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Department & Employee Compliance

Old Dominion University is keenly interested in maintaining an efficient organization that also fully complies with policies, procedures, laws and regulations. Because of the University's past efforts, the Commonwealth of Virginia has granted Old Dominion decentralized authority for many of its day-to-day operations. With this authority comes the responsibility to manage our affairs with the same diligence as if the Commonwealth were continuing its direct oversight. This means that the maintenance of internal controls over our operations and compliance with policies and procedures is more important now than ever before. In the long run, we are striving to create a more efficient University while promoting our compliance with applicable policies.

This web page is designed to serve as a reference and overview of some of the policies in place regarding everyday items and actions. It will provide you with quick links to many of the questions you may have regarding policies surrounding particular issues.

Where to Find Information on Policies and Procedures

University Websites:

University Policies and Procedures On-line version of the University's policies and procedures, organized by category. In addition to this link, they can be reached from the University's home page, by clicking on "Faculty and Staff", then on "Policies and Procedures", located under "Procedures and Guidelines."
Board of Visitors Polices Broad University policies implemented by the Board of Visitors. These can also be found by following the above instructions to the "Policies and Procedures" page and clicking on "BOV Manual."
Office of Finance The Office of Finance handles many common policies dealing with cash, travel policies, etc. Answers to any of your questions dealing with accounting issues can be obtained by calling the Office of Finance Customer Service Center at 3-3030.

External Websites:

Commonwealth Accounting Policies (CAPP Manual) The Commonwealth Accounting Policies and Procedures (CAPP) Manual contains all of the policies and procedures relating to accounting in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Commonwealth Agency Websites Most of the Commonwealth of Virginia agencies maintain web sites. Many have on-line policies and procedures which you may find useful. For example, the Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM) has personnel policies on line. The Department of General Services (DGS) maintains state procurement policies. The Commonwealth's Home Page maintains convenient links to all of the Commonwealth agency web sites.
Code of Virginia The laws of the Commonwealth as passed by the General Assembly, some of which apply to employees, can also be found on the web. This link is to a searchable version of the code.

Commonly Encountered Policies

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