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Employees Recognized for Years of Service

The Department of Human Resources presented service awards and recognized this year's retirees as part of its annual recognition program and luncheon on Dec. 10.

Awards for years of service were given to 161 employees, including four who were honored for 40 years of service: Debra Bell and Mona Farrow of the University Libraries; Deborah Bousman, Office of Leadership and Student Involvement; and Barbara Cuffee, Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity.

The Customer Relations Employee of the Year award was also presented at the luncheon. This year's winner is Lanah Stafford, administrative resource analyst for the Student Success Center (see Top Stories section).

Full listings of employees in each of the service award categories are below, followed by photos of the 40-year, 35-year, 30-year and 25-year service award recipients, as well as five of this year's retirees.

40 Years

Debra Bell, University Libraries

Deborah Bousman, Office of Leadership and Student Involvement

Barbara Cuffee, Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity

Mona Farrow, University Libraries

35 Years

James Boddie, Facilities Management

Sylvia Carter, Facilities Management

Sandra Charity, Parking and Transportation Services

Vicky Curtis, Economics

Susan Emser, University Libraries

Patricia Lewis, Facilities Management

Grace Little, Information Technology Services

Cheri Murphy, Human Resources

Karen Omtvedt, International Admissions

Sue Smith, Civil and Environmental Engineering

30 Years

Arcelia Barcliff, Procurement Services

Kenneth Blow, Risk Management

Esther Cato, Housing and Residence Life

Sharon Felton, University Libraries

Mark Flanagan, Facilities Management

Anita Jones, Finance Office

Charles Kneece, Facilities Management

Lawrence Lucas, Housing and Residence Life

Theresa Mathews, Academic Affairs

S. Diane Mitchell, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Cynthia Williams, Intercultural Relations

25 Years

Andrea Allen, Athletics

Beverly Barco, University Libraries

Patricia Blackmore, Parking and Transportation Services

Beverly Brown, Facilities Management

Todd Cairns, Information Technology Services

Annette Chester, Athletics

Denise Colver, Information Technology Services

Lisa Dunbar, Academic Enhancement

Donald Emminger, Distance Learning

Deidre Hall, Educational Foundations and Leadership

Janice Knighton, University Libraries

Connie Pitt, Facilities Management

Vanessa Simpson, University Registrar

Joyce Skeldon, Human Resources

Laverne Smalley, Facilities Management

Sheryl Spence, Communication Disorders and Special Education

Emma Studer, International Student and Scholar Services

20 Years

Elaine Dawson, University Registrar

Ardena Jordan, Webb Center Operations

Mark Huckless, Police Department

Robert Jones, Distance Learning

Janice Kellam, Facilities Management

Peggy Kinard, Psychology

Patricia King-Alvis, Facilities Management

Richard Lovelace, Information Technology Services

Craig Mack, Information Technology Services

Michelle Macklin, Undergraduate Admissions

Sharon Mason, Student Financial Aid

Sharon Metro, History

Jonas Porter, Development

Thomas Richards, Finance Office

Margo Stambleck, International Studies

Lois Staton, Police Department

Chuck Thomas, Marketing and Communications

Norma Turner, Student Health Services

Robert Woodbury, Facilities Management

15 Years

Forester Barker, College of Business and Public Administration

Harry Boucicaut, Distance Learning

Suzanne Brodeur, College of Sciences

Concepcion Brown, University Libraries

Joseph Brown, Facilities Management

Jeanette Chappelle, Distance Learning

Anita Clark, Student Health Services

Steven Dukes, Facilities Management

Corey Herbin, Peninsula Higher Education Center

Donna Jackson, Finance Office

Wayne Jones, Information Technology Services

Marion Lewis, Police Department

Lynn Litherland, University Libraries

Warren Marcelino, Information Technology Services

Claudia Massenburg, Housing and Residence Life

Debra May, Student Financial Aid

Kimberly Payne, Distance Learning

John Pratt, Information Technology Services

Gerry Reyes, Information Technology Services

Phillip Sanders, Facilities Management

Jessica Shelton, Distance Learning

Tammie Smith, College of Health Sciences

Stephen Tate, Information Technology Services

Tarsha Turner, College of Business and Public Administration

Guy Williams, Distance Learning

Tilghman Williams, College of Sciences

10 Years

Mary Bains, Information Technology Services

Richard Cox, Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Michael Craig, Facilities Management

Roxanne Crooks, Facilities Management

Katrina Davenport, College of Business and Public Administration

Geoffrey Farley, Information Technology Services

Calisa Farmer, Sociology and Criminal Justice

Duane Gallon, Distance Learning

Peter Green, Police Department

Traci Harrison, Student Health Services

Philip Hazell, Art

John Hickerson, Counseling and Human Services

Adrian Jones, Information Technology Services

Robbin Love, Art

Alice Lyman, Undergraduate Admissions

Nahleen Myrie, Finance Office

Vinecia Parraway, Political Science and Geography

Darren Pifer, Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Tracie Rayford, University Operations

Felecia Samuel, Procurement Services

Ronald Smith, Facilities Management

Dana Snyder, Facilities Management

Robert Taylor, Police Department

Cindy Williams, University Libraries

Tracey Williams, Student Financial Aid

Kathy Williamson, Human Resources

Glenn Wilson, University Auditor

5 Years

Trevor Adderley, Facilities Management

Norbert Basilio, Information Technology Services

Richard Boddie, University Registrar

Janetta Boone, Admissions

Vance Boone, Facilities Management

Natalia Bowman, Distance Learning

Barbara Boyd, Finance Office

Lenrussell Bracey, Webb Center Operations

Paula Briggs, Athletics

Evette Brooks, Educational Accessibility

Sandra Brown, Peninsula Higher Education Center

Paul Bunn, Distance Learning

Raquel Cade, Teacher Education Services

Sheila Carson, Information Technology Services

Christopher Carter, Police Department

Alana Cason, Parking and Transportation Services

Donna Clerkin, Facilities Management

Karen Cobb, Alumni Relations

Anthony Cook, Police Department

Sarah Davis, University Libraries

Mark Dedomenic, Information Technology Services

Cori Duck, Finance Office

Orlando Esposo, Information Technology Services

Deborah Evans, College of Business and Public Administration

Candice Goodin, Information Technology Services

Lavon Green, Webb Center Operations

Stanley Green, Facilities Management

Re'Mone Hardy, Facilities Management

Robert Hazelwood, Facilities Management

Halldora Hollinshead, The Center for Educational Partnerships

Correy Hudson, Alumni Relations

Dyann Johnson, Webb Center Operations

Lorenzo Johnson, College of Business and Public Administration

Brenda Jordan, Facilities Management

Nicole Justice, University Libraries

Saysha Malbon, Counseling and Human Services

Kim Miller, Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

Victor Roque, Information Technology Services

Deana Smith, Athletics

Sarah Stagg, Facilities Management

Lawrence Tewey, Facilities Management

Cherra Triplett, Graduate Admissions

Dennis Turner, Facilities Management

Sheri Vann, Environmental Health and Safety

Crystal Willis, University Libraries

Alina Winder, Undergraduate Admissions

Peng Zhang, Information Technology Services

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