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Handbook and paperwork for the newly hired.

Old Dominion University

University Policy

1100 Development Policy

Responsible Oversight Executive: Vice President for University Advancement
Date of Current Revision or Creation: September 21, 2022
  1. Purpose

    The purpose of this policy is to promote the proper planning and collaboration for successful fundraising efforts and to ensure a coordinated and donor-centered approach to philanthropic support in the name of the University.

  2. Authority

    Code of Virginia Section 23.1-1301, as amended, grants authority to the Board of Visitors to make rules and policies concerning the institution. Section 7.01(a)(6) of the Board of Visitors Bylaws grants authority to the President to implement the policies and procedures of the Board relating to University operations.

    Code of Virginia Section 23.1-2003, as amended - Powers and Duties

    Board of Visitors Policy 1801 - Development Policy

  3. Definitions

    Crowdfunding - The proactive funding projects or campaigns conducted by soliciting relatively small donations from a large number of people, typically through a web-based platform.

    Development - The total process by which an organization increases public understanding of its mission and acquires financial support for its programs.

    Gift - Any receipt of funds that involves money or other property (including gifts-in-kind) given voluntarily and made without receiving, or expecting to receive, anything of equal value (as defined in Publication 526 of the Internal Revenue Service).

    Gifts-in-Kind - Non-monetary gifts including, but not limited to, art, books, collections, equipment, real estate, software, and intellectual property.

    University-Affiliated Foundations - Includes the Educational, Athletic, Museum, and Real Estate Foundations that are tax-exempt nonprofit organizations created to further the educational purposes, athletic activities, and related objectives of the University.

  4. Scope

    This policy applies to all employees and students of the University. Employees include all staff, administrators, faculty, full- or part-time, and classified or non-classified persons who are paid by the University. Students include all persons admitted to the University who have not completed a program of study for which they were enrolled; student status continues whether or not the University's programs are in session.

  5. Policy Statement

    The establishment of fundraising priorities and oversight of private fundraising rests with the President. The President has delegated the oversight of private fundraising activities to the Vice President for University Advancement. The Office of University Advancement is responsible for planning, organizing, and conducting programs to obtain private gift support, and all areas involved in fundraising shall strive to develop a close working relationship that ensures a coordinated effort in fundraising activities.

    All private fundraising efforts, including crowdfunding or projects undertaken by any individual associated with Old Dominion University (current employees, students, etc.), shall be coordinated through the Office of University Advancement prior to initiating such activities to ensure that such activities fit within the overall fundraising strategy for the University and provide a coordinated, donor-centered approach to solicitation.

    This policy does not apply to student fundraising activities unless the fundraising activities involve a direct solicitation of alumni and friends of Old Dominion University, a crowdfunding campaign or project, or requests for gifts of $1,000 or greater.

    The Board of Visitors shall be informed of and approve gifts that direct academic decision-making or gifts of $1,000,000 or more that impose a new obligation on the University, excluding gifts for scholarships or other financial aid.

    Gifts under $1,000,000 may be accepted only by the President or designee.

  6. Procedures

    1. Fundraising priorities for the University shall be established by the President, in consultation with the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, appropriate Deans and Directors, and the Vice President for University Advancement.

    2. Solicitations of major and principal gifts from individuals, corporations, or foundations are coordinated through the Office of University Advancement to ensure a strategic and coordinated approach to potential donors.

    3. Gifts requiring Board of Visitors approval will be presented by the President or designee to the University Advancement Committee of the Board at its next regularly scheduled meeting for recommendation to the Board for approval.

    4. Donations will be accepted, recorded, and acknowledged by the appropriate University-affiliated Foundation.

    5. Private gifts or grants are received on behalf of the University by one of the University-affiliated Foundations. The University may receive gifts when specifically requested by the donor and when it is in the best interest of the University.

  7. Records Retention

    Applicable records must be retained and then destroyed in accordance with the Commonwealth's Records Retention Schedules.

  8. Responsible Officer

    Associate Vice President for Advancement

  9. Related Information

    Board of Visitors Policy 1810 - Naming of University Buildings, Building Spaces, or Areas

    University Policy 1101 - Gift Management

    University Policy 1102 - Acceptance of Gifts-in-Kind to the University

    University Policy 1103 - Establishment and Operation of Annual and Endowed Scholarships, Fellowships, and Prizes

Policy History

Policy Formulation Committee (PFC) & Responsible Officer Approval to Proceed:

/s/ Daniel Genard
Responsible Officer
August 29, 2022

Policy Review Committee (PRC) Approval to Proceed:

/s/ Donna W. Meeks
Chair, Policy Review Committee (PRC)
July 26, 2022

Executive Policy Review Committee (EPRC) Approval to Proceed:

/s/ Alonzo Brandon
Responsible Oversight Executive
August 29, 2022

University Counsel Approval to Proceed:

/s/ Allen T. Wilson
University Counsel
September 20, 2022

Presidential Approval:

/s/ Brian O. Hemphill, Ph.D.
September 21, 2022

Previous Revisions

September 21, 2022

Scheduled Review Date

September 21, 2027

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