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Crisis 1: Russian Civil War, 1917-23


Russian Civil War Crisis Brief


Starting during World War One with the collapse of the Russian Empire, the Russian Civil War lasted twice as long, killing an estimated seven million from 1917 to 1923, and led to the transformation of Russia and its empire. It was pivotal for Russia, and influences global revolution and conflict to this day.

In October of 1917 Vladimir Lenin led his Bolshevik party in armed insurrection against the newly formed Russian Provisional Government, starting the Civil War, led by Lenin's Bolshevik Communist Party and White anti-communists. Smaller parts of the Russian empire used the chaos to try to achieve independence. Foreign powers intervened in pursuit of their own interests. These events shaped all of Eastern Europe for the next Century, and continue to be felt in today's war in Ukraine.

Was the Soviet Union destined to win? What if it hadn't? What if it won much more? Participants in this crisis simulation are members of the Soviet Politburo, the highest authority of the Soviet Communist Party, made up of political and military leaders. Politburo members direct policy, make executive orders and legislation, address economic instability, civil unrest, direct troop movements, and lead and respond to military engagements, with world history in the balance.

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