Phishing Campaing against University Employees

<p> Homeland Security has recently released a threat advisory regarding targeted phishing campaigns aimed at U.S. University employees. These fake emails solicit log-in information with the intent of using the credentials to facilitate payroll theft. While ODU maintains protections against unauthorized payroll actions, there are risks to giving MIDAS credentials to an unauthorized party.&nbsp; These phishing emails are distributed with subject headings that refer to payroll modifications and/or salary related topics. Users may receive messages with subjects and content requiring urgent action, such as<br /> <br /> * &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Salary Increase<br /> * &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Your Salary Review Documents<br /> * &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Your Salary Raise Confirmation<br /> * &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Email quota expired<br /> * &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Important payroll changes<br /> <br /> The methods used in disguising these emails are increasingly sophisticated. Messages may partly include links to legitimate university homepages, logos and email signatures. &nbsp;ODU advises faculty and staff to follow safe email practices, found here:&nbsp;<a href=""></a>, and to report suspected phishing emails to .<br /> <br /> J. Douglas Streit, CISSP<br /> Chief Information Security Officer<br /> Directory, IT Security, Records and Project Management, ITS<br /> 4302 Engineering &amp; Computational Sci. Bldg.<br /> Norfolk, Virginia 23529<br /> 757 / 683-5424 ;</p>

Date: Thu Aug 21 08:02:12 EDT 2014