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Old Dominion University

Information Technology Standard

06.12.0 Network Management Standard

Date of Current Revision or Creation: December 1, 2020

The purpose of an Information Technology Standard is to specify requirements for compliance with Old Dominion University Information Technology policies, other University policies, as well as applicable laws and regulations. Standards may include business principles, best practices, technical standards, migration and implementation strategies, that direct the design, deployment and management of information technology.

  1. Purpose

    The purpose of this compliance standard is to establish the principal regulation and requirements for provisioning and managing network infrastructure and equipment used in support of administrative, academic, and research functions of Old Dominion University. ITS is responsible for managing the University network infrastructure.

  2. Definitions

    Intranet is an organization's information system that shares data or operations with its employees.

    Extranet is a private network that permits data exchange between businesses or organizations without the benefit of the Internet.

    ITS is the acronym for the official name of Information Technology Services.

    User includes anyone who accesses and uses the Old Dominion University information technology resources

  3. Standards Statement

    1. Protecting the Network from the Internet

    The University network must be protected from malicious Internet traffic. ITS will minimally restrict traffic at the connection points between the University and the Internet. Restrictions will be based on current guidance from authoritative sources, such as the SANS/FBI Top 20 Internet threats list, and from a historical knowledge of common avenues of attack.

    Network architecture decisions are made after careful evaluation of network performance, business rules and requirements, and the protective value of the institutional assets involved. Actions are taken in the best interest of the overall security and performance of the network.

    2. Network Segregation

    The University network employs methods to manage and improve security through logical and physical segregation. Groups of users and information systems are segregated on the network.

    Controls are applied to the network based on system security, timing, operational impact and funding limitations.

    Accesses to network resources are segmented into user and system domains and access is authorized on a necessity basis only. Users are granted access after a business reason is determined. Anonymous access is not permitted to the network. Security controls are placed on many shared access segments to mitigate the spread of malicious traffic.

    3. Cabling Security

    ITS is responsible for the installation or coordination of network cabling at Old Dominion University. All communication cabling activities are required to meet code for the locality involved. ITS uses industry standards according to a quality of service criteria. Cabling is best viewed as a component of the building infrastructure. Its design and management must be considered in context with the long-term requirements of the campus.

    Users are prohibited from altering or otherwise extending the campus network. All network connectivity is coordinated through ITS. Only authorized personnel have access to campus wiring closets.

    4. Service Agreements

    In-house or third-party network service agreements must include detailed requirements for security compliance, service levels, and management requirements. Users are required to follow the Acceptable Usage Standard when using network and other technology resources.

  4. Procedures, Guidelines & Other Related Information

    Federal and State Law

    University Policy 3501 - IT Access Control

    University Policy 3502 - Information Infrastructure, Architecture, and On-going Operational

    University Policy 3505 - Information Technology Security

  5. History


    Responsible Party


    December 2006



    October 2008



    October 2010



    October 2011



    March 2014

    IT Policy Office

    Minor rewording for clarity

    Numbering revision and departmental name change

    December 2017 ITS Policy Office Reviewed: no changes
    December 2020 ITS Policy Office Reviewed: no changes

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