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Old Dominion University

Information Technology Standard

06.9.0 Data Center Operations Standard

Date of Current Revision or Creation: January 1, 2023

The purpose of an Information Technology Standard is to specify requirements for compliance with Old Dominion University Information Technology policies, other University policies, as well as applicable laws and regulations. Standards may include business principles, best practices, technical standards, migration and implementation strategies, that direct the design, deployment and management of information technology.

  1. Purpose

    The purpose of this standard is to set requirements for Data Center operations in the areas of console logging, system status and maintenance, and event notification activities.

  2. Definitions

    Data Center Operations

    Information Technology Resources are defined as computers, telecommunication equipment, networks, automated data processing, database, the Internet, printing, management information systems, and related information, equipment, goods, and services.

  3. Standards Statement

    Data Center Operations will support a stable and secure computing environment through log monitoring, system maintenance, and event notification.

    System Maintenance Hours

    The standard time for systems maintenance has been established by the department and publicized to the campus community. Every attempt should be made to confine changes to the production system, implementation and testing to the standard time frame.

    All work being performed during this maintenance time should be completed in time to allow for the execution of the back out plan, if needed, and restore normal services by the end of the scheduled maintenance period. Planned activities that extend outside of the standard maintenance time must be approved by the Director, Information Technology Infrastructure. Every attempt must be made to communicate the variation from this standard time to all potentially impacted end users and support personnel.

    Console Log Monitoring & Maintenance

    Employees are responsible and accountable for the activities and functions that occur in the Data Center environment.

    Employees must monitor and track specific items and events that may affect the overall availability of key core business services. Supervisors are notified upon receipt of an abnormal event and incidents are documented.

    Procedures and tools are provided to assist employees in the performance of their duties, including functional checklists, console logs, and automated system checks. Operational staff is responsible for reviewing these items/events on an hourly basis on all shifts.

    System Status Reporting

    Employees are responsible for monitoring the status of equipment and systems. Visual and audible alarms and indicators are used to alert operators. It is incumbent upon the Data Center staff to recognize instance of irregular performance or failure and note unusual events in the operations log.

    Employees are expected to be ready at any point during the shift to provide the current status of machines and systems. Primary tools for such monitoring include, but not limited to, live network maps with monitoring software and alarms, hourly console log reports, and operational checklists.

    Supervisors are notified upon receipt of an abnormal event and incidents are documented.

    Event Notification

    In the event of system failures, outages or other abnormal events, the duty floor operator is responsible for contacting IT personnel and appropriate customers. A listing of contact information is available in the Data Center.

    Upon successful recovery, personnel and customers are contacted a second time and advised accordingly. Documentation on contact calls is retained.

    Detailed procedures for monitoring, completing tasks, and notification processed are available.

  4. Procedures, Guidelines & Other Related Information

    Federal and State Law

    ITS Standard 02.2.0 - Workplace Device

    ITS Standard 06.1.0 - IT Facilities Security

    ITS Standard 06.6.0 - Security Monitoring and Logging

    ITS Standard 06.8.0 - IT Infrastructure, Architecture, and ongoing Operations

    Alert Posting Procedure

    Operations Procedure Manual

    Operations SharePoint Site

  5. History


    Responsible Party


    October 2008



    October 2009



    October 2010



    October 2011



    October 2012



    April 2013

    IT Policy Office

    Minor rewording for clarity

    Numbering revision and departmental name change

    March 2014



    December 2016 IT Policy Office Reviewed; live links added
    September 2019 IT Policy Office Reviewed; no changes
    January 2023 IT Policy Office Reviewed; no changes

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