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Handbook and paperwork for the newly hired.

Policies & Procedures

Board of Visitors Policies

The Commonwealth of Virginia grants authority to the Board of Visitors to establish rules and regulations for the University. Board of Visitors policies are reviewed and approved by the Board. These policies govern the Board or interaction with the Board; satisfy a requirement from a governmental entity for a policy that must be approved by the Board; ensure basic rights and obligations to constituencies within the University; govern the award of degrees, emeritus/emerita designation, recognition of related corporations, and naming; or are generated by the Board of Visitors or a member thereof.

University Policies

University policies are policies that apply broadly throughout the University and pertain to more than one division of the University. University policies require presidential review and approval. These policies enhance the mission of the university, ensure compliance with applicable laws, rules or regulations and/or promote operational effectiveness and efficiencies and reduce institutional risk.

Human Resources Policies

The Office of Human Resources maintains a set of policies pertaining to employment practices, employee rules and conduct and working conditions. These policies supplement and/or clarify existing policies from the Commonwealth of Virginia's Department of Human Resource Management.

Computing Policies

The Office of Computing and Communication Services (OCCS) assists in the development, formulation, and distribution of information technology policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines.

Financial Services Policies & Procedures

The Financial Services division is responsible for all financial processing at the University and ensuring compliance with all Federal and Commonwealth of Virginia regulations and laws. Internal controls are established by the Offices of Finance, Procurement, & Budget to maintain sound accounting and administrative systems for the University.

University Website Standards & Procedures

University Web & Digital Communication is responsible for the overall strategy, content and maintenance of the University's website and sets standards and procedures to provide strategic guidance for Web content managers within individual University units. Web content managers are responsible for adherence to these standards and procedures.

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