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Physics Grant Recipients Jay Van Orden, Sebastian Kuhn and Lawrence Weinstein

Beam Time Boom at JLab for ODU Nuclear Physicists

Time is money, as the saying goes, or, by extension, time is opportunity. That's how six experimental nuclear physicists at Old Dominion University are interpreting it.



Across Campus - A Photo Essay

How well do you know the picturesque sights around ODU's campus? Test your knowledge here by identifying the location of these roses and an artistically-rendered bird house. SPOILER: The flowers are located in an outdoor courtyard at the Webb Student Center and the bird house is one of several perched in Crape Myrtle trees between Constant Hall and the Visual Arts Building. Photos by Chuck Thomas

A Picture is Worth...

APicturePhoto: Chuck Thomas

During the annual Urban Youth Camp Academy at ODU, children from the Life Enrichment Center, in Norfolk, reach for flying rice puffs created by static electricity from a Van de Graaff generator that was being demonstrated by Justin R. Mason, a research and lab specialist in ODU's physics department.

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