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Students sitting and talking outside Barry Arts Building.

Dean's List

The following students meet the qualifications of Dean's List. The hard work and success of these students make our efforts as teachers and administrators very rewarding.

Please note that Old Dominion University confers baccalaureate degrees with honors according to the following cumulative grade point averages on work completed at Old Dominion:

  • Cum Laude 3.40-3.65
  • Magna Cum Laude 3.66-3.85
  • Summa Cum Laude 3.86-4.00

These designations apply only to candidates who have earned 60 or more credit hours of work at Old Dominion University. Fifty-four of the hours must be in letter-graded courses.

2023 - 2024

Fall 2023

Estrada Mariposa 3D Media and Material Studies
Mcnair Mauria 3D Media and Material Studies
Obenaus Megan 3D Media and Material Studies
Mitchell Teresa 3D Media and Material Studies
White Cristina 3D Media and Material Studies
Buckhalter Sarah 3D Media and Material Studies
Rowe Yesinia 3D Media and Material Studies
Partida Seville 3D Media and Material Studies
Ross Bryce 3D Media and Material Studies
Compton Kaitlyn 3D Media and Material Studies
Ali Cloie 3D Media and Material Studies
Burricks Kendra 3D Media and Material Studies
Wilson Makayla African American and African Studies
Moyler Marvelle African American and African Studies
Williams Noah Analytics, Institutions, & Public Policy
Lesko Madison Analytics, Institutions, & Public Policy
Blair Mackenzie Applied Language Studies
Johnson Magen Art Education
Burgess Makayla Art Education
Chumley Elijah Art Education
Rue Ashley Art Education
Gonzales Lamarah Art Education
Brinkley Kaitlyn Art Education: PreK-12
Carr Alayna Art Education: PreK-12
Deptula Phyllis Art Education: PreK-12
Medy Naya Art Education: PreK-12
Clark Ashton Art Education: PreK-12
Tyler Bria Art Education: PreK-12
Ledbetter Damaris Art Education: PreK-12
Glenney Grace Art Education: PreK-12
Brown Camille Art Education: PreK-12
Mccarthy Madelyn Art Education: PreK-12
Thompson Isabella Art Education: PreK-12
Smith Georgina Art Education: PreK-12
Evans Isabella Art Education: PreK-12
Eanes Elizabeth Art History
Morley Rylee Art History
Walker Nayana Art History
Hiltabidel Sarah Art History
Holzgrefe Logan Asian Studies
Hillinger Natalie Asian Studies
Khim Kenny Asian Studies
Moore Hannah Cinema and TV Production
Briggs Twanasha Cinema and TV Production
Abebe Lucas Cinema and TV Production
Jones Jah'Naya Cinema and TV Production
Claiborne Tremayne Cinema and TV Production
Insley Miranda Cinema and TV Production
Watt Courtney Cinema and TV Production
Reese Keymari Cinema and TV Production
Scruggs Carl Cinema and TV Production
Buckley Peyton Cinema and TV Production
O'Rea Jordan Cinema and TV Production
Septier Pierre Cinema and TV Production
Lepko Gloria Cinema and TV Production
Piper Kassidy Cinema and TV Production
Cheatham Adam Cinema and TV Production
Salazar Acosta Madeleine Cinema and TV Production
Weaver Haley Cinema and TV Production
Crosier Lauren Cinema and TV Production
Diemsen Jastin Cinema and TV Production
Greenside Justin Cinema and TV Production
Moreno Samuel Cinema and TV Production
Felts Gavahnya Cinema and TV Production
Allen Ariyana Cinema and TV Production
Price Cole Cinema and TV Production
Brinkley Justin Cinema and TV Production
Hetman John Cinema and TV Production
Sarver Erin Cinema and TV Production
White Courtney Cinema and TV Production
Bjork Holly Cinema Production
Davis Javaughn Cinema Production
Lee Jordan Cinema Production
Mastrocco Nicholas Communication
Terhaar Alexander Communication
Mckinney Jadyn Communication
King Connor Communication
Ewing Joseph Communication
Askew Domonique Communication
Williams Zaire Communication
Bullock Cameron Communication
Suarez Kaylei Communication
Smith-Hilder Sekaija Communication
Fuller Alex Communication
Weaver Ariana Communication
Stephens Stephanie Communication
Newman Yazmeen Communication
Hurt Hailey Communication Studies: Lifespan
May Margaret (Molly) Communication Studies: Lifespan
Tyler Daija Communication Studies: Lifespan
Yousuf Mariya Communication Studies: Lifespan
Sutton Victoria Communication Studies: Lifespan
Norman-Button Charlotte Communication Studies: Lifespan
Morgan Christopher Communication Studies: Lifespan
Rivera Yaitza Communication Studies: Lifespan
Rangel-Gomez Arely Communication Studies: Lifespan
Kinlaw James Communication Studies: Lifespan
Cain Amber Communication Studies: Lifespan
Siminow Kellen Communication Studies: Lifespan
Hairston Ashlie Communication Studies: Lifespan
Eldridge John Communication Studies: Lifespan
Bernecker Maci Communication Studies: Lifespan
Judah Peyton Communication Studies: Lifespan
Christian Laniyah Communication Studies: Lifespan
Harris Nakaela Communication Studies: Lifespan
Warren Savon Communication Studies: Lifespan
Humphreys Skyla Communication Studies: Lifespan
Hunter Lesia Communication Studies: Lifespan
Kelly Kayla Communication Studies: Lifespan
Trinidad Mikaela Communication Studies: Lifespan
Mclellan Mia Communication Studies: Lifespan
Umoru David Communication Studies: Lifespan
Aleman Iraheta Osmin Communication Studies: Lifespan
Marquez Joseph Communication Studies: Lifespan
Hallwirth Leah Communication Studies: Lifespan
Camp Anshon Communication Studies: Lifespan
Morgan Cora Communication Studies: Lifespan
Little Tyler Communication Studies: Lifespan
Jones Niyah Communication Studies: Lifespan
Bunting Caroline Communication Studies: Lifespan
Clarke De Dromantin Astrid Marie Anne Gabrielle Creative Writing
Hilt Kassidy Creative Writing
Archer Tyvell Creative Writing
Rhodes Taejah Creative Writing
Carey Dyziah Criminal Justice
Curty Luma Criminal Justice
Warren Jessica Criminal Justice
Greenwood Nadia Criminal Justice
Alvarenga Elmer Criminal Justice
Chapman Alexander Criminal Justice
Mclachlan Brandon Criminal Justice
Harmon Jenaka Criminal Justice
White Jasmin Criminal Justice
Mihalovich Anna Criminal Justice
Asuako Gabriela Criminal Justice
Freeman Kendall Criminal Justice
Deubler Ryan Criminal Justice
Covington Anniah Criminal Justice
Williams Ke'Nai Criminal Justice
Blevins Aaliyah Criminal Justice
Lane Cassidy Criminal Justice
Hardy Tristan Criminal Justice
Gilbert Nina Criminal Justice
Carter Chloe Criminal Justice
Davis Chet Criminal Justice
Tansimore Asa-Antonia Criminal Justice
Sellers Jordan Criminal Justice
Ellis Mycaila Criminal Justice
Williams Illiyah Criminal Justice
Chery Kason Criminal Justice
Brown Colleen Criminal Justice
Lyons Taija Criminal Justice
Saunders Kahlan Criminal Justice
Utley Jahlon Criminal Justice
Gilbertson Addison Criminal Justice
Zonts Christopher Criminal Justice
Dinkel Mark Criminal Justice
Ivy Reid Criminal Justice
Isaac Joe Criminal Justice
Ramirez Taylor Criminal Justice
Brown Brooke Criminal Justice
Smith-Miller Alanna Criminal Justice
Rosariorivera Leyla Criminal Justice
Crimmins Kayleigh Criminal Justice
Johnson Taylor Criminal Justice
Eldridge Darla Criminal Justice
Cruz Suarez Carlos Criminal Justice
Carranza Galdamez Brenda Criminal Justice
Bowman John Criminal Justice
Chapman Amaya Criminal Justice
Beitazzam Abrar Criminal Justice
Hoyle Joshua Criminal Justice
Davis Kylee Criminal Justice
Moore Melanie Criminal Justice
Johnson Jahiem Criminal Justice
Chambers Daryl Criminal Justice
Collawn Mavrey Criminal Justice
Corprew Ahziyah Criminal Justice
Fairchild Ajah Criminal Justice
Anobah-Manteaw Awuraba Criminal Justice
Parker Willow Criminal Justice
Canody Noah Criminal Justice
Grimes Kyle Criminal Justice
Kennedy Destiny Criminal Justice
Tate Carly Criminal Justice
Crawford Jarrin Criminal Justice
Lamar Tyanna Criminal Justice
Myers Mckayla Criminal Justice
Mccoy Aubrie Criminal Justice
Brooks Angel Criminal Justice
Durham Jillian Criminal Justice
Martin Kayla Criminal Justice
Lobb Lauren Criminal Justice
Angaroo Asia Criminal Justice
Upton Alyssa Criminal Justice
Bell Kaylee Criminal Justice
Sankner Tara Criminal Justice
Mccray Jessica Criminal Justice
Sosa Samantha Criminal Justice
Goodnight Cadence Criminal Justice
Gonzalez Amy Criminal Justice
Turley Logan Criminal Justice
Cramer Amanda Criminal Justice
Baller Christopher Criminal Justice
Delacruz Anna Criminal Justice
Burkett Zoe Criminal Justice
Deane Brianna Criminal Justice
Battersby Gillian Criminal Justice
Taylor Sydney Criminal Justice
Shahriari Sayeh Criminal Justice
Pappas Tyler Criminal Justice
Mccleney Brianna Criminal Justice
Miranda Derek Criminal Justice
Priest Lucas Criminal Justice
Wells Tristan Criminal Justice
Martin-Harris Sakaiya Criminal Justice
Corsano Brenton Criminal Justice
Parra Isaac Criminal Justice
Hinton Delaney Criminal Justice
Johnson Alicia Criminal Justice
Ramos-Atencio Amaid Criminal Justice
Herrera Gutierrez Emily Criminal Justice
Toth Emily Criminal Justice
Nieves Victoria Criminal Justice
Evans Alexa Criminal Justice
Eakes Taylor Criminal Justice
Flowers Jeffrey Criminal Justice
Baltimore Jada Criminal Justice
Lopez Linda Criminal Justice
Foster Evelyn Criminal Justice
Weinberger Levina Criminal Justice
Anderson Amyra Criminal Justice
Johnson Jemiah Criminal Justice
Johnson Alajah Criminal Justice
Cutler Tenaria Criminal Justice
Camp Lauren Criminal Justice
Carlstrom Haylee Criminal Justice
Fleming Hayleigh Criminal Justice
Ellis Jazmyn Criminal Justice
Habhab Haven Criminal Justice
Davis Shuaid Criminal Justice
Katzaman Luke Criminal Justice
Deas Lakesa Criminal Justice
Harold Riley Criminal Justice
Brown Chelsey Criminal Justice
Davis Riley Criminal Justice
Dionicio Lara Jeshly Criminal Justice
Pruitt Cameryn Criminal Justice
Dixon Bejamin Criminal Justice
Haywood Wesley Criminal Justice
Clark Amya Criminal Justice
Colley Jayda Criminal Justice
Galang Christiane Joy Criminal Justice
Williams Nykhia Criminal Justice
Callejas Mercado Michelle Criminal Justice
Fiaza Thahiath Criminal Justice
Romo Jorge Criminal Justice
Rowland Emma Criminal Justice
Knox Kylee Criminal Justice
Savoy Jalen Criminal Justice
Griffin Raquan Criminal Justice
Megginson Maliyah Criminal Justice
Parks Emma Criminal Justice
Stigsell Katherine Criminal Justice
Lyles Riley Criminal Justice
Minter Brandy Criminal Justice
Lynch Maria Criminal Justice
Richards Evan Criminal Justice
Kenworthy Lucy Criminal Justice
Paez Amya Criminal Justice
Duplyakina Sophia Criminal Justice
Banks Tyriel Criminal Justice
Chandler Josiah Criminal Justice
Howeth Emily Criminal Justice
Scherra Mckenzie Criminal Justice
Bannon Tyler Criminal Justice
Bowden Hanna Criminal Justice
Walters Sloane Criminal Justice
Walker Emmanuel Criminal Justice
Shaughnessy Alec Criminal Justice
Beitazzam Ali Criminal Justice
Standridge Lance Criminal Justice
Damer Haley Criminal Justice
Moore Sarah Criminal Justice
Hayes Kayla Criminal Justice
Arnold Joshua Criminal Justice
Buckwalter Abigail Criminal Justice
Fitzgerald Marquette Criminal Justice
Wiggins Sabrina Criminal Justice
Ross Erin Criminal Justice
Patel Nachiket Criminal Justice
Raech Mckenzie Criminal Justice
Arredondo Samantha Criminal Justice
Leeheung Jaysia Criminal Justice
Clay Abigail Criminal Justice
Carr Nico Criminal Justice
Tanner-Vigil Parker Criminal Justice
Bashara Vincent Criminal Justice
Barnes Qaseem Criminal Justice
Grant Kyristen Criminal Justice
Reid Lyndsey Criminal Justice
Dooley Evan Criminal Justice
Ricks Deshawn Criminal Justice
Quinones Luis Criminal Justice
Craighead Dyniya Criminal Justice
Harris Matthew Criminal Justice
Northern Hailey Criminal Justice
Hudson Oliver Criminal Justice
Aloy-Rivera Aileen Criminal Justice
Mosley Kristilynn Criminal Justice
Otey Kaylen Criminal Justice
Dupree Trinity Criminal Justice
Coston Jikerra Criminal Justice
Armstrong Sarah Criminal Justice
Jeter Mark Criminal Justice
Hoskin Elijah Criminal Justice
Garber Madeline Criminal Justice
Sudderth Trinity Criminal Justice
Holthus Ryleigh Cybercrime
Rogers Arthur Cybercrime
Seery Faith Cybercrime
Corpus Eric Cybercrime
Stevens Braylynn Cybercrime
Picott Trenton Cybercrime
Goswami Bhaavan Cybercrime
Turner Ta'Niyah Cybercrime
Hynson Maliyah Cybercrime
Odom Alannah Cybercrime
Jones Jaidan Cybercrime
Carr Larissa Cybercrime
Armstrong Amiah Cybercrime
Lovins Taylor Cybercrime
Ince Diamonte Cybercrime
Hight Rebecca Cybercrime
Minkewicz Clara Dance
Negron Liliana Dance
Belton Joshua Dance
Reyna Rowan Dance
Davis Emily Dance
Seeman Caroline Dance
Vilardi Alayna Dance Education
Herbert Jamyis Dance Education: PreK-12
Yancey Myah Dance Education: PreK-12
Parker Keri English
Ocampo Isabella English
Toombs Maria English
Vredenburg Luke English
Burket Mitchell English
Jones Lauryn English
Walton Michael English
Stofka Isabella English
Ranker Alyssa English
Harrington Michael English
Phillips Diamond English
Fernandez Isabella English
Barnett Katherine English
Brinkley Isabelle English
Menzel Justice English
Summers Caleb English
Walsh Eric English
Banks Khyannia English
Kotary Elijah English
Horvath Amy English
Craig Jazmine English
Ashley Kenneth English
Yacavone Anthony English
Igloria Gabriela English
Fletcher Julia English
Wolfe Nevaeh English
Costa Madison English
Edwards Yasmin English
Aulet Nysanna English
Brooks Isabel English
Ahmed Faaris English
Roberts Sarah English
Dutch Faith English
Henderson Reagan English
Dunn Gwendolyn English
Abudayeh Sahar English
Thomas Stephanie English
Velez-Castillo Anouk English
Roberts Annette English
Cazares Jasmine English
Westcott Lauren English
Rogers Laci English
Myers Samantha English
Curley Reuben English
Vallarde Edmond English
Wood Morgan English
Phillips Kyla English
Figueroa Gianella English
Nowak Kathryn English
Deomania Jemmalyn English
Lompe Isabella English
Goentzel Micah English
Kaehn Nicole English
Lankford Kyle English
Hughes Katherine English
Tillinghast Clarenza English
Bracy Eben English
Grossman Alexandra English
Sewell Christian English
Weldon Courtney English
Sanders Amani English
Rosariorivera Leyda English
Stepp Cassidy English
Walker Sydney English
Gibson Kaylee English
Hosier Paton English
Villanueva Devin English
Bouley Eric English
Williams Reagan English
Benedict Catherine English
Patterson Dominique English
Jusufi Laureta English
Phillips Destinie English
Womack Morgan English
Gender Jordan English
Uhlin Brina English
Thompson Katlyn French
Odom Jacob Game Studies & Design
Stone Abriel Game Studies & Design
Connolly Austin Game Studies & Design
Culanding Cyann Game Studies & Design
Williams King Game Studies & Design
Crawford Victoria Game Studies & Design
Young Devin Game Studies & Design
Hancock Hazel Game Studies & Design
Dixon Malcolm Game Studies & Design
Miller Joshua Game Studies & Design
Tobler Tyler Game Studies & Design
Fredricks Jennifer Game Studies & Design
Triggs Noah Game Studies & Design
Paquin Dominic Game Studies & Design
Williams Darius Game Studies & Design
Williams Tiffani Game Studies & Design
Devost Brady Game Studies & Design
Mitchell Tafari Game Studies & Design
Farlin Trent Game Studies & Design
Smith Edward Game Studies & Design
Struhs Corbin Game Studies & Design
Guzzardo Angelina Game Studies & Design
Fuentes Pedro Game Studies & Design
Futrell Tavier Game Studies & Design
Poplin Nathaniel Game Studies & Design
Gibson Lance Game Studies & Design
Gill Jacob Game Studies & Design
Dill Samuel Game Studies & Design
Burns Brandon Game Studies & Design
Williams Kira Game Studies & Design
Taylor Piper Game Studies & Design
Siatkowski Tatiana Game Studies & Design
Southerland Djorge Game Studies & Design
Moorefield Kellyn Game Studies & Design
Bellamy Isaiah Game Studies & Design
Hill Raven Game Studies & Design
Nanton Kayla Game Studies & Design
Buczkowski Ashley Game Studies & Design
Preuss Tyler Game Studies & Design
Walsh Jackson Game Studies & Design
Limbaugh Shane Game Studies & Design
Alexander Jayden Game Studies & Design-Design & Criticism
Long Alexander Game Studies & Design-Design & Criticism
King Ian Game Studies & Design-Design & Criticism
Furr Eliza Game Studies & Design-Design & Criticism
Diouf Elhadg Game Studies & Design-Design & Criticism
Flowers David Game Studies & Design-Design & Criticism
Nelson Benjamin Game Studies & Design-Design & Criticism
Delecluse Daxton Game Studies & Design-Design & Criticism
Allgood Nikolas Game Studies & Design-Design & Criticism
Northern Antione Game Studies & Design-Design & Criticism
Peel Jared Game Studies & Design-Development & Criticism
Dennison Glenn Game Studies & Design-Development & Criticism
Palmateer James Geographic Information Systems
Arca Ayden Geography
Asbrand Sean Geography
Mullen Cragg Edward Kenneth Clive Geography
Preston Shaina Geography
Khan Haniya Geography
Shackleford Katie Geography
Carden Laiyah Geography
Baker Haley Geography
Bair Jordan Geography
Glover Amy Geography
O'Hara Wiora Aileen Geography
Garcia Lopez Leonardo Geography
Johnson Timothy Geography
Simmons Brandon Geography
Weatherly Tiana Geography
Ennis Richard Geography
Shelkey Grant Geography
Yatsula Vera Geography
Stengel Tessa Geography
Divers Kaitlin Geography
Lim Shannon Geography
Halsey Brandy Graphic Design
Iannia Kelsey Graphic Design
Sprague Julianna Graphic Design
Fischer Zane Graphic Design
Gordon Jada Graphic Design
Randall Jahleel Graphic Design
Norman Lucas Graphic Design
Belter Isabella Graphic Design
Mathews Tamera Graphic Design
Freeman Deyquan Graphic Design
Brown Rebecca Graphic Design
Propst Maesyn Graphic Design
Labar Katherine Graphic Design
Delrosario Timothy Graphic Design
Hill Je'Nae Graphic Design
Espinosa Cecilia Graphic Design
Wright Dazia Graphic Design
Smith Danielle Graphic Design
Flynch Kittana Graphic Design
Sinues Brandon Graphic Design
Dozier Marshall Graphic Design
Walker Kylei Graphic Design
Boakye Terrance Graphic Design
Robinson Shahday Graphic Design
Mirabelli Tinsley Graphic Design
Warren Lili Graphic Design
Walker Larry Graphic Design
Ramirez Natal Darrainy Graphic Design
Christian Ta'Yonna Graphic Design
Cooper Jamiya Graphic Design
Dewey Isabelle Graphic Design
Mook Cole Graphic Design
Goodall De'Shawn Graphic Design
Goode Jhaylen Graphic Design
Devine Chase Graphic Design
Alindogan Kaitlyn Graphic Design
Houle Waverly Graphic Design
Cutchins Will Graphic Design
Clark Jordan Graphic Design
Bonney Blaine Graphic Design
Davidson Jadyn Graphic Design
Caballero Abril Graphic Design
Barrios Francis Graphic Design
Tinsley Shayla Graphic Design
Webster Emily Graphic Design
Izaguirre Jennifer Graphic Design
Overly Ryan Graphic Design
Ramos Jessica Graphic Design
Norris Cameryn Graphic Design
Wood Emmitt Graphic Design
Williams Luna Graphic Design
Sarzaba Schuyler Graphic Design
Nguyen Heather Graphic Design
Tassone Tara Graphic Design
Dowd Jonathan Graphic Design
White Chloe Graphic Design
Adametz Fletcher Graphic Design
Haywood Sylay Graphic Design
Harris Amana Graphic Design
Ellis Judd Kane Graphic Design
Dang Chau Graphic Design
Blunt-Jeffreys Xen Graphic Design
Reese Gabrielle Graphic Design
Alasad Fatima Ali H Graphic Design
Handy Odelia Graphic Design
Mapp Darius Graphic Design
Mckinney Elizabeth Graphic Design
Hill Jared Graphic Design
Rednour David Graphic Design
Van Buren Matthew Graphic Design
Wingfield Jazmin Graphic Design
Artis Ming Graphic Design
Catahan Justin Graphic Design
Kinnier Xavier Graphic Design
Parrish Dylan Graphic Design
Phillips Angel Graphic Design
Platt Joseph Graphic Design
Tomita Kaila Graphic Design
Mohit Camellia Graphic Design
Leckie Caroline History
Turner Jackson History
Allen Isaiah History
Allred Carissa History
Owens Michael History
Walters Haley History
Munoz-Lawrence Logan History
Tsikuris Riley History
Vrolyk Jack History
Bone Katherine History
Kennon Erik History
Hagenberger Victorya History
Finney Zha'Kera History
Johnson Johnnie History
Atkinson Bryan History
Creecy Cameron History
Daley Michael History
Williams-Hing Leslie History
Spach Rebecca History
Jublou Alexander History
Daley Ian History
Oechsner Andrew History
Grant Faith History
Brooks Emily History
Mills Gabrielle History
Myers Zachary History
Thornton William History
Johnson Hunter History
Bicknell Leah History
Hewlett Peyton History
Davis Roland History
Darrow Nicholas History
Christian David History
Esthay Allison History
Robertson Tyler History
Nyman Lars History
Hughes Jayden History
Kirchner Tyler History
Laville Malana History
Manis Adam History
Shults William History
Wilcox Kennedy History
Suchyta Robert History
Collins Bryce History
Conner Daniel History
Dillman Kiera History
Piper Dawson History
Webster Stefanie History
Gnieski Daniel History
Dascoli Isabella History
Belford Robert History
Patrick Steven History
Brandon Jariah International Affairs & Global Politics
Taylor Emilia International Affairs & Global Politics
Valerio Alyss International Affairs & Global Politics
Jackson Jayla International Affairs & Global Politics
Abrams Gavin International Affairs & Global Politics
Cloutier Jean Christophe International Studies
Perkins Ian International Studies
Johnson-Quintard Taylor International Studies
Thurston Samuel International Studies
Jasso Cole International Studies
Valencia James International Studies
Denbow Rylee International Studies
Nelms Christopher International Studies
Allen Victoria International Studies
Ventour Arianna International Studies
Pollard Adrianna International Studies
Estremadoyro Mateo International Studies
Proffitt Katherine International Studies
Bruendermann Janine International Studies
Angeles Joe International Studies
Zummo Olivia International Studies
Maciejczyk Michael International Studies
Hubble Edward International Studies
Vassalotti Justin International Studies
Kelly Celeste Journalism
Febish Alexi Journalism
Alleyne Sydney Journalism
Woolery Shania Journalism
Phillips Taylor Journalism
Schoch Michael Leadership
Garcia Megan Leadership
Jones-Presson Atlee Leadership
Mccargo Kyla Leadership
Warfield Rachel Leadership
Brewington Christopher Leadership
Griner Jaclyn Leadership
Blando Dylan Leadership
Brinkley Savannah Leadership
Lancour Riley Leadership
O'Connell Tod Leadership
Dulce Dylan Leadership
Stancill Logan Leadership
Baird Jefferson Leadership
Fields Selassie Leadership
Reese Hailey Leadership
Reineberg Samuel Leadership
Clay Olivia Leadership
Ford Robert Leadership
Satchell Alicia Leadership
Cline Nathaniel Leadership
Daniels Cole Leadership
Minor Alexis Leadership
Phillips Sarah Leadership
Maggi Elisa Leadership
Jones Jessica Leadership
Halteh Ian Leadership
James Lamareon Leadership
Chappell Erica Leadership
O'Rawe Natalie Leadership
Garcia Amanee Leadership
Knobl Kyle Leadership
Frazier Jessica Leadership
Swem Jacob Leadership
Ortell Ashleigh Leadership
Genard Cameron Leadership
Payne Stedman Leadership
Morales Aaron Danilo Leadership
Murray Casey Leadership
Nathan Jordan Leadership
Kaplan Nur Leadership
Harrell Celestine Leadership
Layton Kathryn Leadership
Barbee Rylie Leadership
Buchanan Trent Leadership
Joe Jaedyn Leadership
Hicks Cara Leadership
Cardoso Anna Leadership
Richardson Sarah Leadership
Mulkeen Andrew Leadership
Peroha Jasmine Leadership
Smith Gillian Leadership
Wise Noah Leadership
Ott Grace Leadership
Tucker Joseph Leadership
Mcilwee Nicole Leadership
Mclaughlin Jordan Leadership
Trinidad Rodel Leadership
Krutzler Lindsay Leadership
Henderson William Leadership
Patino Maya Leadership
Rutter Carson Leadership
Martindale Kelly Leadership
Davies Alexandra Leadership
Palmer Brittany Leadership
Pocock Kailey Leadership
Shearin Shawneen Leadership
Kouma Kiam Agnes Leadership
Peabody Caroline Leadership
Farrag Alyaa Leadership
Castillo Anyssa Leadership
Reveron Elyssa Leadership
Larsen Mathias Willum Leadership
Petty Taylor Leadership
Ambrose Samantha Leadership
Mcdougal Trinity Leadership
Reed Joseph Leadership
Davis Isaac Leadership
Kasper Sydney Leadership
Mooney Danielle Leadership
Radford Cassie Leadership
Allen Phillip Leadership
Cunningham Rebekah Leadership
Swain Landon Leadership
Jennings Sydni Leadership
Williams Lanetta Leadership
Orji Nnenna Leadership
Pond Brandon Leadership
Smith Chelsea Leadership
Jefferson Joseph Leadership
Strmsek David Leadership
Mclaurin Cameron Leadership
Flaherty Kaitlyn Leadership
Pollard Tatiyana Leadership
Saccomandi Nicolette Leadership
Holasek Kara Leadership
Burdsall Joshua Leadership
Mahbub Areebah Leadership
Johnson Taylor Leadership
Mejia Brenda Leadership
Erwin Lucia Leadership
Nkem Womsi Jenny Leadership
Spencer Alyssa Leadership
Bianchi Naomi Leadership
Ling Ashlee Leadership
Litzenberg Jacob Leadership
Weber Jayna Leadership
Arnesen William Skjoldborg Leadership
Buford Endya Leadership
Tapia-Castro Andrea Leadership
Witcher Marquis Leadership
Brittain Bethany Leadership
Kulha Ashlynn Leadership
Van Schalkwyk Connor Henry Leadership
Harker Garrett Leadership
Cole Hunter Leadership
Drake William Leadership
Johns Wyatt Leadership
Knuckles Georgette Leadership
Somers Sydney Leadership
Jaffe Makayla Leadership
Goodrich Elizabeth Leadership
Lutz Kathleen Leadership
El Tahj Leadership
Drummer Jamez Leadership
Williams Langston Leadership
Mardani Sarah Jessica Leadership
Cutler Zaiera Leadership
Smith Amber Leadership
Semaie Minas Leadership
Wilson Gary Leadership
Smith Keyaira Leadership
Slater Jack Leadership
Quinn Shawn Leadership
Stallings Maverick Leadership
Lauver Russell Leadership
Hicks Patrick Leadership
Czajkowski Matthew Leadership
Blue Christopher Leadership
Phelps Lindsey Literature
Marten David Literature
Saunders Samuel Literature
Raitt Carleen Media Studies
Gray Jalynn Media Studies
Coleman Tria Media Studies
Mason James Media Studies
Bly Jordan Media Studies
Bryant Joselyn Media Studies
Schwartz Marcus Media Studies
Le Christian Media Studies
Hurley Jaden Media Studies
Le Van Media Studies
Porch Jafari Media Studies
Hicks Gerlisa Media Studies
Broy Bristen Media Studies
Gardner Xavier Media Studies
Harbin Braden Media Studies
Thompson Olive Media Studies
Eubanks Bailey Media Studies
Jaskot Kathryn Media Studies
Rudolf Carley Media Studies
Carter Silver Media Studies
Gibson Evan Media Studies
Hayes Janelle Media Studies
Alvarado Angel Media Studies
Glad Kristofor Media Studies
Mullins Brooke Media Studies
Whitlow Kate Media Studies
Dussault Trent Music
Moreno Jack Music
Yarbrough-Fields Jasmine Music
Sarager Carson Music Composition
Payton Noah Music Composition
Shank Seth Music Composition
Richardson Zachary Music Education
Benson Sarah Music Education
Sagendorf Rebecca Music Education
Smith Jasper Music Education
Ware Nathaniel Music Education
Bergren Ava Music Education
Jones Kristiana Music Education
Campbell Julia Music Education
Carey Elizabeth Music Education: PreK-12 Instrumental
Miranda-Delgado Pablo Music Education: PreK-12 Instrumental
Shields Catherine Music Education: PreK-12 Instrumental
Lewis Shuermain Music Education: PreK-12 Instrumental
Gardner Emma Music Education: PreK-12 Instrumental
Wallgren Kelsey Music Education: PreK-12 Instrumental
Howeth Kerah Music Education: PreK-12 Instrumental
Simmons Christopher Music Education: PreK-12 Instrumental
Spencer Caleb Music Education: PreK-12 Instrumental
Phillips Nancy Music Education: Vocal PreK-12
Cooke Zachary Music Performance
Cortes-Bofill Brian Music Performance
Stevenson Ava Music Performance
Johnson Makayla Music Performance
Djanphie Alijah Music Performance
Foreman William Music Performance
Boney Emma Music Performance
Thomas Ted Music Performance
Mcfadden Megan Music Performance
Sheehan Samuel Music: Sound Recording Technology
Doak Ashlyn Music: Sound Recording Technology
Foster Anya Music: Sound Recording Technology
Hamrick Mckenna Music: Sound Recording Technology
Mudd David Music: Sound Recording Technology
Thatcher Ryan Organization/Interpersonal Communication
Cawdery Abigail Organization/Interpersonal Communication
Phillips Jordan Painting & Drawing
Edgar Michael Painting & Drawing
Sznoluch Madeline Painting & Drawing
Wooten Amari Painting & Drawing
Head Aliya Painting & Drawing
Sutton Nadia Painting & Drawing
Keys Avery Painting & Drawing
Guy Khamari Painting & Drawing
Albin Katie Painting & Drawing
Moore Isabelle Painting & Drawing
Roy Meredith Painting & Drawing
Russell Cheyenne Painting & Drawing
Wright Antonio Painting & Drawing
Robertson Caelainn Painting & Drawing
Johnson Krystal Painting & Drawing
Stevenson Antonise Painting & Drawing
Sessoms Tyler Painting & Drawing
Redford Audrey Painting & Drawing
Demarah Keith Philosophy
Mullings Seevoun Philosophy
Kipper Michael Philosophy
Thornton Trenton Philosophy
Cornatzer Kiersten Philosophy
Rapisardi James Philosophy
Cromwell Cristin Philosophy
Dennon Coppelia Philosophy
Villanueva-Molaison Anna Philosophy
Willson Angela Philosophy
Boucher Seth Philosophy
Beall Brayden Philosophy
Rubenstein Aradhana Philosophy
Pathak Niharika Philosophy-Political & Legal Studies
Frishman Brooke Philosophy-Political & Legal Studies
Lansdowne Larae Philosophy-Political & Legal Studies
Autore Quinones Nicolas Philosophy-Political & Legal Studies
Taylor Elizabeth Philosophy-Political & Legal Studies
Robbins Julian Photography and Print Media
Haines Charles Photography and Print Media
Agnew Jason Photography and Print Media
Garces Kiana Photography and Print Media
Moreland Madison Photography and Print Media
Boyd Kendall Photography and Print Media
Harris Tiara Photography and Print Media
Lubkeman Eric Photography and Print Media
Boone Saisha Photography and Print Media
O'Neill Kaitlyn Photography and Print Media
Smith Kylei Photography and Print Media
Choice Zoe Photography and Print Media
Dumayas Brenda Photography and Print Media
Perdue Emily Photography and Print Media
Koffman Laura Photography and Print Media
Marano Noah Photography and Print Media
Caballero Samantha Political Science
Cappon Jennifer Political Science
Laws Maya Political Science
Cabon Luke Political Science
Woodward Shelby Political Science
Larsen Susanna Political Science
Fleming Alyssa Political Science
Wheeler Christopher Political Science
Cloe Isabella Political Science
Lizano Jasmine Political Science
Swank Steven Political Science
Brandenburg Zoe Political Science
Desert Jaiden Political Science
Nolan Trevor Political Science
Lewis Benjamin Political Science
Welch Ryan Political Science
Boggan Alexa Political Science
Bland John Political Science
Martin Jake Political Science
Robinson Jhane Political Science
Tillman Alisa Political Science
Eliza Jones Yasmaine Political Science
Osornio Jose Political Science
Feldman Max Political Science
Spiropoulos John Political Science
Adam Christine Political Science
Hohman-Andujar Joseph Political Science
Behring Anthony Political Science
Price Hailey Political Science
Randle Cyni Political Science
Goodwin Blake Political Science
Oglesby Kayla Political Science
Menichetti Jonah Political Science
Salley Miles Political Science
Sortore Hunter Political Science
Sabol Annika Political Science
Wilmink Kylee Political Science
Martin Brandon Political Science
Pruden Zion Political Science
Tabilin Adriel Political Science
Ebert Liam Political Science
Whitehead Malissa Political Science
Allen Devontae Political Science
Dilworth Michael Political Science
Boyles Ashlyn Professional Communication
Frizzelle Robert Professional Communication
Brooks Kennedy Professional Communication
Masood Namra Professional Communication
Meckley John Professional Communication
Siller Jessica Professional Communication
Wilkins Jaimie Professional Communication
Dahl Jacob Professional Communication
Schlimgen Sydney Professional Communication
Thomas Cloe Professional Communication
Cavage India Professional Writing
Bunch Tristanjay Professional Writing
Delaney Sarah Professional Writing
Bajorek Karle Professional Writing
Awadallah Nasir Professional Writing
Martin Taylor Professional Writing
Borst Stephen Professional Writing
Hester Abigail Professional Writing
Skjoldager Andrea Professional Writing
Christian Alexandria Second History/SocSci Ed (6-12)
Bradshaw Colby Second History/SocSci Ed (6-12)
Eaton Joshua Second History/SocSci Ed (6-12)
Padilla Jazmin Second History/SocSci Ed (6-12)
Overly Isaiah Second History/SocSci Ed (6-12)
Cooley Madison Second History/SocSci Ed (6-12)
Eudy Rachel Secondary English Educ (6-12)
Soto Vivienne Secondary English Educ (6-12)
Ownby Kiersten Secondary English Educ (6-12)
Cross Kaleigh Secondary English Educ (6-12)
Reed Veronica Secondary English Educ (6-12)
Silver Jyrah Sociology
Jones Davis Sociology
Martin Alonzo Sociology
Vazquez Luis Sociology
Mccall Alana Sociology
White Shawntay Sociology
Valladares Griselda Sociology
Stewart Ashley Sociology
Dunaway Lisa Sociology
Wong Katie Sociology
Wilson Christian Sociology
Roth Amy Sociology
Liam Gianne Marie Sociology
Martin Madison Sociology
Paraham Jaz Sociology
Brown Warren Sociology
Rosato Joseph Sociology
West Nadia Sociology
Ozuna Izzy Sociology
Moore Liris Sociology
Demmin Sarah Grace Sociology
Abdelhak Amal Sociology
Mcmahon Kayla Sociology
Stewart Morgan Sociology
Duprey Aiden Sociology
Anderson Eryn Sociology
Bostic Tristan Sociology
Leikwold Andrew Sociology
Hanks Hunter Sociology
Foley Lila Sociology
Copeland Gracie Sociology
Hodouto-Jacobsen Kaylee Sociology
Emilsson Trinity Sociology
Narcisse Jordan Sociology
Osei Amanda Sociology
Worrell Joshua Sociology
Johns Scarlett Sociology
Pascasio Joseph Sociology
Vilorio Alicia Sociology
Martin Grace Sociology
Silva Kim Sociology
Pritchett Brittney Sociology
Mullen Jade Sociology
Staib Hudson Sociology
Green Cathy Sociology
Joannette Harrison Sociology
Beck Allison Sociology
Naser Mahmoud Sociology
Post Kaleigh Sociology
Jackson Sydney Sociology
Smith Marshall Sociology
Vera Kaitlyn Sociology
Lee Mehtia Sociology
Haynes Sierra Sociology
Anderson Elle Sociology
Banks Kyla Sociology
Schlehuber Dylan Sociology-Social Welfare
Jafari-Nassali Mariam Sociology-Social Welfare
Williams Zakhiya Sociology-Social Welfare
Quilon Kristian Sound Recording Technology
Johnston Camden Sound Recording Technology
Noteboom Ayden Sound Recording Technology
Senegal Kymani Sound Recording Technology
Hunter Mya Sound Recording Technology
Kneipp Sydney Sound Recording Technology
Kelley Antonio Sound Recording Technology
Morgan-Potes Nova Sound Recording Technology
Smith Hassan Sound Recording Technology
Owens Jacob Sound Recording Technology
Todeschi Tyler Sound Recording Technology
Askew Brandon Sound Recording Technology
Blackburn Gregory Sound Recording Technology
Joyner-Cassanova Makenzie Sound Recording Technology
Dean Michael Sound Recording Technology
Hudson Jon Sound Recording Technology
Hintz Alexander Sound Recording Technology
Rojas Justin Sound Recording Technology
Kraft Haily Sound Recording Technology
Lyons Jenna Sound Recording Technology
Mccoy Sha-Tayasia Sound Recording Technology
Messner Daniel Sound Recording Technology
Berger Dexaria Spanish
Espinosa Perez Flor Spanish
Pitt Faith Spanish
Rodriguez Arciga Powell Daniel Spanish
Corporan Dawn Spanish
Komons Emily Strategic Communication
Edwards Julianna Strategic Communication
Thompson Parish Strategic Communication
Pavlick Christopher Strategic Communication
Stewart Sydney Strategic Communication
Lundy Jordan Strategic Communication
Freeman Niyah Strategic Communication
Olexa Moira Strategic Communication
Henderson Kennedy Strategic Communication
Keeter Rose Strategic Communication
Cortes Haley Strategic Communication
Spencer Sarai Strategic Communication
Eley Traleya Strategic Communication
Harrison Emily Strategic Communication
Benrabia Lina Strategic Communication
Charania Alina Strategic Communication
Goree Sydney Strategic Communication
Cromer Andraya Strategic Communication
Rivera-Galvez Lauren Strategic Communication
Fulk Anthony Strategic Communication
Matthews Caroline Strategic Communication
Brooks Meredith Strategic Communication
Robinson Brian Strategic Communication
Wolfrey Hailey Strategic Communication
Walls Jacqueline Strategic Communication
Quinones Madeline Strategic Communication
Ehrlich Stuart Strategic Communication
Gibson Colby Strategic Communication
Ibrahim Brittany Strategic Communication
Ryker Taryn Strategic Communication
Jeanlouis Nadia Strategic Communication
Woodbury Anna Strategic Communication
Goodhope-Colbert Janya Strategic Communication
Stovall Zaria Strategic Communication
Weber Lauren Strategic Communication
Goodall Brianna Strategic Communication
Lawrence Olivia Strategic Communication
Kraning Kyle Theatre
Hardy Aaliyah Theatre
Valerio Sofia Theatre
Vrolyk Virginia Theatre
Owen Reicse Theatre
Tousignant Taylor Theatre
Paquin Angelina Theatre
Christian Abigail Theatre
Moore Lakasia Theatre
Kirkpatrick Sean Theatre
Mullen Caroline Theatre - Design Technology
Hastings Lillian Theatre - Design Technology
Raschdorf John Theatre - Performance
Merritt Evalee Theatre Education
Douglas Jillian Theatre Education: PreK-12
Vanlandingham Hannah Visual Studies
Wilson Makiah Visual Studies
Martin Robecca Visual Studies
Rensch Haleigh Visual Studies
Overholt Laney Women's Studies
Williams Shauna Women's Studies
Murphy Emily Women's Studies
Mccullough Ethan Women's Studies
Gonzalez Isabella Women's Studies
Shelton Lakaia Women's Studies
Lyden Gray Women's Studies
Harper Danae Women's Studies
Washington Tristan World Cultural Studies
Ross Asia World Cultural Studies
Munn Meyana World Cultural Studies
Metzger Catherine World Cultural Studies
Tillman William World Cultural Studies
Case Rachel World Cultural Studies
Obedoza Gwen World Cultural Studies
Winebrenner Ashleigh World Languages and Cultures
Vazquez Anna World Languages and Cultures
Ghosn Joelle World Languages and Cultures

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