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Students sitting and talking outside Barry Arts Building.

2020 Spring Dean’s List of Students

Dear A&L Student:

I have the pleasure of notifying the best students in the college that they have been chosen for the Dean's List. The Registrar has informed me that your grade point average and number of credit hours taken for the Spring 2020 semester meet the qualifications for this honor. Congratulations on your accomplishment! The hard work and success of students like you make our efforts as teachers and administrators very rewarding.

Please note that Old Dominion University confers baccalaureate degrees with honors according to the following cumulative grade point averages on work completed at Old Dominion:

Cum Laude 3.40-3.65
Magna Cum Laude 3.66-3.85
Summa Cum Laude 3.86-4.00

These designations apply only to candidates who have earned 60 or more credit hours of work at Old Dominion University. Fifty-four of the hours must be in letter-graded courses.

All of us in the College of Arts and Letters wish you continued success in your future endeavors. If you are thinking of graduate studies, I encourage you to consider the many excellent programs offered by our college and by ODU. We hope to hear from you about your accomplishments and successes. Thank you for contributing to the academic excellence of our college.

Kent Sandstrom
Dean, College of Arts and Letters

2020 Spring Dean’s List Recipients

3D Media and Material Studies Bonnie Braithwaite
3D Media and Material Studies Jamie Thompson
3D Media and Material Studies Wendy Waller
African American and African Studies Imani Duckett
African American and African Studies Davona Johnson
Art Education Jessica Feick
Art Education Lauryn Ferrette
Art Education Holly Graves
Art Education Elizabeth Hassell
Art Education Amber Pierce
Art Education Macie Rollins
Art Education Ashley Velazquez
Art Education Emily Walters
Art History Madeline Keller
Art History Ireland O'Hare
Asian Studies Sarrah Rosestella Bioc
Asian Studies Agnes Celina Bioc
Asian Studies Hiwai Chan
Asian Studies Angelodimos Chrysostomides
Asian Studies Devin Diaz
Asian Studies Amber Grindstaff
Asian Studies Yoshiaki Guinn
Asian Studies Elijah Kelly
Asian Studies Jordan Lawton
Asian Studies Edward Oh
Asian Studies Sara Yun
BS-Cybersecurity Jennifer Braun
BS-Cybersecurity Gene Garland
BS-Cybersecurity Taylor Gwaltney
BS-Cybersecurity Jason Jennings
BS-Cybersecurity Tatianna Jernigan
BS-Cybersecurity John Lefevre
BS-Cybersecurity Alexandra Piland
BS-Cybersecurity Sean Powell
BS-Cybersecurity Eric Tran
BS-Cybersecurity Alex Vaughan
BS-Cybersecurity Elijah Warren
BS-Cybersecurity Kaurice Woiwor
Cinema Production Curtis Betourne
Cinema Production George Covington
Cinema Production Matthew Cox
Cinema Production Matthew Rutledge
Cinema Production Jada Smith
Cinema Production Kha Tran
Cinema Production Ronda Warren
Communication Bridgette Aleman
Communication Victoria Andriyanova
Communication Asher Arey
Communication Madeline Arrasate
Communication Daniel Arzola
Communication Jasmine Avan
Communication Krystle Backs
Communication Andrew Bates
Communication Lea Begovic
Communication Alexander Benson
Communication Kyle Bentz
Communication Tyjuan Blizzard
Communication Sarah Bre
Communication Sewellyn Brewer
Communication Carson Brinkman
Communication Anthony Brown
Communication Asia Bruce
Communication Yvonnia Bryant
Communication Bryanna Bylies-Binger
Communication Jazzmine Bynum
Communication Caroline Byrd
Communication Frances Anne Calderon
Communication Reginald Callanta
Communication Jahan Cannon
Communication Bria Carey
Communication Melissa Carneiro
Communication Allison Cassing
Communication Anthony Castano
Communication Desiri Chavers
Communication Catherine Coates
Communication Carleigh Cobb
Communication Sarah Cockrill
Communication Camryn Cole
Communication Micayla Coleman
Communication Marcus Coles
Communication Ericka Colinco
Communication Neil Compuesto
Communication Meghan Cook
Communication Madison Corcoran
Communication Virginia Crivilescu
Communication Brittney Crosby
Communication Malcolm Cutlar
Communication Anjalea Cypriani
Communication Ewuraesi Daniels
Communication Benjamin Danso
Communication Katelyn Darlington
Communication Jenkey Datuin
Communication Cydnie Davis
Communication Mia Desantis
Communication Brad Dobzanski
Communication Antoinette Dodd
Communication Jonathan Donnelly
Communication Kayla Douglass
Communication Brett Dudley
Communication Amanda Durham
Communication Opoku Dwumfour
Communication Christopher Eaton
Communication Cierra Ellis
Communication Kelsey Fadness
Communication Scott Felts
Communication Kellie Fennell
Communication Caitlin Finley
Communication Sydney Fisher
Communication Kenneth Forrest
Communication Tiffany Fossett
Communication Laila Fossie
Communication Bianca Foster
Communication Tomas Franzese
Communication Skylar Freeman
Communication Fredous Gambo
Communication Danielle Gilliam
Communication Tamea Gilyard
Communication Alyssa Goard
Communication Joseph Godfrey
Communication Brooke Golden
Communication Taylor Gordon
Communication Allison Graham
Communication Michael Grant
Communication Kevin Grayson
Communication Joshua Green
Communication Kayla Greene
Communication Jemitra Gregory
Communication Sofia Gregory
Communication Janae Gregory
Communication Kristina Griffith
Communication Michael Guizar
Communication Aytisia Hairston
Communication Emilie Hall
Communication Tariq Hargrave
Communication Omar Haro-Perez
Communication Jasmyn Harrell
Communication Jerry Harris
Communication Darian Harris
Communication Sarah Hawk
Communication Grace Hickling
Communication Diamone Hines
Communication Summer Hoggard
Communication Adrienne Holmes
Communication Jessica Hopper
Communication Jada Hopson
Communication Jason Hoyle
Communication Ceniyah Hubbard
Communication Sierra Hughes
Communication Emma Hummer
Communication Robert Hunt
Communication Kate Jackson
Communication Janae Jackson
Communication Jomarie Javier
Communication Courtney Jefferson
Communication Diamond Jenifer
Communication Janiya Jenkins
Communication Mariah Johnson
Communication Nyla Jones
Communication Andrea Jones
Communication Alyda Jones
Communication Ciara Jones
Communication Austin Judd
Communication Jonathan Ketchum
Communication Noah Kidane
Communication Camrynne Kiehl
Communication Matthew Kirtley
Communication Jennifer Kleps
Communication Hans Kroschwitz
Communication Cheyenne Kwiatkowski
Communication Natalie Lai
Communication Jaleel Lang
Communication Kathryn Lange
Communication James Lassiter
Communication Samuel Lee
Communication Seth Lepley
Communication Jason Lewis
Communication Trevellis Lewis
Communication Michele Lowe
Communication Ethan Madden
Communication Kaitlyn Maguire
Communication Stephen Marshburn
Communication Bryn Martin
Communication Kiannah Mcclure
Communication Anna Mcgrath
Communication Madison Michel
Communication Matilde Mouritsen
Communication Kendraya Murphy
Communication Kayla Murrell
Communication Jacquelyn Nguyen
Communication Bethany Nichols
Communication Claire Nolan
Communication Kathryn Paiewonsky
Communication Zoe Papadopoulos
Communication Maseo Parker
Communication George Pearson
Communication Antonio Perez
Communication Misty Piechowski
Communication Alvin Potter
Communication John Rademacher
Communication Jessica Raitt
Communication Emily Reber
Communication Magen Reed
Communication Ja'Ron Rhodes
Communication Adrian Rhodes
Communication Haley Rineer
Communication Christopher Risbon
Communication Mckenna Roberts
Communication Dejuan Robinson
Communication Julius Rockhill
Communication Bryan Ruffin
Communication William Salwen
Communication Jenna Salzano
Communication Hali Sanders
Communication Jensil Santos Guillen
Communication Kenneth Sawyer
Communication Camille Schojer-Butler
Communication Ciera Seymour
Communication Jenamaye Shelton
Communication Darryl Sims
Communication Hannah Smith
Communication Isaiah Smith
Communication Chrystin Smith
Communication Dennis Smith
Communication Yuliia Starodubtseva
Communication Brooke Stein
Communication Jordan Steinmetz
Communication Achie Swett
Communication Kelsey Taguba
Communication Samantha Taherian
Communication Justyn Tate
Communication Brianna Thurston
Communication Thomas Tingle
Communication Shane Tolentino
Communication Crystal Tubman
Communication Ciara Tucker
Communication Sarah Valle
Communication Victoria Vandenbroucke
Communication Josette Ver
Communication Keith Vernon
Communication Kayla Walker
Communication Maleece Wallace
Communication Tia Walton
Communication Kaci Waugh
Communication Kristin White
Communication Jordan Whitehead
Communication Chyna Williams
Communication Jordan Williams
Communication Monika Williams
Communication Payden Wilson
Communication Lavicha Wilson
Communication Kristina Wise
Communication Wendell Wood
Communication Morgan Worthy
Communication Maria Wray
Communication Katlyn Wright
Communication Sydney Zavalanski
Criminal Justice Cody Abbott
Criminal Justice Marwa Abdi
Criminal Justice Scott Adams
Criminal Justice Ternasia Adams
Criminal Justice Gabriel Adeson
Criminal Justice Deborah Adu- Sewaah
Criminal Justice Antonio Agee
Criminal Justice Dianna Achia Agyeman
Criminal Justice Constance Agyemang Duah
Criminal Justice Seth Ahwireng
Criminal Justice Sara Albert
Criminal Justice Shelby Alphin
Criminal Justice Giselle Alvarado
Criminal Justice Eve Ammons
Criminal Justice Destine Anderson
Criminal Justice Zoe Andrews
Criminal Justice Alejandro Angulo
Criminal Justice Frederik Antoine
Criminal Justice Samangie Aristilde
Criminal Justice Negus Assefa
Criminal Justice Joshua Aulds
Criminal Justice Whitney Bailey
Criminal Justice Kacie Bailey
Criminal Justice Simone Baker
Criminal Justice Tierra Banks
Criminal Justice Tishona Banks
Criminal Justice Bryson Barkley
Criminal Justice Timothy Barnes
Criminal Justice Masco Barrett
Criminal Justice Carrie Bates
Criminal Justice Paige Beard
Criminal Justice Ashley Bedor
Criminal Justice Maya Begovic
Criminal Justice Kaniyah Bennett
Criminal Justice Kassie Bishop
Criminal Justice Jada Blair
Criminal Justice Alexandra Blanshan
Criminal Justice Tokeeta Blizzard
Criminal Justice Erika Bonilla
Criminal Justice Jason Bonniwell
Criminal Justice Lindsey Bosley
Criminal Justice Iyanha Bouie
Criminal Justice Taylor Branigan
Criminal Justice Tanaya Brathwaite
Criminal Justice Kameran Brock
Criminal Justice Nijea Brounson
Criminal Justice Maria Brown
Criminal Justice Alexandra Brubaker
Criminal Justice Maggie Byrd
Criminal Justice Jazlyne Camacho
Criminal Justice Thomas Campbell
Criminal Justice Sandra Campos
Criminal Justice Madison Capps
Criminal Justice Shyanne Carpenter
Criminal Justice Kimberly Carrasco-Ortega
Criminal Justice Brianna Catlin
Criminal Justice Yarenice Cevallos
Criminal Justice Melissa Cho
Criminal Justice Cody Clark
Criminal Justice Imani Clark
Criminal Justice Terri Clay
Criminal Justice Shamera Cole
Criminal Justice Katelyn Colletti
Criminal Justice Maya Condori
Criminal Justice Kelli Considine
Criminal Justice Abagail Conyers
Criminal Justice Madison Corley
Criminal Justice Hunter Cox
Criminal Justice Ashlynn Crombie
Criminal Justice Lilli Curtin
Criminal Justice Megan Davis
Criminal Justice Jessica Davis
Criminal Justice Megan Davis
Criminal Justice Taylor Davis
Criminal Justice Talya Dawson
Criminal Justice Sydney Dehler
Criminal Justice Joshua Dejesus
Criminal Justice Victoria Delgado
Criminal Justice Paul Devar
Criminal Justice Adrianna Dillard
Criminal Justice Lyn Doan
Criminal Justice Laila Doran
Criminal Justice Luke Drugac
Criminal Justice Dean Drugac
Criminal Justice Bridget Dukes
Criminal Justice Cassidy Eason
Criminal Justice Sierra Edmonston
Criminal Justice Nathan Edwards
Criminal Justice Ryan Egan
Criminal Justice Corey Ehrhard
Criminal Justice Alexis Eleftherion
Criminal Justice Jacob Ellis
Criminal Justice Rhadohn Epps
Criminal Justice Katerin Euceda Lizama
Criminal Justice Elisha Evans
Criminal Justice Cibone' Everette
Criminal Justice Desirai Ezell
Criminal Justice Mya Finnell
Criminal Justice Nicholas Fisher
Criminal Justice Aaron Fox
Criminal Justice Moses Franklin
Criminal Justice Shalissa Frazier
Criminal Justice Elena Freda
Criminal Justice Rachel Fronius
Criminal Justice Ariyanna Galbraith
Criminal Justice Sarah Gallagher
Criminal Justice Jonathan Garoutte
Criminal Justice Sarah Gatton
Criminal Justice Brandon Gibson
Criminal Justice Stephen Gilbert
Criminal Justice Jonathan Gonzalez
Criminal Justice Franzmari Gonzalez Bermudez
Criminal Justice Justin Granderson
Criminal Justice Neko Grant
Criminal Justice Kyle Grimes
Criminal Justice Azriele Harris
Criminal Justice Emily Harrison
Criminal Justice Kyle Hart
Criminal Justice Keshonda Hawkins
Criminal Justice Tyler Haywood
Criminal Justice Julia Helal
Criminal Justice Gavin Hiemstra
Criminal Justice Breanna Hill
Criminal Justice Demetria Hinton
Criminal Justice Cheyenne Holbrook
Criminal Justice Katiyana Holloway
Criminal Justice Mikayla House
Criminal Justice Courtney Howard
Criminal Justice Alaina Johnson
Criminal Justice Erika Johnson
Criminal Justice Gabriel Justice
Criminal Justice Salmatu Kamara
Criminal Justice Justin Kane
Criminal Justice Austin Kelly
Criminal Justice Ethan Kersh
Criminal Justice Cashaay Lassiter
Criminal Justice Quashayla Lawrence
Criminal Justice Shawntasia Laws
Criminal Justice Vianni Ligon
Criminal Justice Louis Longo
Criminal Justice Alexandra Lowrey
Criminal Justice Andrew Ludovico
Criminal Justice Felicia Lukitsch
Criminal Justice Harlan Lyles
Criminal Justice Claudia Madison
Criminal Justice Farwa Malik
Criminal Justice Cristhian Marquez
Criminal Justice Jason Maxwell
Criminal Justice Jacqueline Mcconnehea
Criminal Justice John Mcgiffin
Criminal Justice Tavia Mckan
Criminal Justice James Mclaughlin
Criminal Justice Mauricio Mercado
Criminal Justice Joshua Messich
Criminal Justice Jacob Meyers
Criminal Justice Logan Miller
Criminal Justice Saleen Miller
Criminal Justice Jessica Miller
Criminal Justice Destiny Molina
Criminal Justice Blanco Molualisi
Criminal Justice Nicole Monlyn
Criminal Justice Tyler Moorhouse
Criminal Justice Robert Moran
Criminal Justice Bryan Moreland
Criminal Justice Jovona Morgan
Criminal Justice Autumn Moss
Criminal Justice Caitlyn Murphy
Criminal Justice Kayla Murphy
Criminal Justice Ryan Myers
Criminal Justice Ribka Nega
Criminal Justice Brea Neilson
Criminal Justice Kelijah Newton
Criminal Justice Huyen Nguyen
Criminal Justice Fisher Niemeier
Criminal Justice Katlyn Nixon
Criminal Justice Dashia Oliver
Criminal Justice Blessing Onwubunta
Criminal Justice Denzel Opoku
Criminal Justice Alistair Ortiz
Criminal Justice Makayla Panico
Criminal Justice Mariah Paradis
Criminal Justice Aaron Parker
Criminal Justice Jackie Parker
Criminal Justice Daniel Peay
Criminal Justice Reisha Penn
Criminal Justice Emily Perry
Criminal Justice Naija Perry
Criminal Justice Jessica Proctor
Criminal Justice Shannon Proctor
Criminal Justice Andrew Profaca
Criminal Justice Morgan Pulley
Criminal Justice Megan Ramos
Criminal Justice Philip Ramos
Criminal Justice David Ramsey
Criminal Justice Gabriel Ransome
Criminal Justice Menico Reid
Criminal Justice Genevive Reynolds
Criminal Justice Breeana Richardson
Criminal Justice Tiara Richardson
Criminal Justice Caitlyn Roberts
Criminal Justice Jordan Roberts
Criminal Justice Kelsey Robinson
Criminal Justice Serena Romero
Criminal Justice Courtney Rose
Criminal Justice Hannah Rosolino
Criminal Justice Steven Rossero
Criminal Justice Haled Salem
Criminal Justice Justin Sampson
Criminal Justice Marcus Sanger
Criminal Justice Khalid Scarborough
Criminal Justice Allen Schoell
Criminal Justice Kaylee Schroeder
Criminal Justice Trystin Scott
Criminal Justice Madeline Seijo
Criminal Justice Gia Servin
Criminal Justice Kallie Sewell
Criminal Justice Chelsea Shaw
Criminal Justice Nicholas Shonk
Criminal Justice Laura Silva
Criminal Justice Nyah Sims
Criminal Justice Leah Singleton
Criminal Justice Anaya Smith
Criminal Justice Shaquita Smith
Criminal Justice Ariana Smith-Sydnor
Criminal Justice Shorouk Soliman
Criminal Justice Kristina Sopchak
Criminal Justice Ronald Spink
Criminal Justice Alainna Stallings
Criminal Justice Jordan Stevens
Criminal Justice Samuel Stone
Criminal Justice Sierra Stout
Criminal Justice Marc Stricklin
Criminal Justice James Tarkenton
Criminal Justice Nicolette Taylor
Criminal Justice Shamaya Taylor
Criminal Justice Andrew Taylor
Criminal Justice Anastacia Thacker
Criminal Justice Izaiah Thomas
Criminal Justice Emily Thomas
Criminal Justice Damonte Thornton
Criminal Justice Steven Trant
Criminal Justice Justin Trimble
Criminal Justice Logan Turley
Criminal Justice La'Trell Turner
Criminal Justice Erika Turner
Criminal Justice Zhane Vaughan
Criminal Justice Joshua Ventura
Criminal Justice Danielle Veras
Criminal Justice Duane Villasenor
Criminal Justice Megan Walker
Criminal Justice Teneiya Walker
Criminal Justice Kianna Wall
Criminal Justice Virginia Washington
Criminal Justice Cameron Watson
Criminal Justice Rosangelie Welke
Criminal Justice Alvin Williams
Criminal Justice Jordan Williams
Criminal Justice Rebecca Wilson
Criminal Justice Bryce Wilson
Criminal Justice Ryan Woodard
Criminal Justice Jalen Wright
Criminal Justice Milka Yemane
Cyber Operations Trevor Simmons
Cyber Operations Ahmadzobair Wali
Cybercrime Patrick Butler
Cybercrime Briana Drew
Cybercrime Kirubael Feseha
Cybercrime Annastaygia Gillispie
Cybercrime Thomas Island
Cybercrime Muhammad Khan
Cybercrime Keion Lewis
Cybercrime Gavin Luketic
Cybercrime Scott Major
Cybercrime Jaelyn Marshall
Cybercrime Ian Mccormack
Cybercrime Spencer Natiello
Cybercrime Joseph Opitz
Cybercrime Brent Priester
Cybercrime Paul Puchalla
Cybercrime Quintin Rothman
Cybercrime Brian Smithgall
Cybercrime Daviea Waiters
Cybercrime Tiana Weston
Cybersecurity Xavier Acosta
Cybersecurity Jacob Allison
Cybersecurity Ahmad Alston
Cybersecurity Fitzgerald Amaniampong
Cybersecurity Tayquan Barnes
Cybersecurity Nicholas Barrett
Cybersecurity Omar Beidas
Cybersecurity Jada Blake
Cybersecurity Elijah Butler
Cybersecurity Daemian Caron
Cybersecurity Eva Castillo
Cybersecurity Marc Cate
Cybersecurity Isack Chane
Cybersecurity Jordan Cottrell
Cybersecurity Wesley Cruz
Cybersecurity Jaylen Faison
Cybersecurity Justine Ray Gausin
Cybersecurity Legend Glenn
Cybersecurity Kyle Griffith
Cybersecurity Logan Harsh
Cybersecurity Romeo Hernandez
Cybersecurity Bailey Hurst
Cybersecurity Kori Kettner
Cybersecurity Uddom Lee
Cybersecurity Edwin Lin
Cybersecurity John Magpayo
Cybersecurity Daniel Napolitano
Cybersecurity Gideon Okyere
Cybersecurity Ruhi Patel
Cybersecurity Deloren Perry
Cybersecurity Andrew Piazza
Cybersecurity Jalen Ragsdale
Cybersecurity Zane Samples
Cybersecurity Alexius Samuels
Cybersecurity Michael Sewell
Cybersecurity Devin Slade
Cybersecurity Reagan Tate
Cybersecurity Uma Uma
Cybersecurity Joshua Valree
Cybersecurity Jourdain Warner
Cybersecurity Joshua West
Cybersecurity Brooke White
Cybersecurity Tahteyana Wilson
Cybersecurity Reginald Wynn
Cybersecurity-BS Christian Adu
Cybersecurity-BS Tommy Arrington
Cybersecurity-BS Timothy Attah
Cybersecurity-BS Alysia Beckles
Cybersecurity-BS Tajae Bennett
Cybersecurity-BS Michelle Bonilla
Cybersecurity-BS Daron Briggs
Cybersecurity-BS Alexziah Brown
Cybersecurity-BS James Brown
Cybersecurity-BS Paul Brown
Cybersecurity-BS Noah Carter
Cybersecurity-BS Zachary Chandler
Cybersecurity-BS Shania Collins
Cybersecurity-BS Scott Cook
Cybersecurity-BS Angel Copley
Cybersecurity-BS Ian Corbitt
Cybersecurity-BS Jimisha Cosby
Cybersecurity-BS Tristan Cunanan
Cybersecurity-BS Elise Dettmann
Cybersecurity-BS Samantha Dickerson
Cybersecurity-BS Giao Dinh
Cybersecurity-BS Leah Drew
Cybersecurity-BS Rosario Edwards
Cybersecurity-BS Wyatt Fournier
Cybersecurity-BS Patricia Francisco
Cybersecurity-BS Ethan Furtado
Cybersecurity-BS Terrel Garner
Cybersecurity-BS Logan Geusic
Cybersecurity-BS Clifford Grow
Cybersecurity-BS Alexia Hackett
Cybersecurity-BS Aaron Hernandez
Cybersecurity-BS Sinan Hizalan
Cybersecurity-BS Olivia Hoernlein
Cybersecurity-BS Justin Huisenga
Cybersecurity-BS Milton Jackson
Cybersecurity-BS Elizabeth Jackson
Cybersecurity-BS Katelynn Johnson
Cybersecurity-BS Jaydon Johnson
Cybersecurity-BS Nathan Kennedy
Cybersecurity-BS Chase Kent
Cybersecurity-BS Abass Koroma
Cybersecurity-BS Benjamin Langille
Cybersecurity-BS Christopher Layne
Cybersecurity-BS Samuel Le
Cybersecurity-BS Lan Le
Cybersecurity-BS Benjamin Locker
Cybersecurity-BS Daniel Lowry
Cybersecurity-BS Madison Mattison
Cybersecurity-BS Vincent Naughton
Cybersecurity-BS Corey Parker
Cybersecurity-BS Trevor Pultz
Cybersecurity-BS Lonell Riddick
Cybersecurity-BS Alaina Roman
Cybersecurity-BS Antonio Saunders
Cybersecurity-BS Stephanie Schillinger
Cybersecurity-BS Jazmin Sellers
Cybersecurity-BS Travis Shook
Cybersecurity-BS Marquita Snow
Cybersecurity-BS Anghela Soto
Cybersecurity-BS Rayanne Start
Cybersecurity-BS Cameron Stegura
Cybersecurity-BS Iyanna Tucker
Cybersecurity-BS Mason Twining
Cybersecurity-BS Jhelen Tyler
Cybersecurity-BS Matthew Umphlet
Cybersecurity-BS Isaiah Vaughan
Cybersecurity-BS Kaila Washington
Cybersecurity-BS Carlos Washington
Cybersecurity-BS Quinten Williams
Cybersecurity-BS Connor Williams
Cybersecurity-BS Cayla Young
Dance Aliayah Brunt
Dance Ciaravon Campbell
Dance Brooke Cousins
Dance Emily Davis
Dance Lyndsay Gardner
Dance Joy Gibbs
Dance Emily Gregg
Dance Taylor Jeffries
Dance Jessica Morales
Dance Tianna Reed
Dance Asia'H Wilkerson
Dance Education Shelby Bates
Dance Education Marisela Ortiz
English Justine May Agapito
English Martir Alvarez
English Samiyah Anderson
English Marshall Barrack
English Sophia Barrett
English Kassidy Becker
English Austin Bolton
English Ashawnte Bowden
English Shawma Brown
English Katharina Bucklew
English Isabel Butler
English Emily Cook
English Kayla Cox
English Kaylena Crowell
English Dakota Davenport
English Gaia Davitt
English Joshua Dewar
English Selea Dowdy
English Sean Drew
English Daniel Drylie
English Kanya Edmonds
English Asli Ergur
English Sarah Eyob
English Carolanna Feltner
English Jonathan Fernandes
English Sean Fitzpatrick
English Margaret Fluharty
English Monique Fountain
English James Fowler
English Danielle Goldstein
English Daniel Greenspan
English Courtney Hambrecht
English Kathryn Hannan
English Zachary Harbaugh
English Daniel Heck
English Arthur Henderson
English Desiree Hensley
English Gabriela Igloria
English Chloe Jackson
English Andrea Jerue
English Paige Keeter
English Vanessa Kerner
English Brandon Kohler
English Shenita Lancaster
English Angelica Levins
English Brianna Lewis
English Samantha Lewis
English Renee Macklin
English Ashley Mazza
English Andrew Mills
English Olivia Minor
English Gabrielle Mitsules
English Bernadette Murphy
English Leah Onosato
English Samantha Page
English Laurel Patterson
English Emma Paul
English Taylor Porter
English Markia Powell
English Dylan Puco
English Elisabeth Ray
English David Robinson
English Destiny Roney
English Jamar Rucker
English Aviyonce Scott
English Rhiannon Smith
English Skyler Snedeker
English Cade Somers
English Sean Spofford
English Jillian Stock
English Michael Sultani
English Ja'Nae Sumler
English Gabriela Szczepankiewicz
English Savannah Telfer
English Noah Tench
English Stephen Thomas
English Madisty Thomas
English Rylee Toler
English Jocelyn Townes
English Helen Underkofler
English Joshua Vanakker
English Chloe Voss
English Luke Vredenburg
English Christella Williams
English Guadalupe Yarbrough
English Esther Yi
Fine Arts Raven Beverly
Fine Arts Tamara Dunn
Fine Arts Emily Hughes
Fine Arts Kamaria Jones
Fine Arts Jillian Maynard
Fine Arts Meryn Mckinney
Fine Arts Mia-Myline Medina
Fine Arts Alexis Montgomery
Fine Arts Meaghan Mozingo
Fine Arts Samantha Muncy
Fine Arts Micheala Small
Fine Arts Sarah Spalsbury
Fine Arts Brenden Thompson
Foreign Languages Julia Drake
Game Studies & Design Al-Hakiem Dixon
Game Studies & Design Riley Johnson
Game Studies & Design Zachary Learnard
Game Studies & Design Stefano Pipito
Geography Seth Boe
Geography Roy Coles
Geography Gabriel Culver
Geography Matthew Katuzienski
Geography Eli Kram
Geography Brendan Lampley
Geography Arianna Low
Geography Ethan Revere
Geography Manuel Solano
Graphic Design Liliana Alonso
Graphic Design Hannah Austin
Graphic Design Gabrielle Barnett
Graphic Design Brooke Benham
Graphic Design Jasmyn Bonner
Graphic Design Bryan Boyle
Graphic Design Jamiya Cooper
Graphic Design Catherine Cowan
Graphic Design Tamia Davis
Graphic Design Christian Edwards
Graphic Design Kayla Everett
Graphic Design Nikolas Fike
Graphic Design Daesha Floyd
Graphic Design Caroline Foster
Graphic Design Gwyneth Heseltine
Graphic Design Jacob Hoal
Graphic Design Rohan Hobbs
Graphic Design Bethany Holdcroft
Graphic Design Xiashan Hughes
Graphic Design Mason Hurd
Graphic Design Harper Imm
Graphic Design Kiana Jackson
Graphic Design Danielle Jensen
Graphic Design Noelle Jessup
Graphic Design Dichelle Jordan
Graphic Design Avis Keeling
Graphic Design Ashley Keith
Graphic Design Mason Kennedy
Graphic Design Felipe Laluce
Graphic Design Gabriela Magana
Graphic Design Summer Markham
Graphic Design Gabriela Martinez-Merino
Graphic Design Stephanie Marx
Graphic Design Tamera Mathews
Graphic Design Sekoyah Mcglorn
Graphic Design Jessica Miller
Graphic Design Kelly Nouse
Graphic Design Josephine Osei
Graphic Design Cierra Owen
Graphic Design Kylie Parker
Graphic Design Ayanna Purdie
Graphic Design Joshua Ralph
Graphic Design Grace Richardson
Graphic Design Paris Rose-Coleman
Graphic Design Anna Shirley
Graphic Design Sara Spencer
Graphic Design Jordan Staten
Graphic Design Larisa-Veronica Tomdio
Graphic Design Matthew Van Buren
Graphic Design Tia Waldo
Graphic Design Peyton Williams
Graphic Design Nicholas Zoski
History Christina Aldred
History Sydney Altstaetter
History Chris Alvarado-Lopez
History Alexandra Arnold
History Jaylynn Belin
History David Blevins
History Cory Bowen
History Morris Brown
History Brieanna Bullaro
History Taylor Campbell
History Glenn Dano
History Ethan Dykes
History Bradley Elliott
History Christopher Escobedo
History Noah Fort
History Toni Gaisford
History Trevor Greaney
History Shana Hampton
History William Harmon
History Nora House
History Caliph Hutcherson
History Mario James
History Janesha Kearney
History Douglas Kingsbury
History Donovan Krauter
History Zhang Liu
History Jeffrey Marcus
History Grant Minor
History Justin Moses
History Alexandra Owen
History Bennie Parish
History Chandler Parker
History Joshua Pelfrey
History Claudine Quetelard
History Josiah Christian Ricafrente
History Leeann Salas
History Noah Shepherd
History Rebecca Simpson
History Symone Smith
History Dorian Stewart
History Diana Thomas
History Ashley Tucker
History Sophie Van Zee
History Nathanael Wall
History Pamela Washington
History Mary Rachael Whetstone
History Rennie Wilkinson
History Tanea Winston
History Matthew Wright
History Christina Zendzian
Interdisciplinary Studies Savannah Adams
Interdisciplinary Studies Alexandra Adams
Interdisciplinary Studies Diamond Allen
Interdisciplinary Studies Rasheeda Anderson
Interdisciplinary Studies Amber Atkins
Interdisciplinary Studies Renee Ball
Interdisciplinary Studies Alannah Bar
Interdisciplinary Studies Xzandria Beard
Interdisciplinary Studies Xzimara Beard
Interdisciplinary Studies Johnathan Black
Interdisciplinary Studies Samantha Bonenfant
Interdisciplinary Studies Hannah Brand
Interdisciplinary Studies Chera Broadnax
Interdisciplinary Studies Bionca Bryant
Interdisciplinary Studies Kenayah Byrd
Interdisciplinary Studies Emily Carella
Interdisciplinary Studies Mary-Dawn Carrier
Interdisciplinary Studies Jasmine Clanton
Interdisciplinary Studies Sagine Clarke
Interdisciplinary Studies Talya Cohen
Interdisciplinary Studies Victoria Colby
Interdisciplinary Studies Christopher Coleman
Interdisciplinary Studies Meagan Cornett
Interdisciplinary Studies Leslie-Ann Correa-Figueroa
Interdisciplinary Studies Meagan Craig
Interdisciplinary Studies Faythe Crane
Interdisciplinary Studies Lan D'Alessio
Interdisciplinary Studies Reagan Davis
Interdisciplinary Studies Julia Davis
Interdisciplinary Studies Ian Diaz
Interdisciplinary Studies Julie Fletcher
Interdisciplinary Studies Amanda Gainer
Interdisciplinary Studies Brittany Gee
Interdisciplinary Studies Veronica Hall
Interdisciplinary Studies Xenia Hamlin
Interdisciplinary Studies Tyneezha Harris
Interdisciplinary Studies Ellin Heidgerken
Interdisciplinary Studies Kianna Hester
Interdisciplinary Studies Hayden Hicks
Interdisciplinary Studies Ana Hodges
Interdisciplinary Studies Aimee Holland
Interdisciplinary Studies Kendall Huerta
Interdisciplinary Studies Jordan Hummill
Interdisciplinary Studies Alyssa Iniguez
Interdisciplinary Studies Makenzie Kiser
Interdisciplinary Studies Anna Kray
Interdisciplinary Studies Maya Lewis
Interdisciplinary Studies Haley Lorenz
Interdisciplinary Studies Morgan Manley
Interdisciplinary Studies Brittany Martin
Interdisciplinary Studies Kelly Mccorkindale
Interdisciplinary Studies Tracey Mcfarland
Interdisciplinary Studies Angel Mcghee
Interdisciplinary Studies Laura Miller
Interdisciplinary Studies Amanda Miller
Interdisciplinary Studies Jennifer Mooney
Interdisciplinary Studies Jesseca Mooney
Interdisciplinary Studies Leah Morton
Interdisciplinary Studies Dillon Norcross
Interdisciplinary Studies Elle Parisher
Interdisciplinary Studies Geraldine Pearman
Interdisciplinary Studies Jessica Mae Petot
Interdisciplinary Studies Brianna Phillips
Interdisciplinary Studies Marian Rallos
Interdisciplinary Studies Jaylyn Richard
Interdisciplinary Studies Krystal Ricks
Interdisciplinary Studies Stacy Ritchard
Interdisciplinary Studies Sierra Roadcap
Interdisciplinary Studies Edina Roman
Interdisciplinary Studies Isabel Rubinos
Interdisciplinary Studies Kylie Russell
Interdisciplinary Studies Cameron Scott
Interdisciplinary Studies Kaylin Seely
Interdisciplinary Studies Otilia Segura
Interdisciplinary Studies Bethany Serrano
Interdisciplinary Studies Allison Shanks
Interdisciplinary Studies Elena Simon
Interdisciplinary Studies Aprill Smith
Interdisciplinary Studies Summer Snapp
Interdisciplinary Studies Amy Swanson
Interdisciplinary Studies Nicole Thurman
Interdisciplinary Studies Sarah Van Duzee
Interdisciplinary Studies Lauren Wickizer
Interdisciplinary Studies Dianna Winn
Interdisciplinary Studies Roxanna Wood
Interdisciplinary Studies Joi Wooden
Interdisciplinary Studies Micah Woodley
Interdisciplinary Studies Jessica Wright
Interdisciplinary Studies Kimberly Yactayo
International Studies Ryann Elizabeth Asban
International Studies Raven Askew
International Studies Addila Athumani
International Studies Earnest Bass
International Studies Treasure Booker
International Studies Spenser Bosch
International Studies Sofia Calicchio
International Studies Meagan Campbell
International Studies Brock Clifford
International Studies Harrison Cox
International Studies Valentina Culaciati
International Studies Sarah Delaney
International Studies Caroline Fisher
International Studies John Fox
International Studies Abby Himes
International Studies Mikenzi Johnson
International Studies Araceli Nelson
International Studies Emily Nelson
International Studies Kathleen Ocana Galbraith
International Studies Nathaniel Overton
International Studies Sara Pecchinotti
International Studies Sophia Porter
International Studies Jen Amri Quiambao
International Studies Quinn Ricks
International Studies Ndeye Sall
International Studies Taylor Shipman
International Studies Emily Stone
International Studies Gary Tetreault
International Studies Jorde Thompson
International Studies Kianna Vrtiska
International Studies Courtney Wells
International Studies Hannah White
International Studies Shaileen Woods
Leadership Laila Azzouzi
Leadership Melinda Baker
Leadership Anna Banks
Leadership Steven Beaver
Leadership Tiffani Beissel
Leadership Shachar Biran
Leadership Marcus Brandon
Leadership Gjhvona Bryant
Leadership Alexis Carbaugh
Leadership Ivy Carpenter
Leadership Dominyque Cobb
Leadership Skylar Cochraham-Valentine
Leadership Madison Coleman
Leadership Matthew Frank Coutney
Leadership Reid Dannenfelser
Leadership Emily Destro
Leadership Claire Ellsworth
Leadership Melissa Everett
Leadership Joseph Ewing
Leadership Eric Farino
Leadership Faith Forbus
Leadership Rachel Ford
Leadership Ryan Fraga
Leadership Deanna Harris
Leadership Aiden Hazelrigg
Leadership William Heine
Leadership Annemarie Hoff
Leadership Thomas Hollindrake
Leadership Chloe Hulls
Leadership Lauren Johnson
Leadership Madison Johnson
Leadership Nicole Jones
Leadership Lindsey Jones
Leadership William Koob
Leadership Danielle Kranzberg
Leadership Luke Lamkin
Leadership Faith Likambi
Leadership Kaylee Logan
Leadership Jennifer Lowery
Leadership Hailey Lynch
Leadership Erin Marshall
Leadership Tiffany Martin
Leadership Amy Mceldowney
Leadership Rivers Middleton
Leadership Phillip Morford
Leadership Anh Nguyen
Leadership Zhenya Nielsen
Leadership Elisabeth Ostberg
Leadership Joseph Peckl
Leadership Igor Ponkratov
Leadership Elizabeth Pope
Leadership Edward Rareshide
Leadership Kimberly Rugg
Leadership Joshua Sanns
Leadership Courtney Shepherd
Leadership Mackenzie Smith
Leadership Christopher Spellman
Leadership Michael-John Thomas
Leadership Jane Tuite
Leadership Ece Turkoglu
Leadership Jennifer Vargas
Leadership Alexandra Viktorovitch
Leadership Davis Watson
Leadership Kaitlyn Wright
Music John Beckner
Music Alexis Conrad
Music David Escobar
Music Vanessa Espinoza
Music Composition Angerica Francisco
Music Composition Sean Hynes
Music Education Erica Allen
Music Education Ethan Cagle
Music Education Carter Campbell
Music Education Erin Childress
Music Education Madison Chisum
Music Education Delaney Conter
Music Education Nicholas Craig
Music Education Hunter Elliot
Music Education Alexander Federico
Music Education Rachel Feit
Music Education Hailey Hargis
Music Education Nicholas Hathaway
Music Education Kimberly Jenkins
Music Education Kylie Joiner
Music Education Karen Laws
Music Education Cristina Loyola
Music Education Mary Mccaffrey
Music Education Edilen Obamos
Music Education Rebecca Sagendorf
Music Education Mary Wesley
Music Education James Williams
Music Education Emily Wolcott
Music Education Sarah Woolard
Music Education Paul Zybak
Music Performance Andersen Broom
Music Performance Branden Garner
Music Performance Victoria Magnusson
Music Performance James Nicholson
Music Performance Daniela Reyes Flores
Music Performance Michael Russo
Music Performance Avery Suhay
Music Performance Lacey Wilson
Painting & Drawing Evin Abel
Painting & Drawing Amanda Beach
Painting & Drawing Sh'Va Benyacov
Painting & Drawing Kayla Cochran
Painting & Drawing S'Donte Dowtin
Painting & Drawing Mylahn Parsons
Painting & Drawing Brittany Shaw
Painting & Drawing Mackenzie Shreves
Painting & Drawing Alexandra Styron
Philosophy Helena Edge
Philosophy Morgan Hairston
Philosophy Deniz Kesici
Philosophy Corey Mawyer
Philosophy Abraham Scofield
Photography and Print Media Nicholas Clark
Photography and Print Media Tyarria Duncan
Photography and Print Media Barry Green
Photography and Print Media Kieran Rundle
Photography and Print Media Christopher Valentine
Political Science Devontae Allen
Political Science Matthew Allen
Political Science Jacob Ambriole
Political Science Brian Anderson
Political Science Scott Augustine
Political Science Mary Bannerman
Political Science Brandy Barnes
Political Science Douaa Benjelloun
Political Science Winston Burns
Political Science Tyler Butt
Political Science Nicholas Cabellos
Political Science Sami Captain
Political Science Frank Clay
Political Science Matthew Criddle
Political Science Jefferson Davis
Political Science Robert Duffany
Political Science Roger Fast
Political Science Kendrick Frost
Political Science Richard Gilmour
Political Science John Golden
Political Science Jonathan Gragnano
Political Science Crystal Hart
Political Science Nathan Hayward
Political Science Matthew Hazelwood
Political Science Alyssa Henson
Political Science Savannah Hildre
Political Science Alexis Hoggard
Political Science Matthew Hoover
Political Science Malcolm House
Political Science Benjamin Jackson
Political Science Lynda Johnson
Political Science Lauren Jones
Political Science Kayla Joyner
Political Science Augustina Kokukokor
Political Science Seth David Kreger
Political Science Henry Kronlage
Political Science Courtney Lee
Political Science Mynome Lorde
Political Science Molly Mansfield
Political Science Elijah Matz
Political Science Cole Meyers
Political Science Nicolas Myers
Political Science Aaron Naraine
Political Science Ugoola Nnawulezi
Political Science Annette O'Leary
Political Science Adonis Ortiz Mercado
Political Science Brian Parham
Political Science Ashley Pedalty
Political Science Sydney Quivers
Political Science Bryan Ramirez
Political Science Angel Rather
Political Science Nathan Rollins
Political Science Allison Rubin
Political Science Taylor Savage
Political Science Olivia Sene
Political Science Nicholas Shutters
Political Science David Smale
Political Science Kennedy Tatum
Political Science Jalen Williams
Political Science Christian Wilson
Political Science Cara Wortham
Political Science Flor Zurita-Capihuara
Professional Writing Gwendolyn Dixon
Professional Writing Caroline Kelsick
Professional Writing Charis Woodall
Sociology Alexus Allen
Sociology Aaron Brown
Sociology Kaelim Brown
Sociology Alyssa Brungot
Sociology Keyera Burns
Sociology Madisyn Burrus
Sociology Najee Caldwell
Sociology Kaitlyn Carr
Sociology Terrance Carter
Sociology Akiya Clark
Sociology Caroline Cox
Sociology Jessica Evans
Sociology Christie Falzone
Sociology Justin Fulp
Sociology Michael Gallagher
Sociology Arlene Gonzalez
Sociology Krista Grenell
Sociology Antonio Hai
Sociology London Henderson
Sociology Breanna Jefferson
Sociology Amber Jones
Sociology Katie Keeter
Sociology Mercy Kilel
Sociology Angelique Lewis
Sociology Ciara Lindsey
Sociology Britney Ly
Sociology Kyra Lynch
Sociology Jullianna Mansfield
Sociology Morgan Mcduffie
Sociology Riya Medley
Sociology Randi Miller
Sociology Aleaah Murphy
Sociology Sherrilyn Olds-Cage
Sociology Justin Perry
Sociology Asia Pollard
Sociology Rianna Riordan
Sociology Jordyn Scott
Sociology Chamar Smith
Sociology Mitra Smithers
Sociology Elda Soriano
Sociology Daneshia St. Louis
Sociology Ashley Stewart
Sociology Alexis Sullivan
Sociology Alyssa Waters
Sociology Sonya Williams
Sociology Shirley Wilson
Sociology Jacara Wright
Sociology Cooper Yancey
Sociology Emma Yockey
Sociology Chloe Zoller
Sound Recording Technology Heidi Burkard
Sound Recording Technology Justin Durham
Sound Recording Technology Jay Fox
Sound Recording Technology Lawrence Halsey
Sound Recording Technology Kurt Jansohn
Sound Recording Technology Kevin Koelzer
Sound Recording Technology Nathanael Maynard
Sound Recording Technology Goodness Napper
Sound Recording Technology Reann Nichols
Sound Recording Technology Jeffery Russo
Studio Art Jalen Bailey
Studio Art Kenneth Beard
Studio Art Shannon Berrios
Studio Art Camilla Macgillivray
Studio Art Heather Mitcham
Studio Art Samantha Roden
Studio Art Catherine Ugwu
Studio Art Jasmine Woodhouse
Theatre Laura Bjork
Theatre Tracy Harmer
Theatre Adrian Hernandez
Theatre Margo Von Buseck
Theatre - Design Technology Brandi Shook
Theatre - Design Technology Jeffrey Shook
Theatre - Performance Kennedy Ross
Theatre and Dance Brittany Bridges
Theatre and Dance Nile Crum
Theatre and Dance Krystal Gonzalez
Theatre and Dance Rachael Hrinda
Theatre and Dance Noelle Peterson
Theatre and Dance Danielle Proffitt
Theatre and Dance Asante Randall
Theatre and Dance Midori Schafer
Theatre and Dance Rebecca Swaim
Theatre Education Emily Brooks
Theatre Education Aliyah Donovan
Women's Studies Tykajah Brown
Women's Studies Tamia Moore
Women's Studies Breanna Ogletree
Women's Studies Andrea Queen
Women's Studies John Omondi Sewe
Women's Studies Krystal Shields
Women's Studies Bailey Smiley
Women's Studies Natalia Zambrano
World Languages and Cultures Keiana Adams
World Languages and Cultures Nancy Aguilar
World Languages and Cultures Vernell Anderson
World Languages and Cultures Rebecca Beach
World Languages and Cultures Jessica Dooley
World Languages and Cultures Michelle Fischer
World Languages and Cultures Laurie Guevara
World Languages and Cultures Victoria Hartley
World Languages and Cultures India Hawkins
World Languages and Cultures Mikayla Hines
World Languages and Cultures Tabarak Ismail
World Languages and Cultures Emily Johnson
World Languages and Cultures Emma Marigliano
World Languages and Cultures Rhianna Mccarthy
World Languages and Cultures Meghan Monaghan
World Languages and Cultures Kelsey Norton
World Languages and Cultures Tarik Pricer
World Languages and Cultures Briana Rudder
World Languages and Cultures Casey Slaughter
World Languages and Cultures James Thorpe

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