University, USA & Xiamen University, China

No life, no death; know life, know death? _Deciphering a universal bacterial death pathway by a "reverse engineering-like" approach


5th World Congress on Electroporation & Pulsed Electric Fields in Biology, Medicine, Food and Environmental Technologies in Rome, Italy, September 15-19, 2024.


International Bioelectrics Symposium will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, September 10-13, 2023.


BioEM 2023 will be held in Oxford, UK, from June 18-23.


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