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Old Dominion Athletic Foundation

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In 1964, the Old Dominion University Intercollegiate Foundation was formed to financially support the athletic program. In the initial year, 30 donors helped raise $5,000. Several years later, in 1971, the Big Blue Club was formed to add a social component to the foundation.

Over the years we have evolved into an organization that still retains the annual fund as our top priority, but now provide support through endowments, capital projects, coaches retention, enhancement funds all the while offering social opportunities and special events. This growth as well as a desire to unify under a single brand identity that is more closely tied to the university, its mission and athletic department led to the formation of the Old Dominion Athletic Foundation.

Board of Trustees


H. Scott Hardison '77, '80
First Vice Chairman
Kelly Till '94
Second Vice Chairman
Russell S. Turner '88
Thomas "Tom" F. Cherry '90
Executive Director
Jena Virga '79
Assistant Treasurer
Margaret Libby'17
Assistant Secretary
Donna R. Manglicmot '08


  • Monique Adams
  • Jerry L. Bowman '05 (H)
  • William "Tony" Brothers '86
  • Gerard "Jerry" P. Brunick '67, '70
  • Dr. Audra Bullock '96, '97, '00
  • Jeffrey "Jeff" S. Chernitzer '79
  • Daniel "Dan" J. Clarkson '93
  • Carol Curtis
  • Trey Dudley
  • Michael "Mike" Fowler'94, '04
  • The Honorable Jerome "Jerry" B. Friedman '65
  • Amy Frostick '92, '97
  • Charles G. Hackworth II '89
  • Brian K. Holland '93
  • Thomas "Tom" M. Johnston '86
  • Richard "Rick" F. Kiefner, Jr. '69
  • Barry M. Kornblau '71, '17H
  • Jeffrey "Jeff" D. Kornblau '99
  • Robert G. Krebs
  • Richard A. McGrath '83
  • Jeremy McLendon '06
  • Joseph Mersel
  • E.G. (Rudy) Middleton III '81
  • Alex Mitchum
  • Robin D. Ray '12 (H)
  • Edward "Ed"J. Reed '72
  • Ronald "Ron" C. Ripley '72
  • Conrad Shumadine
  • James S. Somers '00
  • David Stockmeier '90
  • Richard "Dick" B. Thurmond '76
  • W. Russell Turner
  • Kathryn (Katie) M. Van Buren '82
  • WM. Adam White


  • Jena Virga '79
  • AndrĂ© Wells '07, '13
  • President Brian O. Hemphill, Ph.D.
  • Dr. Wood Selig

Directors Emeriti

  • William C. Creecy
  • Lewis D. Hirschler, Jr.
  • Gay Latimer
  • Dr. Willette L. LeHew
  • Errol S. Lifland '64
  • Alfred J. Moore, Jr. '76
  • Benn L. Richels '65
  • Lawrence L. Sutton
  • Paul D. Vestal '02 (H)

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