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Visual Arts Professor Ken Daley teaches students the art of letterpress and other printing techniques.

Art Education

The Art Education program at ODU offers instruction in both the theoretical and practical aspects of teaching art from kindergarten through high school in a variety of settings. 100+ hours of observation and hands on learning experiences in schools, museums, and cultural institutions provide students with the necessary skills to be successful Art Educators. Students also explore past and current issues in Art Education and how social, cultural, and political perspectives influence Art Educational practice and policy.

The BFA in Art Education focuses on studio arts, art history, and professional education course work. Students complete 30 credit hours in studio including 12 upper-level credits in one of the fine arts majors; Painting and drawing, 3D Media and Material Studies, or Print and Photo.This offers students a diverse and substantive exposure to studio practice along with a focus in the discipline of their choice. Students also complete 12 credit hours in Art History along with 15 credit hours in Art Education.

After completing core course work, students can choose between two concentrations:

Art Education for Public School Licensure

Art Education for Public School Licensure includes 12 credits in Special Education and Teaching and Learning through the College of Education as well as a 12 credit internship in the public schools. Students in this concentration must complete required tests and clearances for K-12 teaching in the public schools and must be admitted into the Teacher prep program through the Office of Clinical Experiences. This concentration is ideal for students seeking careers as art educators in the public schools for grades K-12.

Art Education for Museums and Cultural Institutions

Art Education for Museums and Cultural Institutions includes a minor in Art History (9 additional credits in upper level coursework), 6 credits in Special Education and Teaching and Learning through the College of Education and a 9 credit internship with a Museum or Cultural Institution. This concentration prepares students seeking a career as a museum educator or as a community arts program director/education coordinator.

Old Dominion University's BFA in Art Education is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), the Virginia Department of Education.

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Appointments should be scheduled each semester with Dr. Pilato to ensure all degree and state requirements for licensure are met and that all paperwork is in order, as well as to lift the advising hold to permit registration and advise on Studio Art courses. An initial meeting with Elliott Jones is necessary for all freshman incoming and transfer students.

Natalia Pilato

    Assistant Professor
  • NORFOLK, VA 23529
  • 757-683-4363
  • npilato@odu.edu

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