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Students sitting and talking outside Barry Arts Building.

Spring 2022 Dean’s List of Students

Dear A&L Student,

I have the pleasure of notifying the best students in the college that they have been chosen for the Dean's List. The Registrar has informed me that your grade point average and number of credit hours taken for the Spring 2022 semester meet the qualifications for this honor. Congratulations on your accomplishment! The hard work and success of students like you make our efforts as teachers and administrators very rewarding.

Please note that Old Dominion University confers baccalaureate degrees with honors according to the following cumulative grade point averages on work completed at Old Dominion:

Cum Laude 3.40-3.65

Magna Cum Laude 3.66-3.85

Summa Cum Laude 3.86-4.00

These designations apply only to candidates who have earned 60 or more credit hours of work at Old Dominion University. Fifty-four of the hours must be in letter-graded courses. All of us in the College of Arts and Letters wish you continued success in your future endeavors. If you are thinking of graduate studies, I encourage you to consider the many excellent programs offered by our college and by ODU. We hope to hear from you about youraccomplishments and successes. Thank you for contributing to the academic excellence of our college.

Dr. Jonathan Leib
Interim Dean, College of Arts and Letters

2022 Spring Dean’s List Recipients

Estrada Mariposa 3D Media and Material Studies
Mayberry Clarisse 3D Media and Material Studies
Obenaus Megan 3D Media and Material Studies
Rose-Coleman Paris 3D Media and Material Studies
Thompson Jamie 3D Media and Material Studies
Thompson Sarah 3D Media and Material Studies
Duckett Imani African AmerIcan and African Studies
Chumley Elijah Art Education
Elliott Erik Art Education
Glenney Grace Art Education
Gonzalez Isabella Art Education
Kaur Elizabeth Art Education
Pierce Amber Art Education
Thompson Isabella Art Education
Tyler Bria Art Education
Hansen Freja Art History
Hiltabidel Sarah Art History
Kumar Ayushi Art History
Reinhardt Tara Art History
Chan Hiwai Asian Studies
Lawton Jordan Asian Studies
Owen Taylor Asian Studies
Shenenberger Caroline Asian Studies
Briggs Twanasha Cinema and TV Production
Clayton Angel Cinema and TV Production
Coats Sheridan Cinema and TV Production
Dempsey Gabrielle Cinema and TV Production
Felts Gavahnya Cinema and TV Production
Hagwood John Cinema and TV Production
Jones Jah'Naya Cinema and TV Production
Lavin Caitlin Cinema and TV Production
Macdonald Madison Cinema and TV Production
Maldonado Edwards Tatianna Cinema and TV Production
Moore Hannah Cinema and TV Production
Neal Evan Cinema and TV Production
Palmer Ellezabeth Cinema and TV Production
Reese Keymari Cinema and TV Production
Skiff Mackenzie Cinema and TV Production
Watt Courtney Cinema and TV Production
Bjork Holly Cinema Production
Davis Javaughn Cinema Production
Henze Hannah Cinema Production
Hernandez Lela Cinema Production
Rutledge Matthew Cinema Production
Smith Jada Cinema Production
Warren Ronda Cinema Production
Almeida Rhiannon Communication
Anderson Maya Communication
Bennett Alexander Communication
Benton Caitlyn Communication
Bever Alan Communication
Blizzard Tyjuan Communication
Branch Eliza Communication
Byrd Caroline Communication
Caracciolo Maria Communication
Coles Marcus Communication
Covington George Communication
Crosby Brittney Communication
Datuin Jenkey Communication
Demoss Cameron Communication
Downs Lynn Communication
Dudley Brett Communication
Edgemond Cameron Communication
Gilchrist Jordan Communication
Goode Jewel Communication
Goodwin Kayla Communication
Gregory Janae Communication
Griffith Kristina Communication
Hairston Aytisia Communication
Hall Emilie Communication
Harmer Tracyann Communication
Harris Jahlil Communication
Hawk Sarah Communication
Hickling Grace Communication
Hopper Jessica Communication
Hopson Jada Communication
Howard Kyle Communication
Hoyle Jason Communication
Hughes Sierra Communication
Jackson Kate Communication
Jenkins Janiya Communication
Jones Lindsey Communication
Kidane Noah Communication
Kiehl Camrynne Communication
Lang Jaleel Communication
Lee Samuel Communication
Leech Katelyn Communication
Lewis Jason Communication
Lighty Niyah Communication
Maguire Bergen Communication
Mastrocco Nicholas Communication
Mcclure Kiannah Communication
Mohamed Mohamed-Sadik Communication
Muhammad Yahna Communication
Muia Diana Communication
Murphy Kendraya Communication
Neverson Zion Communication
Nguyen Jacquelyn Communication
Owen Alexandra Communication
Parker Maseo Communication
Pearson George Communication
Poole Lia Communication
Rapale Andres Communication
Reber Emily Communication
Reed Magen Communication
Sabellico Matthew Communication
Sanders Hali Communication
Santos Guillen Jensil Communication
Schojer-Butler Camille Communication
Seymour Ciera Communication
Simoni Austin Communication
Smith-Hilder Sekaija Communication
Thurston Brianna Communication
Tracy Sarah Communication
Tucker Ellis Communication
Walton Tia Communication
Wheeler Madelyn Communication
Whitley Alana Communication
Williams Chyna Communication
Calhoun Corey Communication Studies: Lifespn
Canterbury Yaitza Communication Studies: Lifespn
Davis Kennedy Communication Studies: Lifespn
Eldridge John Communication Studies: Lifespn
Elliott Miriam Communication Studies: Lifespn
Farghaly Donia Communication Studies: Lifespn
Hairston Ashlie Communication Studies: Lifespn
Irvin Courtney Communication Studies: Lifespn
Johnson Justice Communication Studies: Lifespn
Jones Patrick Communication Studies: Lifespn
Kelly Kayla Communication Studies: Lifespn
Martin Xander Communication Studies: Lifespn
Matthews Gabrielle Communication Studies: Lifespn
May Margaret (Molly) Communication Studies: Lifespn
Morgan Christopher Communication Studies: Lifespn
Murphy Emily Communication Studies: Lifespn
Nixon Curtis Communication Studies: Lifespn
Ortiz-Martinez Jacqueline Communication Studies: Lifespn
Ramos Azelia Communication Studies: Lifespn
Valencia Brigitte Communication Studies: Lifespn
Ward La' Tisa Communication Studies: Lifespn
Warren Savon Communication Studies: Lifespn
Yousuf Mariya Communication Studies: Lifespn
Adams Scott Criminal Justice
Adeson Gabriel Criminal Justice
Adu- Sewaah Deborah Criminal Justice
Allen Zachery Criminal Justice
Alphin Shelby Criminal Justice
Anderson Amyra Criminal Justice
Anobah-Manteaw Awuraba Criminal Justice
Antoine Frederik Criminal Justice
Arredondo Samantha Criminal Justice
Asare Anne Criminal Justice
Avery Brandon Criminal Justice
Avery Riley Criminal Justice
Azzouzi Laila Criminal Justice
Baltimore Jada Criminal Justice
Banks Tierra Criminal Justice
Barkley Bryson Criminal Justice
Barnes Timothy Criminal Justice
Barnes Timothy Criminal Justice
Barton Kristen Criminal Justice
Bates Carrie Criminal Justice
Becouvarakis Robert Criminal Justice
Beitazzam Abrar Criminal Justice
Bell Kaylee Criminal Justice
Bennett Kaniyah Criminal Justice
Bittle Myesha Criminal Justice
Blevins Aaliyah Criminal Justice
Blizzard Tokeeta Criminal Justice
Bloom Sarah Criminal Justice
Blount Kenyta Criminal Justice
Bowman John Criminal Justice
Branch Jaden Criminal Justice
Brandon Marcus Criminal Justice
Briscoe Alexis Criminal Justice
Bronson Devin Criminal Justice
Brooks Angel Criminal Justice
Brown Colleen Criminal Justice
Brown Samantha Criminal Justice
Browne Malik Criminal Justice
Bruce Dashsirra Criminal Justice
Brunst Jonathan Criminal Justice
Buckingham Jacob Criminal Justice
Bulatko Catherine Criminal Justice
Bullard Felisia Criminal Justice
Byrd Maggie Criminal Justice
Canody Noah Criminal Justice
Capps Madison Criminal Justice
Carey Autumn Criminal Justice
Carter Jadyn Criminal Justice
Carter Lauren Criminal Justice
Carter Ismaeli Criminal Justice
Cavanaugh Devan Criminal Justice
Chandler Josiah Criminal Justice
Clark Cody Criminal Justice
Cole Shamera Criminal Justice
Coles Dashayla Criminal Justice
Covington Anniah Criminal Justice
Cowan Alexandria Criminal Justice
Craig Fairade' Criminal Justice
Cutler Tenaria Criminal Justice
Davis Kylee Criminal Justice
Davis Riley Criminal Justice
Davis Chet Criminal Justice
Dawson Hanna Criminal Justice
Dehler Sydney Criminal Justice
Desotelle Mackenzie Criminal Justice
Dinkel Mark Criminal Justice
Dobbins Taylor Criminal Justice
Duarte Rachel Criminal Justice
Dudley Latisha Criminal Justice
Dupree Trinity Criminal Justice
Eakes Taylor Criminal Justice
Ellis Mycaila Criminal Justice
Evans Elisha Criminal Justice
Fiaza Thahiath Criminal Justice
Flowers Jeffrey Criminal Justice
Foster Kayla Criminal Justice
Franklin Moses Criminal Justice
French Gabrielle Criminal Justice
Galbraith Ariyanna Criminal Justice
Gatchell Boteler Erica Criminal Justice
Gonzalez Jonathan Criminal Justice
Grantham Aisha Criminal Justice
Greenwood Nadia Criminal Justice
Guevara Natalie Criminal Justice
Hamilton Brook Criminal Justice
Harmon Jenaka Criminal Justice
Harris Sierra Criminal Justice
Hernandez Kevin Criminal Justice
Hicks Jordyn Criminal Justice
Hill Breanna Criminal Justice
Hill Chandler Criminal Justice
Hinch Devin Criminal Justice
Hoskin Elijah Criminal Justice
Howard Erica Criminal Justice
Howard Kodi Criminal Justice
Howard Courtney Criminal Justice
Johnson Alaina Criminal Justice
Johnson Jahiem Criminal Justice
Josephson Hannah Criminal Justice
Justice Gabriel Criminal Justice
Kelly Miranda Criminal Justice
Kinsey Dakota Criminal Justice
Lamar Tyanna Criminal Justice
Lamell-Kay Lovenia Criminal Justice
Lobb Lauren Criminal Justice
Logan Chelsea Criminal Justice
Lugo Thalia Criminal Justice
Manns Abigail Criminal Justice
Martin Kayla Criminal Justice
Mathis-Isgitt Sierra Criminal Justice
Mcgee Liam Criminal Justice
Meadows Kyle Criminal Justice
Mensah Christabelle Criminal Justice
Mullen Alana Criminal Justice
Muotoh Tracey Criminal Justice
Murray Kiaja Criminal Justice
Myers Ryan Criminal Justice
Nega Ribka Criminal Justice
Newman Ryan Criminal Justice
Nguyen Huyen Criminal Justice
Noce Cole Criminal Justice
Oakley Chelsea Criminal Justice
Oliver Japera Criminal Justice
Ortiz Alistair Criminal Justice
Ortiz Marlena Criminal Justice
Otey Kaylen Criminal Justice
Panico Makayla Criminal Justice
Parker Willow Criminal Justice
Parker Jackie Criminal Justice
Payne Miles Criminal Justice
Penado Sabrina Criminal Justice
Perez Jada Criminal Justice
Perez Oriana Criminal Justice
Perez Camille Criminal Justice
Pone Alyssa Criminal Justice
Price Zhabre' Criminal Justice
Profaca Andrew Criminal Justice
Pruitt Cameryn Criminal Justice
Radosta Jacob Criminal Justice
Ramirez Taylor Criminal Justice
Ramirez Samantha Criminal Justice
Ramos-Atencio Amaid Criminal Justice
Recor Aleeyah Criminal Justice
Reynolds Genevive Criminal Justice
Richardson Breeana Criminal Justice
Richter Amber Criminal Justice
Robinson Lauryn Criminal Justice
Rockefeller Avery Criminal Justice
Ross Erin Criminal Justice
Rossero Steven Criminal Justice
Sanders Caroline Criminal Justice
Sanger Marcus Criminal Justice
Scarborough Khalid Criminal Justice
Scruggs Ashley Criminal Justice
Sewell Kallie Criminal Justice
Sewell Joshua Criminal Justice
Shahriari Sayeh Criminal Justice
Sheppard Justin Criminal Justice
Shonk Nicholas Criminal Justice
Shook Addie Criminal Justice
Slupe Rachel Criminal Justice
Smith Anaya Criminal Justice
Sopchak Kristina Criminal Justice
Standridge Lance Criminal Justice
Stevens Jordan Criminal Justice
Stevens Kayla Criminal Justice
Stone John Criminal Justice
Tarkenton James Criminal Justice
Taylor Shamaya Criminal Justice
Taylor Sydney Criminal Justice
Thomas Izaiah Criminal Justice
Thrash Jaden Criminal Justice
Tomlinson Corey Criminal Justice
Utley Jahlon Criminal Justice
Veras Danielle Criminal Justice
Voelz Emily Criminal Justice
Walker Megan Criminal Justice
Walters Sloane Criminal Justice
Warren Jessica Criminal Justice
Watson Cameron Criminal Justice
West Meagan Criminal Justice
Weston Tiana Criminal Justice
Williams Illiyah Criminal Justice
Willis Jalynn Criminal Justice
Wright Tina Criminal Justice
Wright Jalen Criminal Justice
Xu Kevin Criminal Justice
Barnes Nia Cybercrime
Butler Patrick Cybercrime
Carr Larissa Cybercrime
Natiello Spencer Cybercrime
Seery Faith Cybercrime
Sweitzer Brian Cybercrime
Turner Ta'Niyah Cybercrime
West Anne Cybercrime
Woodbury Trinity Cybercrime
Arnett Andrea Dance
Cousins Brooke Dance
Davis Emily Dance
Guns Asia Dance
Morales Jessica Dance
Pineda Cindi Dance
Reyna Rowan Dance
Swindell Jaeda Dance
Walker Emily Dance
Watson Myaja Dance
King Miles Dance Education
Vilardi Alayna Dance Education
Ashley Kenneth English
Barrett Sophia English
Belogay Gabriella English
Billot Savannah English
Britt Madison English
Butler Isabel English
Carlson Seth English
Chesser Dana English
Coomar Brandon English
Craig Breanna English
Crumpacker Sean English
Curley Reuben English
Dadson Tyra English
Daniels Lily English
Davis Wymberley English
Deomania Jemmalyn English
Dutch Faith English
Edge Helena English
Farinholt Marian English
Fernandez Isabella English
Fifer Sean English
Gender Jordan English
Harris Destiny English
Haulenbeek Sydney English
Hensley Desiree English
Horvath Amy English
Igloria Gabriela English
Jusufi Laureta English
Keckley Nathaniel English
Keeter Paige English
Kim Youra English
Kohler Brandon English
Lavallee Victoria English
Levins Angelica English
Mantos Rachel English
Minor Olivia English
Murphy Brenna English
Onosato Leah English
Parker Keri English
Patterson Laurel English
Pennington Nichole English
Peterson Annika English
Phillips Diamond English
Porter Taylor English
Powell Markia English
Ray Elisabeth English
Rector Amanda English
Robbins Kurt English
Roberts Sarah English
Roberts Annette English
Roguski Andrea English
Roney Destiny English
Rosariorivera Leyda English
Ross Kahliah English
Russell Paton English
Schwind Patricia English
Semer Eva Marie Nolwenn Estelle English
Snedeker Skyler English
Stahler Alexandra English
Stevens Cole English
Stofka Isabella English
Sultani Michael English
Synowiec Clara English
Tench Noah English
Thompson Mia English
Toombs Maria English
Veliky Leslie English
Vredenburg Luke English
Webb Laila English
Wintringham Henry English
Womack Morgan English
Womack Gabrielle English
Yacavone Anthony English
Yousef Ayat English
Campbell Xavier Fine Arts
Dejesus Reynaldo Fine Arts
Thompson Brenden Fine Arts
Boone Natasha Game Studies & Design
Citizen Jahi Game Studies & Design
Corcoran Sean Game Studies & Design
Crawford Victoria Game Studies & Design
Cuccurullo Daniel Game Studies & Design
Culanding Cyann Game Studies & Design
Desante Joel Game Studies & Design
Farlin Trent Game Studies & Design
Foster Mitchell Game Studies & Design
Fredricks Jennifer Game Studies & Design
Fuentes Ana Game Studies & Design
Graham-Gaisie Matthew Game Studies & Design
Johnson Richard Game Studies & Design
Key Samantha Game Studies & Design
Lamm Christian Game Studies & Design
Learnard Zachary Game Studies & Design
Little Katlen Game Studies & Design
Matson Juanita Game Studies & Design
Mitchell Seth Game Studies & Design
Newman Emily Game Studies & Design
Odom Jacob Game Studies & Design
Paquin Dominic Game Studies & Design
Poplin Nathaniel Game Studies & Design
Ralph Joshua Game Studies & Design
Rothman Zane Game Studies & Design
Rush Jayla Game Studies & Design
Sondervan William Game Studies & Design
Southerland Djorge Game Studies & Design
Thompson Maggie Game Studies & Design
Trahadias Lauren Game Studies & Design
Williams Demeatris Game Studies & Design
Williams King Game Studies & Design
Williams Tiffani Game Studies & Design
Zeng Leslie Game Studies & Design
Baylosis Owen Geography
Black Xavier Geography
Boe Seth Geography
Bouldin Travis Geography
Christoph Casey Geography
Clements Vincent Geography
Culver Gabriel Geography
Knight Kellen Geography
Kram Eli Geography
Macconnell Scott Geography
Nelson Dakota Geography
Palma Jesse Geography
Phan Luan Geography
Posch Colin Geography
Say Julianne Geography
Smith Shannon Geography
Alonso Liliana Graphic Design
Artis Ming Graphic Design
Austin Hannah Graphic Design
Baloy Jennaeve Graphic Design
Broudy Jason Graphic Design
Brown Destiny Graphic Design
Burroughs-Vanhook Myles Graphic Design
Cameron Kristen Graphic Design
Catahan Justin Graphic Design
Davis Vaughn Graphic Design
Delrosario Timothy Graphic Design
Dowd Jonathan Graphic Design
Grigg Hannah Graphic Design
Grosch Grayson Graphic Design
Halsey Alex Graphic Design
Harper Danae Graphic Design
Heseltine Gwyneth Graphic Design
Hill Jared Graphic Design
Hill Je'Nae Graphic Design
Hill Lisa Graphic Design
Hoal Jacob Graphic Design
Hobbs Rohan Graphic Design
Hurd Mason Graphic Design
Iannia Kelsey Graphic Design
Izaguirre Jennifer Graphic Design
Jamison Marvin Graphic Design
Jessup Noelle Graphic Design
Kelley India Graphic Design
Kinnier Xavier Graphic Design
Mabanglo Sarah Graphic Design
Macgillivray Camilla Graphic Design
Marx Stephanie Graphic Design
Miller Jessica Graphic Design
Mirabelli Tinsley Graphic Design
Owen Cierra Graphic Design
Parker Leasia Graphic Design
Penaloza-Bueno Daniel Graphic Design
Phillips Angel Graphic Design
Platt Joseph Graphic Design
Polome Manon Valerie Graphic Design
Purdie Ayanna Graphic Design
Ramirez Jenna Graphic Design
Rednour David Graphic Design
Shpoon Jahan Graphic Design
Spencer Sara Graphic Design
Sprague Julianna Graphic Design
Staten Jordan Graphic Design
Tassone Tara Graphic Design
Tomdio Larisa-Veronica Graphic Design
Van Buren Matthew Graphic Design
Villanueva Charlene Graphic Design
Williams Brian Graphic Design
Wingfield Jazmin Graphic Design
Woolard Heather Graphic Design
Zoski Nicholas Graphic Design
Ancheta Malia History
Atkinson Bryan History
Baker Kieran History
Bastidas Dayna History
Baumann Benjamin History
Beasley Jared History
Brooks Emily History
Callis Catherine History
Collins Brandon History
Daley Ian History
Dyals John History
Fenimore Ryan History
Fuentes-Calderon Sebastian History
Gonzalez Alexandra History
Grant Faith History
Hamilton Logan History
Holl Ashley History
Hopson Briana History
Howell Joseph History
Hughes Jayden History
Johnson Tanner History
Johnson Harrison History
Kates Amber History
Kohler Donae History
Leckie Caroline History
Maniaci Kaylie History
Mcdonnell Caitlin History
Mcgill Gannon History
Mills Gabrielle History
Moose Emery History
Munoz-Lawrence Logan History
Myers Zachary History
Padro Jlynn History
Rayfield Timothy History
Robertson Tyler History
Robles Jackson History
Rodriguez Brittany History
Rooney Jude History
Roselle Paulina History
Schuhen Amanda History
Schultz Austin History
Singleton Tyler History
Sommerfeldt Samantha History
Stewart Dorian History
Suchyta Robert History
Thornton Dylan History
Tran-Castro Qui Ngoc History
Vrolyk Jack History
Ward Thomas History
Wippich Jessica History
Woods Darienne History
Fitzgerald Jordan Interdisciplinary Studies
Harris Ariana Interdisciplinary Studies
Hicks Hayden Interdisciplinary Studies
Adam Karis International Studies
Adam Christine International Studies
Ahmed Ludan International Studies
Angeles Joe International Studies
Faneuf Joshua International Studies
Fox John International Studies
Johnson Mikenzi International Studies
Johnson-Quintard Taylor International Studies
Kirtley Erin International Studies
Mccormick Brayden International Studies
Mckaine Sharice International Studies
Nelson Araceli International Studies
Peake Amanda International Studies
Pittelkau Jocelyn International Studies
Quiambao Jen Amri International Studies
Rifkin Jack International Studies
Rofheart Sophie International Studies
Van Twuijver Dave International Studies
Vassalotti Justin International Studies
White Hannah International Studies
Zummo Olivia International Studies
Albergottie Taaron Leadership
Bar Aurora Leadership
Baughan Melissa Leadership
Bell Isaac Leadership
Boone Whitney Leadership
Burdsall Joshua Leadership
Caldwell Amanee Leadership
Carlisle Alexa Leadership
Carmines Christopher Leadership
Cleary Jackson Leadership
Compton Atesha Leadership
Diggs Chanee Leadership
Fisher Lauren Leadership
Fitzgerald Willow Leadership
Frazier Jonathan Leadership
Giang Hillary Leadership
Goebel Emily Leadership
Guillaume Rose Leadership
Hammond Allison Leadership
Harris Angelene Leadership
Hartline Jason Leadership
Hicks Colten Leadership
Jennings Ronald Leadership
Jordan Lauren Leadership
Little Danielle Leadership
Logan Kaylee Leadership
Mcclernan John Leadership
Milton Carla Leadership
Mitchell Benjamin Leadership
Mooney Danielle Leadership
Morin Matthew Leadership
Morrison Amorie Leadership
Muly Connor Leadership
Nalley Hayley Leadership
Nessl Christopher Leadership
Ortagus Maya Leadership
Osinbajo Andrew Leadership
Pilla Corbin Leadership
Rickerson Danielle Leadership
Rigano Alysia Leadership
Romani Pamela Leadership
Salomon Victoria Leadership
Sawyer Brittany Leadership
Schaap Derek Leadership
Shifflett Andrew Leadership
Sidel Sanchez Eddie Leadership
Smith Colin Leadership
Stasiak Emma Leadership
Statham Michael Joseph Leadership
Stephani Rebecca Leadership
Tamburini Camilla Leadership
Taylor Jasmin Leadership
Thom Austin Leadership
Torre Federica Leadership
Varias Christine Leadership
Ware Ca'Nyiah Leadership
Wessel Sylvie Leadership
White Stephen Leadership
Whitley Hunter Leadership
Eubanks Bailey Media Studies
Gray Jalynn Media Studies
Harbin Braden Media Studies
Hedgepeth Brandon Media Studies
Hicks Gerlisa Media Studies
Hurley Jaden Media Studies
Liebell Darcy Media Studies
Mason James Media Studies
Mccue Natalie Media Studies
Merritt Connor Media Studies
Porch Jafari Media Studies
Beckner John Music
Conrad Alexis Music
Good Riley Music
Francisco Angerica Music Composition
Hynes Sean Music Composition
Koger William Music Composition
Benson Sarah Music Education
Childress Erin Music Education
Conter Delaney Music Education
Feit Rachel Music Education
Hathaway Nicholas Music Education
Sealey Oliver Music Education
Smith Jasper Music Education
Smith Emily Music Education
Thomas Joshua Music Education
Cortes-Bofill Brian Music Performance
Federici Valerio Music Performance
Mcfadden Megan Music Performance
Nicholson James Music Performance
Payne Alexander Music Performance
Pollard Emily Music Performance
Reyes Flores Daniela Music Performance
Stevenson Ava Music Performance
Wilson Lacey Music Performance
Beach Amanda Painting & Drawing
Bradley Katelyn Painting & Drawing
Brown Camille Painting & Drawing
Cochran Kayla Painting & Drawing
Donohue Claire Painting & Drawing
Freeman Deyquan Painting & Drawing
Keys Avery Painting & Drawing
Leake Joseph Painting & Drawing
Mcglorn Tahjah Painting & Drawing
Moore Isabelle Painting & Drawing
Mutarelli Chloe Painting & Drawing
Mykleby Suzanne Painting & Drawing
Parsons Mylahn Painting & Drawing
Robertson Caelainn Painting & Drawing
Shreves Mackenzie Painting & Drawing
Sznoluch Madeline Painting & Drawing
Thompson Trinity Painting & Drawing
Wilson Jada Painting & Drawing
Wood Ann-Claire Painting & Drawing
Wooten Amari Painting & Drawing
Demarah Kelsey Philosophy
Hairston Morgan Philosophy
Hicks Matthew Philosophy
Jarvis Lucy Philosophy
Mullings Seevoun Philosophy
Scofield Abraham Philosophy
Tomasi John Philosophy
Tucker Khalia Philosophy
Tuttle Maxine Philosophy
Wheeler Samuel Philosophy
Agnew Jason Photography and Print Media
Barnett Gabrielle Photography and Print Media
Boyd Kendall Photography and Print Media
Castle Holly Photography and Print Media
Evans Roger Photography and Print Media
Haines Charles Photography and Print Media
Koffman Laura Photography and Print Media
Miller Alison Photography and Print Media
Robbins Julian Photography and Print Media
Webb Ashlee Photography and Print Media
Barnes Brandy Political Science
Barnes Jonah Political Science
Benjelloun Douaa Political Science
Boggan Alexa Political Science
Brickner Danielle Political Science
Butler Lydia Political Science
Caballero Samantha Political Science
Cabon Luke Political Science
Campbell Kaira Political Science
Clifton Rachel Political Science
Dick Ishan Political Science
Dill Madison Political Science
Dixon Gwendolyn Political Science
Fegreus Nicholas Political Science
Gragnano Jonathan Political Science
Hann Matt Political Science
Harberts Richard Political Science
Henderson London Political Science
Hicks Nathaniel Political Science
Hook Madison Political Science
House Malcolm Political Science
Jones Lauren Political Science
Keith Kaitlyn Political Science
Kreger Seth David Political Science
Larsen Susanna Political Science
Matz Elijah Political Science
Millsap David Political Science
Myrick Ski Political Science
Nnawulezi Ugoola Political Science
Nolan Trevor Political Science
Oesterling Nicole Political Science
Petteway Taylor Political Science
Piston Matthew Political Science
Robichaud Nicolas Political Science
Roeder-Shreve Alexander Political Science
Rojas Francesca Political Science
Shutters Nicholas Political Science
Simpson Alison Political Science
Snyder Emily Political Science
Stovall Zaria Political Science
Wallenbeck Josiah Political Science
Brooks Kennedy Professional Communication
Dunagan Victoria Professional Communication
Lee Sage Professional Communication
Meckley John Professional Communication
Trump Katie Professional Communication
Whetstone Todd Professional Communication
Brown Jason Professional Writing
Ford Kristian Professional Writing
Grimes Alyssa Professional Writing
Kelsick Caroline Professional Writing
Lawrence Devin Professional Writing
Poslik Jeremy Professional Writing
Sulaiman Khadigah Professional Writing
Woodall Charis Professional Writing
Addo Amari-Felecia Sociology
Beck Allison Sociology
Bodunde Paulina Sociology
Bostic Tristan Sociology
Buckingham Ashley Sociology
Copeland Gracie Sociology
Coreas-Vargas Adilene Sociology
Daniels Sierra Sociology
Dement Jessica Sociology
Dennis Dylan Sociology
Emilsson Trinity Sociology
Evans Jessica Sociology
Fontaine Briana Sociology
Gallagher Michael Sociology
Green Brittany Sociology
Griffith Amy Sociology
Jules Roxanne Sociology
Kelly Joshua Sociology
Kuzenkova Christina Sociology
Lee Mehtia Sociology
Mansfield Jullianna Sociology
Mccall Alana Sociology
Mclaughlin Zoe Sociology
Morton Stephen Sociology
Newell Susan Sociology
Oliver Jordan Sociology
Osei Amanda Sociology
Padgett Jarrod Sociology
Petty Jameaira Sociology
Pollard Asia Sociology
Pritchett Brittney Sociology
Redman William Sociology
Roth Amy Sociology
Shinn Nicholas Sociology
Smith Marshall Sociology
Smith Chamar Sociology
Spitnale Alaina Sociology
Stewart Morgan Sociology
Sullivan Alexis Sociology
Tangredi Jacquelyn Sociology
Warren Katrina Sociology
Wells Aaron Sociology
West Nadia Sociology
White Shawntay Sociology
Willis Savannah Sociology
Bennett Clayton Sound Recording Technology
Hunter Mya Sound Recording Technology
Johnston Camden Sound Recording Technology
Mccoy Sha-Tayasia Sound Recording Technology
Neefus Heidi Sound Recording Technology
Noteboom Ayden Sound Recording Technology
Pierce Kiyah Sound Recording Technology
Quilon Kristian Sound Recording Technology
Smith Kyle Sound Recording Technology
Dewees Cydney Spanish
Giron Edith Spanish
Gonzalez Gonzalez Yasmin Spanish
Bagley Caroline Strategic Communication
Barney Eliza Strategic Communication
Carter Erin Strategic Communication
Clasen Kailey Strategic Communication
Dowell Jessica Strategic Communication
Eissing Cassidy Strategic Communication
Eley Traleya Strategic Communication
Ellis Holly Strategic Communication
Harrison Emily Strategic Communication
Hawkins Jahzara Strategic Communication
Henderson Kennedy Strategic Communication
Hudd Alec Strategic Communication
Keeter Rose Strategic Communication
Lehman Darby Strategic Communication
Mytych Aubrey Strategic Communication
Olexa Moira Strategic Communication
Richard D'Mya Strategic Communication
Ringler Carolinne Strategic Communication
Thompson Parish Strategic Communication
Walsh Ariel Strategic Communication
Westmoreland Jason Strategic Communication
Winbush Andrea Strategic Communication
Cullison Rebeckah Studio Art
Davis Christopher Studio Art
Roden Samantha Studio Art
Carter Meghan Theatre
Correa Mya Theatre
Moore Lakasia Theatre
Dalcour Winston Theatre - Performance
Jones Nyaira Theatre - Performance
Moyers Mckenzie Theatre Education
Braxton Aaliyah Visual Studies
Cantor Naomi Visual Studies
Russell Cheyenne Visual Studies
Siock Marissa Visual Studies
Gordus Huizar Araceli Women's Studies
Minor Katelyn Women's Studies
Queen Andrea Women's Studies
Shelton Lakaia Women's Studies
Williams Shauna Women's Studies
Dwight Denae World Cultural Studies
Wojnarowski Kayla World Cultural Studies
Bullock Greg World Languages and Cultures
Delaney Sarah World Languages and Cultures
Fischer Michelle World Languages and Cultures
Ghosn Joelle World Languages and Cultures
Green Kiah World Languages and Cultures
Hines Mikayla World Languages and Cultures
Marigliano Emma World Languages and Cultures
Maxwell Jason World Languages and Cultures
Mccarthy Rhianna World Languages and Cultures
Ramos Autumn World Languages and Cultures
Rudder Briana World Languages and Cultures
Segovia Diamond World Languages and Cultures
Tomasi Desiree World Languages and Cultures
Vazquez Anna World Languages and Cultures

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