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ODU Service Standards

It's as simple as service

Regardless of what position we hold, we hold a position of service. The person requiring your assistance could be a student, a colleague, a vendor, or a parent. If the individual depends on you for anything, whether they require information or a more tangible action, they are the one you are serving in that moment. Thank you for your input to these standards and for making Old Dominion University a great place to learn and work.

- President John R. Broderick


We demonstrate professionalism when we exhibit a high level of competency and respect when interacting with our students, colleagues and community members. We are friendly, focused and recognize that we are accountable for consistently meeting the needs of those we serve.


We adhere to the University's Code of Ethics and demonstrate the spirit of the Code when we treat others impartially. We demonstrate integrity to our students, colleagues and the community by adhering to University policies, procedures and standards of service and apply them in an equitable and just manner.


We recognize that everyone has the right to be treated with kindness, dignity and consideration. We strive to demonstrate patience, compassion and concern towards all with whom we come in contact.


We are responsible for ensuring that we possess the expertise necessary to provide complete and accurate information to those requiring assistance. We will actively collaborate with those that have the knowledge and/or information needed to facilitate resolution.


We are committed to providing accurate, timely and solution-oriented service. We look for ways to improve efficiency and foster an environment of open communication so that we may ultimately provide the highest standard of service.


Geographic and institutional boundaries do not define the ODU community. We recognize that our customers are any internal or external parties that we may encounter, whenever we represent the University, in an official or unofficial capacity. We foster a sense of community, inclusion and collaboration when we avoid silos and partner with various members of the ODU community to promote teamwork while providing a high standard of service.

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