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Students sitting and talking outside Barry Arts Building.

Fall 2022 Dean's List of Students

Dear A&L Student,

I have the pleasure of notifying the best students in the college that they have been chosen for the Dean's List. The Registrar has informed me that your grade point average and number of credit hours taken for the Fall 2022 semester meet the qualifications for this honor. Congratulations on your accomplishment! The hard work and success of students like you make our efforts as teachers and administrators very rewarding.
Please note that Old Dominion University confers baccalaureate degrees with honors according to the following cumulative grade point averages on work completed at Old Dominion:

Cum Laude 3.40-3.65
Magna Cum Laude 3.66-3.85
Summa Cum Laude 3.86-4.00

These designations apply only to candidates who have earned 60 or more credit hours of work at Old Dominion University. Fifty-four of the hours must be in letter-graded courses.
All of us in the College of Arts and Letters wish you continued success in your future endeavors. If you are thinking of graduate studies, I encourage you to consider the many excellent programs offered by our college and by ODU. We hope to hear from you about your
accomplishments and successes. Thank you for contributing to the academic excellence of our college.

Dr. Laura Delbrugge
Dean, College of Arts and Letters

2022 Fall Dean’s List Recipients

Major Last Name First Name
3D Media and Material Studies Estrada Mariposa
3D Media and Material Studies Guertler Danielle
3D Media and Material Studies Mayberry Clarisse
3D Media and Material Studies Rose-Coleman Paris
3D Media and Material Studies Rowe Yesinia
African Amer and African Stud Moyler Marvelle
Art Education Buendia Jordan
Art Education Burgess Makayla
Art Education Compton Kaitlyn
Art Education Dale Allison
Art Education Elliott Erik
Art Education Evans Isabella
Art Education Glenney Grace
Art Education Ojeriakhi Benita
Art Education Pierce Amber
Art Education Thompson Isabella
Art Education Tyler Bria
Art Education Velazquez Ashley
Art Education Vredenburg Rachel
Art History Barr Jessalyn
Art History Hiltabidel Sarah
Art History Hurst Traci
Asian Studies Coward Tyrese
Asian Studies Schrantz Stephanie
Asian Studies Shenenberger Caroline
Cinema and TV Production Briggs Twanasha
Cinema and TV Production Calderon Kervin
Cinema and TV Production Dempsey Gabrielle
Cinema and TV Production Gaylor Ethan
Cinema and TV Production Grant Ziona
Cinema and TV Production Greenside Justin
Cinema and TV Production Harris Destini
Cinema and TV Production Jones Jah'Naya
Cinema and TV Production Lavin Caitlin
Cinema and TV Production Lepko Gloria
Cinema and TV Production Marano Noah
Cinema and TV Production Moore Hannah
Cinema and TV Production Moreno Samuel
Cinema and TV Production O'Rea Jordan
Cinema and TV Production Pierce Dominique
Cinema and TV Production Reese Keymari
Cinema and TV Production Sadowski Alana
Cinema and TV Production Serrano Osorio Luz-Esperanza
Cinema and TV Production Skiff Mackenzie
Cinema and TV Production Stinnie Terri
Cinema and TV Production Tomasi Desiree
Cinema and TV Production West Jessie
Cinema Production Bjork Holly
Cinema Production Davis Javaughn
Cinema Production Henze Hannah
Cinema Production Hernandez Lela
Communication Askew Domonique
Communication Balderas Brandon
Communication Bertha Sanaa
Communication Buttafuso Halle
Communication Carter John
Communication Clark Nicholas
Communication Courtney Jaelyn
Communication Covington George
Communication Do Hoang
Communication Downs Lynn
Communication Dudley Brett
Communication Edgemond Cameron
Communication Ewing Joseph
Communication Gilchrist Jordan
Communication Griffith Kristina
Communication Hall Emilie
Communication Harris Jahlil
Communication Henderson Jayla
Communication Hess Katelyn
Communication Hopper Jessica
Communication Hopson Jada
Communication Hubbard Ceniyah
Communication Jackson Kate
Communication Jones Lindsey
Communication Jonjo Marian
Communication King Connor
Communication Kirtley Matthew
Communication Lighty Niyah
Communication Mastrocco Nicholas
Communication Mcclure Kiannah
Communication Meyer Rachel
Communication Najafzadeh Mariam-Therese
Communication Neverson Zion
Communication Nguyen Jacquelyn
Communication Reber Emily
Communication Roberts Mckenna
Communication Rose Cassandra
Communication Rubin Allison
Communication Sanders Hali
Communication Smith-Hilder Sekaija
Communication Staton Ashlee
Communication Suarez Kaylei
Communication Sundiata Chase
Communication Sykes Eric
Communication Whitley Alana
Communication Studies: Lifespn Aleman Iraheta Osmin
Communication Studies: Lifespn Carter Silver
Communication Studies: Lifespn Cherrix Katie
Communication Studies: Lifespn Davis Kennedy
Communication Studies: Lifespn Echols Vincent
Communication Studies: Lifespn Eldridge John
Communication Studies: Lifespn Elliott Miriam
Communication Studies: Lifespn Fanning Meghan
Communication Studies: Lifespn Fiegl Alisha
Communication Studies: Lifespn Fletcher Garrett
Communication Studies: Lifespn Frey Erin
Communication Studies: Lifespn Hairston Ashlie
Communication Studies: Lifespn Jiggetts Audrya
Communication Studies: Lifespn Johnson Justice
Communication Studies: Lifespn Jones Corryn
Communication Studies: Lifespn Kelly Kayla
Communication Studies: Lifespn Le Christian
Communication Studies: Lifespn Matthews Gabrielle
Communication Studies: Lifespn May Margaret (Molly)
Communication Studies: Lifespn Nixon Curtis
Communication Studies: Lifespn Perkins Sydney
Communication Studies: Lifespn Ramos Azelia
Communication Studies: Lifespn Rivera Yaitza
Communication Studies: Lifespn Siminow Kellen
Communication Studies: Lifespn Trinidad Mikaela
Communication Studies: Lifespn Vakos Avalee
Communication Studies: Lifespn Warren Savon
Communication Studies: Lifespn Washington Amber
Communication Studies: Lifespn Williams Jodi
Criminal Justice Adu- Sewaah Deborah
Criminal Justice Ajibo Idowu Adebusola
Criminal Justice Alphin Shelby
Criminal Justice Alvarenga Elmer
Criminal Justice Arellano Lopez Maria
Criminal Justice Armstrong Shania
Criminal Justice Arredondo Samantha
Criminal Justice Avery Brandon
Criminal Justice Ayre Kate
Criminal Justice Baltimore Jada
Criminal Justice Barkley Bryson
Criminal Justice Bashir-Davis Samiyyah
Criminal Justice Beaman Leila
Criminal Justice Beitazzam Abrar
Criminal Justice Bell Kaylee
Criminal Justice Bennett Kaniyah
Criminal Justice Blevins Aaliyah
Criminal Justice Blevins Kayla
Criminal Justice Bowman John
Criminal Justice Brandon Marcus
Criminal Justice Braxton Keymoni
Criminal Justice Brown Chelsey
Criminal Justice Brown Colleen
Criminal Justice Bruce Dashsirra
Criminal Justice Buehler Dylan
Criminal Justice Burkett Zoe
Criminal Justice Callejas Mercado Michelle
Criminal Justice Camp Lauren
Criminal Justice Campbell Connor
Criminal Justice Canody Noah
Criminal Justice Carlstrom Haylee
Criminal Justice Carranza Brenda
Criminal Justice Carter Madison
Criminal Justice Carter Ismaeli
Criminal Justice Carter Jadyn
Criminal Justice Castel Ephejiana
Criminal Justice Castle Isabella
Criminal Justice Chandler Josiah
Criminal Justice Chapman Alexander
Criminal Justice Chisolm Naleah
Criminal Justice Christian Laniyah
Criminal Justice Clark Cody
Criminal Justice Coles Dashayla
Criminal Justice Collawn Mavrey
Criminal Justice Colley Jayda
Criminal Justice Covington Anniah
Criminal Justice Cowan Alexandria
Criminal Justice Cox Julianna
Criminal Justice Crosby Tiana
Criminal Justice Cruz Raquel
Criminal Justice Cruz Suarez Carlos
Criminal Justice Curty Luma
Criminal Justice Daniels Ashley
Criminal Justice Davis Chet
Criminal Justice Davis Riley
Criminal Justice Dawson Hanna
Criminal Justice Deas Lakesa
Criminal Justice Dehler Sydney
Criminal Justice Dermota Edward
Criminal Justice Desotelle Mackenzie
Criminal Justice Dillard Adrianna
Criminal Justice Dinkel Mark
Criminal Justice Dobbins Taylor
Criminal Justice Dooley Evan
Criminal Justice Dupree Trinity
Criminal Justice Durham Jillian
Criminal Justice Dyer Caitlin
Criminal Justice Dyson Sierra
Criminal Justice Eakes Taylor
Criminal Justice Edwards Nathan
Criminal Justice Ellis Mycaila
Criminal Justice Ellis Jazmyn
Criminal Justice Flowers Jeffrey
Criminal Justice Foreman Brandon
Criminal Justice Friend Anna
Criminal Justice Funk Michael
Criminal Justice Garber Madeline
Criminal Justice Goldberg-Marcus Yirgalem
Criminal Justice Gonzalez Jonathan
Criminal Justice Goodnight Cadence
Criminal Justice Grant Kyristen
Criminal Justice Gray Adoni
Criminal Justice Greenwood Nadia
Criminal Justice Griffin Kasia
Criminal Justice Griffin Raquan
Criminal Justice Grimes Kyle
Criminal Justice Guevara Natalie
Criminal Justice Guizar Dominic
Criminal Justice Gull Mitya
Criminal Justice Habhab Haven
Criminal Justice Hakansson Karl
Criminal Justice Hamilton Brook
Criminal Justice Hardy Tristan
Criminal Justice Harmon Jenaka
Criminal Justice Harold Riley
Criminal Justice Harris Sierra
Criminal Justice Hernandez Kevin
Criminal Justice Hill Chandler
Criminal Justice Hill Asia
Criminal Justice Hinch Devin
Criminal Justice Hoskin Elijah
Criminal Justice Howard Courtney
Criminal Justice Hunter Mina
Criminal Justice Hurdle Kyla
Criminal Justice Itayem Iman Farid
Criminal Justice Jenkins Mia-Meshelle
Criminal Justice Jennings Isaiah
Criminal Justice Johnson Taylor
Criminal Justice Johnson Jahiem
Criminal Justice Jorgenson Kacey
Criminal Justice Josephson Hannah
Criminal Justice Katzaman Luke
Criminal Justice Kerstetter Kayla
Criminal Justice Khuu Calvin
Criminal Justice Lamar Tyanna
Criminal Justice Leeheung Jaysia
Criminal Justice Lowe Angel
Criminal Justice Lugo Thalia
Criminal Justice Lynch Maria
Criminal Justice Manns Abigail
Criminal Justice Marine Heather
Criminal Justice Marlin Emily
Criminal Justice Mccleney Brianna
Criminal Justice Meadows Kyle
Criminal Justice Megginson Maliyah
Criminal Justice Mihalovich Anna
Criminal Justice Minter Brandy
Criminal Justice Morano Madeline
Criminal Justice Murray Kiaja
Criminal Justice Myers Ryan
Criminal Justice Navarro Sara
Criminal Justice Nega Ribka
Criminal Justice Newman Ryan
Criminal Justice Nguyen Hadley
Criminal Justice Noce Cole
Criminal Justice Noel Nicholas
Criminal Justice Ogburn Ned
Criminal Justice Oneil Kyle
Criminal Justice Otoole Cara Louise Mallon
Criminal Justice Owens Michiah
Criminal Justice Paez Amya
Criminal Justice Panico Makayla
Criminal Justice Parker Willow
Criminal Justice Parker Jackie
Criminal Justice Parks Emma
Criminal Justice Patel Amy
Criminal Justice Perez Jada
Criminal Justice Perez Oriana
Criminal Justice Pettijohn Alyssa
Criminal Justice Pitcher Ashley
Criminal Justice Poff Kylie
Criminal Justice Pope Anyiah
Criminal Justice Pruitt Cameryn
Criminal Justice Radosta Jacob
Criminal Justice Raech Mckenzie
Criminal Justice Ramirez Taylor
Criminal Justice Ramirez Samantha
Criminal Justice Ramos-Atencio Amaid
Criminal Justice Ratley-Amartey Jana
Criminal Justice Rechkemer Vincent
Criminal Justice Reid Makayla
Criminal Justice Richardson Breeana
Criminal Justice Richter Amber
Criminal Justice Robinson Kahmari
Criminal Justice Rodgers Cadence
Criminal Justice Rodriguez Alanna
Criminal Justice Ross Erin
Criminal Justice Rowland Emma
Criminal Justice Rozario Joanne
Criminal Justice Ruth Lilley
Criminal Justice Sanger Marcus
Criminal Justice Savoy Jalen
Criminal Justice Scarborough Khalid
Criminal Justice Scruggs Ashley
Criminal Justice Shahriari Sayeh
Criminal Justice Slupe Rachel
Criminal Justice Smith Kaylee
Criminal Justice Smith Anaya
Criminal Justice Smith-Miller Alanna
Criminal Justice Spiroff Mason
Criminal Justice Stace Morgan
Criminal Justice Standridge Lance
Criminal Justice Stevens Jordan
Criminal Justice Stigsell Katherine
Criminal Justice Stone John
Criminal Justice Straw Tiana
Criminal Justice Tanner-Vigil Parker
Criminal Justice Taylor Ryan
Criminal Justice Taylor Sydney
Criminal Justice Thomas Sierra
Criminal Justice Thomas Izaiah
Criminal Justice Thrash Jaden
Criminal Justice Tirado Ji'Onna
Criminal Justice Trant Steven
Criminal Justice Utley Jahlon
Criminal Justice Walters Sloane
Criminal Justice Warren Chantal
Criminal Justice Watkins Layla
Criminal Justice Wenrich Caroline
Criminal Justice West Meagan
Criminal Justice Western Demani
Criminal Justice Williams Illiyah
Criminal Justice Willis Jalynn
Criminal Justice Zelaya-Jimenez Scarlet
Criminal Justice Zimmerman Tiffany
Cybercrime Battersby Gillian
Cybercrime Carr Larissa
Cybercrime Goswami Bhaavan
Cybercrime Marshall Jaelyn
Cybercrime Mccormack Ian
Cybercrime Natiello Spencer
Cybercrime Seery Faith
Cybercrime Sweitzer Brian
Cybercrime Turner Ta'Niyah
Cybercrime Walker Jaden
Cybercrime Woodard Ryan
Cybercrime Woodbury Trinity
Dance Clark Kameron
Dance Cousins Brooke
Dance Davis Emily
Dance Mayfield Jamiah
Dance Reyna Rowan
Dance Seeman Caroline
Dance Watson Myaja
Dance Education King Miles
Dance Education Vilardi Alayna
English Abudayeh Sahar
English Adeleke Aderonke
English Ahmed Faaris
English Alexander Teren
English Argabright Victoria
English Ashley Kenneth
English Aulet Nysanna
English Banks Khyannia
English Barnett Katherine
English Benjamin Rose
English Bennett Sakura
English Borst Stephen
English Bracy Eben
English Brinkley Isabelle
English Britt Madison
English Brooks Isabel
English Brown Shawma
English Brown Loni
English Bryant Keiondra
English Burket Mitchell
English Butler Isabel
English Carlson Seth
English Chatman Tjura
English Chrovian Isabella
English Craft Chase
English Creath Chastelia
English Curley Reuben
English Dascoli Isabella
English Davis Wymberley
English Davis Cameron
English Dutch Faith
English Edwards Yasmin
English Fernandez Isabella
English Fetterly Vegas
English Fletcher Julia
English Flynn Emily
English Fountain Monique
English Francis Jaeda
English Frye Ashley
English Gandia Laci
English Gender Jordan
English Gonzalez Torres Alanis
English Green Shane
English Harrington Michael
English Harris Benjamin
English Haulenbeek Sydney
English Haverson Haley
English Henderson Reagan
English Hensley Desiree
English Horvath Amy
English Hotaling Sara
English Igloria Gabriela
English Jackson Katja
English Jusufi Laureta
English Keckley Nathaniel
English Knapp Samantha
English Lavallee Victoria
English Marquardt Patricia
English Mcclure Makenna
English Menzel Justice
English Minor Olivia
English Mitchell Ashley
English Mizal Melyssa
English Moyers Mckenzie
English Myers Samantha
English Nixon Tamia
English Ocampo Isabella
English Onosato Leah
English Parker Keri
English Pennington Nichole
English Phillips Kyla
English Phillips Diamond
English Ramos Jondel
English Ranker Alyssa
English Rector Amanda
English Roberts Sarah
English Roberts Annette
English Robinson Kiana
English Rogers Laci
English Roney Destiny
English Rosariorivera Leyda
English Russell Paton
English Sanders Amani
English Schwind Patricia
English Simmons Heidi
English Smith Tyler
English Stofka Isabella
English Synowiec Clara
English Tench Noah
English Thomas Stephanie
English Toombs Maria
English Tyson Joshua
English Velez-Castillo Anouk
English Veliky Leslie
English Vredenburg Luke
English Wallace Amy
English Walsh Eric
English Walton Michael
English Ward Jada
English White Samantha
English Williams Reagan
English Wills Jakobe
English Wilson Kaela
English Wintringham Henry
English Womack Morgan
English Womack Gabrielle
English Wood Morgan
English Woodbury Anna
English Yacavone Anthony
English Yousef Ayat
Fine Arts Thompson Brenden
Game Studies & Design Castillo Jacob
Game Studies & Design Corcoran Sean
Game Studies & Design Cuccurullo Daniel
Game Studies & Design Culanding Cyann
Game Studies & Design Dixon Malcolm
Game Studies & Design Fairchild Ethan
Game Studies & Design Farlin Trent
Game Studies & Design Feldman Ryan
Game Studies & Design Findlay Medhanye
Game Studies & Design Flanigan Madison
Game Studies & Design Foster Mitchell
Game Studies & Design Fredricks Jennifer
Game Studies & Design Gibson Lance
Game Studies & Design Gill Jacob
Game Studies & Design Guzzardo Angelina
Game Studies & Design Haley Noah
Game Studies & Design Hancock Hazel
Game Studies & Design Hill Raven
Game Studies & Design Hudson David
Game Studies & Design Johnson Richard
Game Studies & Design Kaufman Carter
Game Studies & Design Lamm Christian
Game Studies & Design Leonard Gareth
Game Studies & Design Mcgreen Kiara
Game Studies & Design Miller Alexia
Game Studies & Design Moreno Jack
Game Studies & Design Murphy Kayla
Game Studies & Design Nelson Devon
Game Studies & Design Odom Jacob
Game Studies & Design Paquin Dominic
Game Studies & Design Poplin Nathaniel
Game Studies & Design Ralph Joshua
Game Studies & Design Robinson Korben
Game Studies & Design Ross Yaz'Meen
Game Studies & Design Royal Sean
Game Studies & Design Siatkowski Tatiana
Game Studies & Design Smith Edward
Game Studies & Design Southerland Djorge
Game Studies & Design Taylor Piper
Game Studies & Design Tinsley Dahris
Game Studies & Design Trahadias Lauren
Game Studies & Design Verrine Jordan
Game Studies & Design Waters Mason
Game Studies & Design Williams Terriana
Game Studies & Design Williams Darius
Game Studies & Design Williams King
Game Studies & Design Williams Tiffani
Game Studies & Design Williams Kira
Geography Arca Ayden
Geography Asbrand Sean
Geography Bair Jordan
Geography Black Xavier
Geography Clements Vincent
Geography Degracia Rebecca
Geography Lim Shannon
Geography Macconnell Scott
Geography O'Hara Wiora Aileen
Geography Palma Jesse
Geography Say Julianne
Geography Simmons Brandon
Graphic Design Al Saffar Hind
Graphic Design Allen Veronica
Graphic Design Artis Ming
Graphic Design Austin Hannah
Graphic Design Baloy Jennaeve
Graphic Design Barrios Francis
Graphic Design Bonney Blaine
Graphic Design Burroughs-Vanhook Myles
Graphic Design Caballero Abril
Graphic Design Catahan Justin
Graphic Design Cool Dylan
Graphic Design Davidson Jadyn
Graphic Design Davis Vaughn
Graphic Design Delrosario Timothy
Graphic Design Devine Chase
Graphic Design Dunn Jeremiah
Graphic Design Engstrom Miaya
Graphic Design Espinosa Cecilia
Graphic Design Fike Nikolas
Graphic Design Fischer Zane
Graphic Design Foster Owen
Graphic Design Freeman Deyquan
Graphic Design Goodall De'Shawn
Graphic Design Grosch Grayson
Graphic Design Heseltine Gwyneth
Graphic Design Hill Je'Nae
Graphic Design Hill Lisa
Graphic Design Hoal Jacob
Graphic Design Hobbs Rohan
Graphic Design Houle Waverly
Graphic Design Hurd Mason
Graphic Design Iannia Kelsey
Graphic Design Imm Harper
Graphic Design Jessup Noelle
Graphic Design Kennedy Mason
Graphic Design Kinnier Xavier
Graphic Design Krus Samuel
Graphic Design Lord Jai'Lyn
Graphic Design Mabanglo Sarah
Graphic Design Macgillivray Camilla
Graphic Design Mantsch Kristina
Graphic Design Mapp Darius
Graphic Design Mirabelli Tinsley
Graphic Design Mohit Camellia
Graphic Design Nguyen Heather
Graphic Design Phillips Angel
Graphic Design Platt Joseph
Graphic Design Ramos Jessica
Graphic Design Rednour David
Graphic Design Robinson Shahday
Graphic Design Sarzaba Schuyler
Graphic Design Sprague Julianna
Graphic Design Suriano Michael
Graphic Design Tassone Tara
Graphic Design Traore Djiguya
Graphic Design Van Buren Matthew
Graphic Design Walker Kylei
Graphic Design Webster Emily
Graphic Design Williams Ethan
History Allen Isaiah
History Ancheta Malia
History Atkinson Bryan
History Baumann Benjamin
History Beasley Jared
History Belford Robert
History Brooks Emily
History Calkin Joseph
History Carlson Robert
History Chambers Owen
History Conner Daniel
History Creecy Cameron
History Daley Ian
History Davis Brennan
History Davis Roland
History Gonzalez Alexandra
History Grant Faith
History Greaney Trevor
History Hamilton Logan
History Hampton Shana
History Harper Andrew
History Hawkins Shaquan
History Hughes Jayden
History Johnson Harrison
History Johnson Tanner
History Jublou Alexander
History Kennon Erik
History Laville Malana
History Leckie Caroline
History Lee Akira
History Lepre Chloe
History Lloyd Joseph
History Lodge Allison
History Manis Adam
History Mccain Moira
History Mills Gabrielle
History Mueller Sean
History Munoz-Lawrence Logan
History Murphy Tyrell
History Nyman Lars
History Oechsner Andrew
History Prosise Yazmine
History Ray Thomas
History Rayfield Timothy
History Robertson Tyler
History Robles Jackson
History Sams Faith
History Santana Victoria
History Shepherd Noah
History Shults William
History Singleton Tyler
History Small Andrew
History Spach Rebecca
History Suchyta Robert
History Thornton Dylan
History Tran-Castro Qui Ngoc
History Turner Jackson
History Vera Kaitlyn
History Vrolyk Jack
History Walters Haley
Interdisciplinary Studies Jones Darby
International Studies Adam Karis
International Studies Allen Victoria
International Studies Angeles Joe
International Studies Carella Dolan
International Studies Culaciati Valentina
International Studies Elfatihi Hajar
International Studies Estremadoyro Mateo
International Studies Faneuf Joshua
International Studies Fox John
International Studies Hubble Edward
International Studies Johnson-Quintard Taylor
International Studies Massenburg Kayla
International Studies Nelms Christopher
International Studies Peake Amanda
International Studies Perkins Ian
International Studies Pittelkau Jocelyn
International Studies Pollard Adrianna
International Studies Proffitt Katherine
International Studies Rifkin Jack
International Studies Shipman Taylor
International Studies Stone Emily
International Studies Van Twuijver Dave
International Studies Vassalotti Justin
International Studies Ventour Arianna
International Studies Wenckus Juliana
International Studies Zummo Olivia
International Studies Zykov Nikita
Leadership Albergottie Taaron
Leadership Aldana Karen
Leadership Alegre Sabrine
Leadership Angeles Althea Kara
Leadership Balcazar Algarin Andrea
Leadership Bar Aurora
Leadership Barbee Rylie
Leadership Blizzard Jonathan
Leadership Brittain Bethany
Leadership Buchanan Trent
Leadership Burdette Amie
Leadership Burgess Bailey
Leadership Caine Kristopher
Leadership Caldwell Amanee
Leadership Capizzi Anthony
Leadership Cardoso Anna
Leadership Carmines Christopher
Leadership Causebrook Riley
Leadership Chanthakhoune Kelly
Leadership Child Emma Rose
Leadership Chism Amber
Leadership Clark Brendon
Leadership Cleary Jackson
Leadership Clifton-Copelli Anthony
Leadership Cole Ronald
Leadership Coleman Cortez
Leadership Colver Madison
Leadership Cook Gabrielle Gail
Leadership Copeland Samuel Henry
Leadership Cromer Andraya
Leadership Dankong Davis
Leadership Daveler Jenna
Leadership Davila Christina
Leadership Deperalta Sharon
Leadership Dixon Nicholas
Leadership Dodd Autumn
Leadership Engelhaupt Aidan
Leadership Esfandiari Bamdad
Leadership Evans Joshua
Leadership Evans Jecholiah
Leadership Fassnacht Edward
Leadership Fitz-Gerald Hunter
Leadership Frazier Jonathan
Leadership Freeman Lopez Adrienne
Leadership George Nicholas
Leadership Goebel Emily
Leadership Gonzalez Cathrine
Leadership Green Everaud
Leadership Grimes Jack
Leadership Hallwirth Leah
Leadership Harrell Celestine
Leadership Harvey Javon
Leadership Hazelrigg Aiden
Leadership Hess Dustin
Leadership Hicks Cara
Leadership Hicks Colten
Leadership Hicks Patrick
Leadership Hudgins Adrena
Leadership Humbert Charity
Leadership James Lamareon
Leadership Jones Ty
Leadership Jordan Lauren
Leadership Judy Caleb
Leadership Kelley Rhiannon
Leadership King Piper
Leadership Kneipp Sydney
Leadership Kounta Khadere
Leadership Krutzler Lindsay
Leadership Lai Mia
Leadership Lauver Russell
Leadership Lavezzo Cecilia
Leadership Lawson Jada
Leadership Luu Khang
Leadership Mano Marin
Leadership Marschalko Caroline
Leadership Mati Tessa
Leadership Mcfadden Areon
Leadership Mcilwee Nicole
Leadership Mclaughlin Jordan
Leadership Mejia Brenda
Leadership Milton Carla
Leadership Mooney Danielle
Leadership Moore Hannah
Leadership Morgan Blake
Leadership Morin Matthew
Leadership Morris Ashley
Leadership Morrison Amorie
Leadership Nalley Hayley
Leadership Nessl Christopher
Leadership Olsommer Mackenzie
Leadership O'Neal Robert
Leadership Ortagus Maya
Leadership Ott Katherine
Leadership Penman Destiny
Leadership Perez Brandon
Leadership Pocock Kailey
Leadership Ramos Preston
Leadership Rangel-Gomez Arely
Leadership Rector Tyler
Leadership Rickerson Danielle
Leadership Romani Pamela
Leadership Rutter Carson
Leadership Samonte Nicholas Alan
Leadership Samonte Julian
Leadership Schaap Derek
Leadership Schoch Michael
Leadership Scrape Kyle
Leadership Sidel Sanchez Eddie
Leadership Smith Gillian
Leadership Smith Colin
Leadership Smith Amber
Leadership Solano Juliana
Leadership Stasiak Emma
Leadership Stevenson Charles
Leadership Taylor Jasmin
Leadership Temoxtle Heidi
Leadership Thom Austin
Leadership Ticer Jake
Leadership Torre Federica
Leadership Trujillo Joshua
Leadership Tucker Joseph
Leadership Uhlin Brina
Leadership Vancleave Alexander
Leadership Varias Christine
Leadership Vroom Nathan
Leadership Walker Sydney
Leadership Wallace Chazz
Leadership Ward Robert
Leadership Warf Brittany
Leadership Watson Blake
Leadership Weber Jayme
Leadership Weersing Kaeden
Leadership Wellington Cameron
Leadership Wessel Sylvie
Leadership White Stephen
Leadership Williams Toni
Leadership Williams Cyrus
Leadership Windsor Joshua
Leadership Yeboah Clement
Leadership Zenarolla Kaya
Media Studies Broy Bristen
Media Studies Byrd Maya
Media Studies Creasey Evalyn
Media Studies Davis India
Media Studies Epstein Joshua
Media Studies Eubanks Bailey
Media Studies Gardner Xavier
Media Studies Harbin Braden
Media Studies Haupt Hayden
Media Studies Hedgepeth Brandon
Media Studies Hickey Joseph
Media Studies Hicks Gerlisa
Media Studies Hurley Jaden
Media Studies Knight Phillip
Media Studies Lawrence Olivia
Media Studies Liebell Darcy
Media Studies Mason James
Media Studies Onuoha Ebube
Media Studies Porch Jafari
Media Studies Raitt Carleen
Media Studies Rhynes Mekhi
Media Studies Thompson Olive
Music Dussault Trent
Music Good Riley
Music Smith Kyle
Music Composition Koger William
Music Education Allen Erica
Music Education Benson Sarah
Music Education Campbell Julia
Music Education Chambers Stephanie
Music Education Childress Erin
Music Education Conter Delaney
Music Education Cooke Zachary
Music Education Gernhard James
Music Education Hadden Roy
Music Education Hathaway Nicholas
Music Education Jones Kristiana
Music Education Kerley Phillip
Music Education Mccaffrey Mary
Music Education Mccusker Evelyn
Music Education Pierce Gage
Music Education Sealey Oliver
Music Education Smith Emily
Music Education Thomas Joshua
Music Performance Christian Abigail
Music Performance Cortes-Bofill Brian
Music Performance Djanphie Alijah
Music Performance Foreman William
Music Performance Macaraeg Danny
Music Performance Mcfadden Megan
Music Performance Payne Alexander
Music Performance Pollard Emily
Music Performance Soca Hannah
Music Performance Stevenson Ava
Music Performance Wilson Lacey
Painting & Drawing Aleagha Peymon
Painting & Drawing Alexander Mya
Painting & Drawing Anderson Tamia
Painting & Drawing Bomboy Dustin
Painting & Drawing Bradley Katelyn
Painting & Drawing Cochran Kayla
Painting & Drawing Grimes Kathleen
Painting & Drawing Head Aliya
Painting & Drawing Keys Avery
Painting & Drawing Moore Isabelle
Painting & Drawing Mutarelli Chloe
Painting & Drawing Mykleby Suzanne
Painting & Drawing Russell Cheyenne
Painting & Drawing Shreves Mackenzie
Painting & Drawing Sznoluch Madeline
Painting & Drawing Walker Cloie
Painting & Drawing Wooten Amari
Philosophy Beall Brayden
Philosophy Brewer Hannah
Philosophy Cuthrell Jacob
Philosophy Demarah Kelsey
Philosophy Hairston Morgan
Philosophy Kipper Michael
Philosophy Mullings Seevoun
Philosophy Tomasi John
Philosophy Watson Anna
Philosophy Willson Angela
Philosophy Zandbergen Frederique Britt
Photography and Print Media Agnew Jason
Photography and Print Media Armstrong Thomas
Photography and Print Media Boyd Kendall
Photography and Print Media Davis Isaac
Photography and Print Media Duncan Tyarria
Photography and Print Media Garces Kiana
Photography and Print Media Haines Charles
Photography and Print Media Harris Gabriel
Photography and Print Media Koffman Laura
Photography and Print Media Miller Alison
Photography and Print Media Moreland Madison
Photography and Print Media Parker Harrison
Photography and Print Media Robbins Julian
Photography and Print Media Smith Kylei
Photography and Print Media Webb Ashlee
Political Science Adam Christine
Political Science Atubire Bettina
Political Science Barnes Jonah
Political Science Behring Anthony
Political Science Benjelloun Douaa
Political Science Boggan Alexa
Political Science Brickner Danielle
Political Science Caballero Samantha
Political Science Cabon Luke
Political Science Dennon Coppelia
Political Science Dick Ishan
Political Science Dill Madison
Political Science Feldman Max
Political Science Golden John
Political Science Gragnano Jonathan
Political Science Grose David
Political Science Hann Matt
Political Science Henderson London
Political Science Hohman-Andujar Joseph
Political Science House Malcolm
Political Science Jackson Benjamin
Political Science Jones Tamyra
Political Science Jones Lauren
Political Science Karam Andrew
Political Science Keith Kaitlyn
Political Science Kokukokor Augustina
Political Science Larsen Susanna
Political Science Lee Jenny
Political Science Lewis Zahria
Political Science Lizano Jasmine
Political Science Maria Islas Victor
Political Science Mcmanus Ryan
Political Science Menichetti Jonah
Political Science Mesghinna Estifanos
Political Science Millsap David
Political Science Nnawulezi Ugoola
Political Science Nolan Trevor
Political Science Norman Randy
Political Science Oesterling Nicole
Political Science Robichaud Nicolas
Political Science Salley Miles
Political Science Shenton Laurel
Political Science Snyder Emily
Political Science Sortore Hunter
Political Science Tabilin Adriel
Political Science Ward La' Tisa
Political Science Winfield Kyle
Political Science Woodward Shelby
Professional Communication Gale Elizabeth
Professional Communication Gromek Annika
Professional Communication Meckley John
Professional Communication Rowe Chanssee
Professional Communication Venegas Liana
Professional Writing Awadallah Nasir
Professional Writing Bajorek Karle
Professional Writing Penrod Noah
Professional Writing Poslik Jeremy
Professional Writing Sulaiman Khadigah
Sociology Betz Miranda
Sociology Bodunde Paulina
Sociology Buckingham Ashley
Sociology Chaffin Kayla
Sociology Colley Clifford
Sociology Copeland Gracie
Sociology Corley Lisa
Sociology Daniels Sierra
Sociology David Terence
Sociology Dement Jessica
Sociology Emilsson Trinity
Sociology Evans Jessica
Sociology Foley Lila
Sociology Foley Samantha
Sociology Fontaine Briana
Sociology Goode Kahlil
Sociology Griffith Amy
Sociology Hanks Hunter
Sociology Horton Matthew
Sociology Ibrahim Mahmoud
Sociology Jackson Sydney
Sociology Jones Kenneth
Sociology Lee Mehtia
Sociology Mansfield Jullianna
Sociology Martin Alonzo
Sociology Martin Danielle
Sociology Mccall Alana
Sociology Mcfarlin Briana
Sociology Mullen Jade
Sociology Narcisse Jordan
Sociology Osei Amanda
Sociology Owens Twonneka
Sociology Pascasio Joseph
Sociology Pritchett Brittney
Sociology Roberts Elizabeth
Sociology Roth Amy
Sociology Ryder Nicholaas
Sociology Schoof Gabriela
Sociology Silver Jyrah
Sociology Smith Marshall
Sociology Stewart Morgan
Sociology Syed Mahak
Sociology Valladares Griselda
Sociology Wells Aaron
Sociology West Nadia
Sociology White Shawntay
Sociology Williams Dominique
Sociology Winn Desmine
Sound Recording Technology Askew Brandon
Sound Recording Technology Bergren Ava
Sound Recording Technology Berry Michael
Sound Recording Technology Blackburn Gregory
Sound Recording Technology Burns Janeilla
Sound Recording Technology Darden Hassan
Sound Recording Technology Dean Michael
Sound Recording Technology Hintz Alexander
Sound Recording Technology Hudson Jon
Sound Recording Technology James Sidney
Sound Recording Technology Johnston Camden
Sound Recording Technology Joyner-Cassanova Makenzie
Sound Recording Technology Kraft Haily
Sound Recording Technology Lyons Jenna
Sound Recording Technology Maynard Nathanael
Sound Recording Technology Messner Daniel
Sound Recording Technology Millner Matthew
Sound Recording Technology Morgan-Potes Nova
Sound Recording Technology Neefus Heidi
Sound Recording Technology Nelson Linnéa
Sound Recording Technology Rojas Justin
Sound Recording Technology Senegal Kymani
Sound Recording Technology Trumble Matthew
Sound Recording Technology Walker Michael
Spanish Dewees Cydney
Spanish Espinosa Perez Flor
Spanish Giron Edith
Spanish Kerner Vanessa
Spanish Norris Andrea
Spanish Pitt Faith
Strategic Communication Adams Ashauna
Strategic Communication Black Summer
Strategic Communication Brooks Meredith
Strategic Communication Bryant Shaylyn
Strategic Communication Carter Erin
Strategic Communication Cherry Connor
Strategic Communication Clasen Kailey
Strategic Communication Depaulo Isabella
Strategic Communication Ditzler Daniel
Strategic Communication Dua Michael
Strategic Communication Eley Traleya
Strategic Communication Harrison Emily
Strategic Communication Jeanlouis Nadia
Strategic Communication Jones Kylie
Strategic Communication Keeter Rose
Strategic Communication Lehman Darby
Strategic Communication Meurling Tess
Strategic Communication Olexa Moira
Strategic Communication Peterson Langley
Strategic Communication Russell Jordan
Strategic Communication Spencer Sarai
Strategic Communication Spratley Tamara
Strategic Communication Stewart Sydney
Strategic Communication Thompson Parish
Strategic Communication Walsh Ariel
Strategic Communication Weber Lauren
Strategic Communication Wolfrey Hailey
Theatre Carter Meghan
Theatre Correa Mya
Theatre Ellis Sarah
Theatre Moore Lakasia
Theatre Tousignant Taylor
Theatre Vrolyk Virginia
Theatre - Design Technology Brimingham Jessica
Theatre - Performance Fowler Zoe
Theatre - Performance Hardy Aaliyah
Theatre - Performance Jones Nyaira
Theatre - Performance Kraning Kyle
Theatre - Performance Mullen Caroline
Theatre - Performance Raschdorf John
Theatre - Performance Valerio Sofia
Theatre Education Merritt Evalee
Visual Studies Siock Marissa
Women's Studies Gainey Cayla
Women's Studies Gonzalez Isabella
Women's Studies Gordus Huizar Araceli
Women's Studies Harper Danae
Women's Studies Minor Katelyn
Women's Studies Shelton Lakaia
Women's Studies Williams Shauna
World Cultural Studies Case Rachel
World Cultural Studies Dwight Denae
World Cultural Studies Fritz Tyler
World Cultural Studies Metzger Catherine
World Cultural Studies Munn Meyana
World Cultural Studies Obedoza Gwen
World Languages and Cultures Fischer Michelle
World Languages and Cultures Ghosn Joelle
World Languages and Cultures Hines Mikayla
World Languages and Cultures Mccarthy Rhianna
World Languages and Cultures Rudder Briana
World Languages and Cultures Segovia Diamond
World Languages and Cultures Vazquez Anna

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