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Suspension Appeal Process

The Suspension Appeal process is provided for students who can provide valid documentation of extenuating circumstances which contributed to their suspension. Only students with documented extenuating circumstances such as work, poor study environment, finances, illness, or personal relationships that have adversely affected performance (i.e. statement or letter from physician, employer, family members, faculty, academic advisor, Counseling Center, Educational Accessibility, etc.) will be accepted for review by the Appeals Committee. In addition, students must provide a plan for how the extraordinary event(s) have been resolved and provide proof to the Appeals Committee that further difficulties will not occur if the student is allowed to continue coursework in the next semester.

If you plan to appeal, gather any other documentation that you believe will help your case, e.g., memo from a doctor, disability test results, medical or psychological evaluation, etc. Include only essential materials, please.

Students without documentation will not be able to appeal their suspension.

Please be aware of the specified deadlines; late submissions will not be considered.

The Suspension Appeal Committee is comprised of a faculty representative from each academic college. Appeal committee member names are not released; appeal decisions are communicated to the student via ODU email. Please be sure to check your ODU email.

Decisions by the appeals committee are final.

Suspension Appeal Application Submission

Students should submit their appeal and upload their supporting documentation electronically using the online Suspension Appeal Application.

If a student cannot submit the online form, then these alternate options are accepted:

  1. Print the Suspension Appeal Form and fax to 757-683-6884.
  2. Hand deliver a hardcopy of their application and documentation to the front desk of the Student Success Center prior to 5:00pm on the deadline date.

Regardless of which method you choose to submit your appeal, please include your required supporting documentation.

Please do not submit your application or documentation more than once.

Documentation Requirements

Documentation must be in PDF or MS Word.

Please copy/paste and save any images (e.g. screen shot, photo, etc.) into a PDF or word document to submit.

When possible, include all documentation in one file.

Appeal Process Questions

If you have questions or need assistance with your appeal submission, then please email advisor@odu.edu.

Fall/January appeals only: If you need assistance, we will periodically check the advisor@odu.edu email while ODU offices are closed for winter break. You can also attend a dron-in Q&A Zoom session for quick questions and answers. No decision will be made during the drop-in Q&A Zoom. Please limit your time during the Q&A to 10 minutes to be courteous of others.

Spring/May appeals only: Are you enrolled in a summer session 1 or 3 class that starts in May? If yes, please attend your class. If your appeal is denied, then you may stop attending and you will be dropped from classes.

Success Plan Advising

The Office of Continuance can assist you in developing a success plan, should your appeal be denied or you elect to voluntarily sit out for the required first suspension.

To schedule an appointment, please email advisor@odu.edu from your Old Dominion University email account, making sure to include your UIN, major, day time phone number, and the most convenient days/times you can meet. An advisor will email you back with your appointment day and time.

Tips for Writing Your Appeal

  • This is the only contact you have with the committee, so it is critical that this statement be well thought out and well written.
  • Supporting documents and all other pertinent information should be included with your letter and appeal form. If you submit an appeal form online, then all supporting documentation must be either uploaded on the online form, faxed, hand delivered, or emailed to advisor@odu.edu by the deadline.
  • Gather documentation to support your reasons for poor academic performance. Examples of supporting documentation would be a letter from a healthcare provider, a funeral announcement, a letter of support from a faculty member, advisor or professional staff member.
  • Reference your ODU academic record and additional transcripts if you have attended another college or university since your suspension from ODU. Be reflective, detailed, descriptive, and specific.
  • Demonstrate that you have resolved the condition that led to the suspension or that you have the condition under control such that it will no longer affect academic performance in the next semester of enrollment.
  • Only include relevant information regarding the circumstances of the suspension or dismissal.
  • It is not sufficient to say, "I know I can do better." If expected improved performance is part of your petition, then you must provide a strong rationale for the probability of this improvement.
  • Be sure that your appeal letter adheres to standard written English language conventions and that it has been thoroughly proofread.
  • Successful statements are typically one page in length but no more than two.
  • Type your appeal so it is professional and organized.
  • Address each reason why you did not achieve your academic potential.
  • Reference each piece of documentation that supports your appeal. For example, if you experienced academic and personal difficulties because of the death of a family member, please enclose and reference a funeral announcement.
  • Address the extent to which you used each support service at the college. For example, if you went to the Student Success Center, please state how many times you received tutoring and specify the subject areas in which you were tutored.
  • If you did not use support services at the college, please describe in detail the reasons for your failure to use the support services that are available at the College.
  • Looking at the reasons for your lack of academic progress that you listed in Paragraph 1, please address the changes that have been made that would allow you to be academically successful. If your situation has not changed, explain how you will manage the situation.
  • Are you working? How will you balance your work and school obligations?
  • Discuss the College support services that you will utilize.
  • Discuss the specific courses you plan to take if you are permitted to return.
  • Discuss your short term and long term goals.

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