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David Harnage

COO David F. Harnage Reflects on Helping Five Presidents Build the Old Dominion University Campus

President John R. Broderick said Harnage, "was the heart, soul and architect for the way our campus looks today."



Across Campus - A Photo Essay

Volunteers from Old Dominion University's Young Alumni Advisory Committee and ODU Athletics served as ambassadors for ODU Day at Richard Bowling Elementary School. Participants ate lunch with students, performed the "Ice Cream and Cake" dance, read the book "Big Blue Goes to School," assisted with a royal ball and talked to students about the importance of going to college. Photo Chuck Thomas

A Picture is Worth...

Parade of Sails Passes Whitehurst BeachPhoto David B. Hollingsworth

Francesca Ketchum and her son James Payne watch the BAP Union, a training ship in the Peruvian Navy, as it passes Whitehurst Beach on June 8. The tall ship was part of Norfolk's Harborfest Parade of Sails.

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