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Handbook and paperwork for the newly hired.

Old Dominion University

University Policy

2100 Guest Speakers

Responsible Oversight Executive: Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Date of Current Revision or Creation: September 8, 2008
  1. Purpose

  2. Authority

  3. Definitions

  4. Scope

  5. Policy Statement

    Old Dominion University considers freedom of inquiry and discus­sion requisite to a student's educational development. This freedom includes the opportunity to explore controversial subject matter and opposing views. It is coupled with the responsibility to conduct such discussions with competence, tolerance and objectivity.

    The campus should be a forum for the free and responsible presenta­tion and discussion of ideas by members of the university community and its invited speakers. The aim should be to provoke thought and to cultivate knowledge within the university community.

    The students, faculty, and administration of Old Dominion Univer­sity should endeavor to bring to the campus competent speakers who are capable of dealing with their topics, and to maintain such balance of both speakers and subject matter as will promote the objectives of Old Dominion University.

    The Office of University Events, on behalf of the University President, is charged with inviting speakers to make presentations on campus. As such, the Office of University Events is responsible for all planning and execution of the event and arrangements for and communication with the chosen speaker.

    Any questions with regard to this policy should be addressed to the Vice President for Institutional Advancement.

  6. Procedures

  7. Responsible Officer

  8. Related Information

Policy History

Policy Formulation Committee (PFC) & Responsible Officer Approval to Proceed:

Responsible Officer


Policy Review Committee (PRC) Approval to Proceed:

Chair, Policy Review Committee (PRC)


Executive Policy Review Committee (EPRC) Approval to Proceed:

Responsible Oversight Executive


University Counsel Approval to Proceed:

University Counsel


Presidential Approval:

/s/ John R. Broderick
September 8, 2008

Previous Revisions

October 25, 1989; September 8, 2008

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