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Old Dominion University

Information Technology Standard

06.3.0 Project Management Standard

Date of Current Revision or Creation: November 1, 2021

The purpose of an Information Technology Standard is to specify requirements for compliance with Old Dominion University Information Technology policies, other University policies, as well as applicable laws and regulations. Standards may include business principles, best practices, technical standards, migration and implementation strategies, that direct the design, deployment and management of information technology.

  1. Purpose

    The purpose of this standard is to describe the project management methodology guiding IT projects at Old Dominion University.

  2. Definitions

    IT Project Governance is the framework within which projects are requested, selected, prioritized and monitored.

    Project Management Methodology is the name of the framework IT uses to plan and manage an information technology project.

    Project Management Office is a strategic functional unit which promotes and advances project management principles and services for IT projects at Old Dominion University.

  3. Standards Statement

    Project Management Overview

    The purpose of implementing project management is to improve project results through a uniform application of project management best practices, appropriately tailored for Old Dominion University. This standard outlines project definition, project classification, lifecycle processes, reporting and documentation compliance.

    Project Definition

    A project is defined as a temporary endeavor undertaken by or on behalf of Old Dominion University and:

    1. Has a clearly defined beginning and ending date;
    2. Uses ITS resource;
    3. Provides tangible and unique technology products or services;
    4. Fulfills a defined business objective to substantially improve business processes to a department or to the university or;
    5. Incorporates significant changes to the technology architecture through new or existing systems.

    Project Classification

    A process for categorizing projects according to their level of work effort, complexity, and organizational impact is used during project evaluation. This process determines a Tier score which is used to determine the appropriate level of project oversight and documentation.

    Project Classification is documented on the PMO website (www.odu.edu/pmo).

    Project Life Cycle Processes

    The Project Life cycle provides guidelines for any project that has been approved by the IT project governance process and added to the Project Portfolio. By following the project life cycle, users can track the progress of projects, plan future stages of project development, and ensure greater accountability throughout the project life cycle. Project phases of Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing are documented on the PMO website (www.odu.edu/pmo).

    IT Governance

    The IT governance process provides a consistent, transparent mechanism across the enterprise for proposing, evaluating, prioritizing, and tracking IT work that requires central IT resources.

    The governance process helps the campus define the role of information technology in pursuing its mission. It promotes informed decision-making to advance the business and academic goals of ODU.

    To accomplish this, project requests are reviewed and approved by ITS leaders, the Administrative Systems Oversight Group (when appropriate) and specific senior management representatives from administrative departments and Academic Affairs, when warranted.

    The Chief Information Officer presents the project proposals to the Vice Presidents for review, prioritization, and alignment, when warranted. ODU's President has final project management oversight authority for the University and at his discretion, may demand require or discontinuation of any project.

    The Project Management Office (PMO) is responsible for establishing and monitoring consistent project management practices which promote and advance project management principles and services for IT projects at Old Dominion University.

    IT Project governance is documented on the PMO website (www.odu.edu/pmo).

  4. Procedures, Guidelines & Other Related Information

    University Policy 3508 - Information Technology Project Management Policy

    University Policy 3509 - Software Decision Analysis Policy

    IT Project Management Office

    For information on IT project management procedures, contact pmo@odu.edu.

    GAMEPLAN Project Management System guides, manuals and procedures

  5. History


    Responsible Party


    July 2009



    October 2010



    October 2008



    October 2011



    January 2013

    IT Policy Office

    Revised to new processes with project management software system

    August 2013

    IT Policy Office

    Departmental name update

    May 2018 IT Policy Office
    Reviewed, language and links updated
    November 2021 IT Policy Office Reviewed, language and links updated

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