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Your Secretariate 2023-24


Brandon Fischer

Hey, I am a senior majoring in civil engineering with a minor in engineering management. I am originally from Germany, but I have been living in Virginia Beach since 2011. In free time I enjoy botanical gardens, ping pong, skiing, and hanging out. I have 5 years of MUN experience under my belt, so if you have any questions be sure to reach out to me.


Blaizen B Bloom

Hi there! I'm ecstatic to return for one final year as our SG. Majoring in Ocean & Earth Sciences, I love sharing policy interventions guided by research in our field, and bask in the intersectionality with other issues pressing in our times. For me, MUN is a great outlet to grow my skills while making friends locally and at conferences.


J Belin

Hey y'all! I am a sophomore double majoring in Political Science and Philosophy. I also involved in Student Government Association, the Honors College, Campus Ambassadors and more! In my free time, I like to draw, bake, watch cheesy rom-coms, and make playlists. If you ever have any questions about MUN, want to get involved on campus, or want to commission me for a tattoo design, feel free to reach out!


Zika Ozoh

Hello! I am a Psychology Pre-Med major, feted to be the USG of Large Bodies and eager to work with you all. I am in MUN for politics, diplomacy and to be a better global citizen. I have always been internationally minded, with family of various ethnicities, on all continents but Antarctica. MUN is perfect to combine knowledge and passions. In free time, I watch anime, play video games, sports, play instruments and act. I hope you enjoy MUN as much as I do.


Myles Perry

I am a Junior majoring in Electrical Engineering. I work in labs on campus, participate in every student engagement event I can get, and volunteer for anything that comes into my inbox. I enjoy reading, hiking, rock-climbing, and linking up with my silly little friends to do silly little things. I have found great enjoyment in MUN, collegiate conferences and staffing ODUMUNC. I hope to help facilitate an organized and enjoyable conference this year.


Tyler Rector

Hello, I will be heading the recruitment and management of the wonderful students who staff our conference. I am a Sophomore Biology, Biomedical Sciences Major (shh, don't tell the poli sci majors). In my free time, I enjoy bikepacking, long-distance hiking, and traveling off the beaten path. Traveling and meeting new people are opportunities that this organization affords me. I hope you have the same opportunity at this year's conference.

Activities Coordinator

Noah Canody

I am a Junior majoring in Criminal Justice, and a Midshipman in the Hampton Roads Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps here at ODU. I enjoy reading, watching movies/shows, and fishing. MUN has not only given me a better understanding of global politics, but also great friends. I hope to see you at our events and general body meetings. If you have any questions about MUN please reach out!

Assistant Activities Coordinator

Ichigo Parker

I'm a junior in 3D media and material studies. I've been in MUN since high school. It's a great opportunity to have fun while learning different sides of politics and the world. Everyone in the club is great and will help you do your best in MUN no matter your skill level, or even for regular classes at school. It's a great environment to feel welcome and improve public speaking skills. See you guys there.

Research Coordinator

Sophie Rofheart

I am a senior majoring in International and World Cultural Studies with a minor in Women's Studies. I have been a member of this society since my freshman year of college and have great fun doing it. Last year you saw me as Director-General. When I am not busy with MUN I enjoy drawing, listening to live music, and going to the beach with my friends.

Administrative Assistant

Ana Camacho

Hello everyone! I am a graduate student in ODU's Graduate Program in International Studies (GPIS) studying International Studies with a focus in U.S. Foreign Policy. I have the pleasure of serving on the ODUMUN once again for the 2023-24 academic year. When I'm not busy with ODUMUN activities, you can find me grading papers or catching up on international news!

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