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Conference Preparation

Position Papers

ODUMUNC does not require position papers of all delegates, but they are encouraged as the best evidence of professionalism and the best guidance to each committee. Thorough conference preparation is strongly encouraged and a position paper is the best way to prepare. Because country or organization positions vary from issue to issue, a different position paper is needed for each body, but only one position paper is expected for each delegation per committee.

Typical position papers are one to two single-spaced pages in length (300 to 500 words), reviewing your country or organization's relevant perspectives and positions, their attitudes toward the issues before the committee, their preferred policies and goals on those issues. Position papers may state the red lines the delegation generally will not cross. Headings and Illustrations are a good idea.

Copying and distribution of position papers is the responsibility of each delegate. Delegates should bring sufficient copies of their position paper for distribution to the staff and other delegates of their committee. Position papers are considered by ODUMUNC staff in their decision-making for conference awards.

Guidance on position paper writing can be found at UNA-USA website, as can sample position papers.

Information on position papers:

Conference Dress

Delegate dress at ODUMUNC conference sessions must be professional, never distracting, promoting a serious deliberative atmosphere. Standard delegate attire at conference sessions is business dress: jacket or dress sweater and ties for men, dress shoes for all. Specifically:

  • Delegates are required to wear conference badges at all ODUMUNC sessions and events.
  • T-shirts, jeans, shorts, miniskirts, sunglasses or sandals are not allowed in conference sessions.
  • National clothing is permitted so long as it is appropriate, formal and not mocking or distracting, as judged by ODUMUNC staff.
  • Official conference t-shirts are permitted at non-deliberative events and at Sunday conference sessions only.
  • Casual attire is fine outside formal meeting times, at non-deliberative events, karaoke and the delegate dance, so long as it is not distracting, as judged by ODUMUNC staff.
  • ODUMUNC staff reserve the right to request that delegates violating these rules leave to change into appropriate clothing immediately.

As a practical rule, if you are not sure about it, do not wear it.

Past Topics & Issue Briefs

Take a look at past debates and issues discussed at ODUMUNC conferences.

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