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Workshop on Fundamental and Applied Bioelectrics

Stay Tuned for our 5th Workshop on Fundamental and Applied Bioelectrics

The integration of physical sciences and engineering with biology is revolutionary and is transforming everything from health care to energy production to food. The field of Bioelectrics is in line with this approach as biomedical scientists and biologists work together with physicists and engineers to develop novel bioelectric diagnostic techniques and applications, environmental advances as well as potential medical therapies. Pulsed power is the release of stored energy in short bursts, so that the power (energy delivered per unit time) can be very large. When 10 joule of energy (enough to raise the temperature of 1 mL (20 drops) of water about 2.4 °C (4.3 °F)) is released in 1 second, which is slow, the power is 10 watts (10 joule/second). If the same amount of energy is released more quickly, in 1 millisecond, for example (the temperature increase is 1000 times faster), the power is 10 kilowatts. Released in 1 microsecond, the power is 10 megawatts (million). In 1 nanosecond, 10 gigawatts (billion). A major focus of bioelectric research is to understand and then to harness the effects of these short bursts of electrical energy on cells, tissues, and whole organisms. The Workshop on Fundamental and Applied Bioelectrics is designed to give participants an understanding of this new and growing field and is organized to complement efforts of our International Consortium colleagues.

The program includes lectures from leaders in the field of Bioelectrics and covers fundamental principles and applications. The intended audience includes all "those interested in bioelectrics", particularly newcomers to the field, at all levels. The field of Bioelectrics is continually growing and encompasses pulse from milli- down to picosecond duration. Workshop lectures include advances in nano- and picosecond pulsed applications, biological effects of milli- and microsecond exposures, and clinical applications, including gene and drug delivery. The design and development of electrodes is an integral component of the field and is covered with respect to effective membrane poration.

We are fortunate to have experts in the field of cold plasma here at the Center, and fundamental of plasma generation as well as biological and environmental applications are covered during our Workshop.


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